How to make friends fast in The Sims 4 - Tips for making friends quickly

Unless your Sim is a bit gregarious or I have a high level of charisma then it will be a little harder for me to make friends than in the previous editions of the sims. Since now sims 4 have a system of emotions and rewards, it is much easier for you to end up encountering Sims with those you want completely incompatible. We recommend that you not only focus on getting into a group conversation but that you are directly much more proactive. The essential thing for this is that you choose a time when your Sim has a good mood to invite any of the sims directly to your home or to introduce yourself to the sims that run around. If your Sim is in a bad mood any kind of social interaction is more likely to be rejected by the other sim. If you just met a sim, do not immediately get too friendly things like hugging, throwing kisses or telling jokes. It is better that you have the bar at a minimum of 30% before starting with these interactions.

How to make friends fast in The Sims 4 - If you still have trouble making friends

If you still have trouble making friends then you can always work on your charism by speaking directly to a mirror. This makes social interactions with other Sims even easier. Do not continually repeat the same interactions, such as talking or asking about work, but rather vary and see what function is not. Talk about the INTERESTS of others and it is very interesting because it will help you achieve a much faster positive social interaction. Another of the great ways you can interact with other Sims in a comfortable way is by directly chatting with them from the laptop, you can also help them tutoring them directly in the gym or even what you can do is even propose to go out and give them a Lap, park or even travel with a Sim to another site. If you are having trouble getting friends with a family member you can always put them to do joint tasks such as watching television or playing chess that not only increases in their skill level but also increases their social interaction. Of course, at a much slower pace than the rest. Our keel has been liked and we recommend that you take a look at other posts of the sims 4 that are really great and you may be interested in How To Rehearse Dramatic Scenes In The Sims 4  or How To Become Famous Quickly In The Sims 4.