Idle Heroes: Campaign Mode

In the month of June 2016, an infamous Chinese publisher named DH games facilitated the launch of Idle Heroes. It was an auto-battle rocket-propelled grenade with impactful Asian metagame design.  The game's launch was remarkable. However, its download and revenue growth was steady. Currently, the game is generating eye-watering revenues and is one of the most played games across the globe. The game has different modes and levels imbibed within its domain just like any other. This article will specifically talk about the campaign mode in this game.

An explanation of campaign mode in Idle heroes

It is one of the central features of the game. This is the point where your team can be rendered "idle" and rewards can be earned thereafter, signifying the name of the game.

With an ascending level of difficulty, there are four levels of Campaign:

  1. Normal level
  2. Nightmare level
  3. Hell level
  4. Death level

Each of these levels has different scenarios, and each scenario has two or more stages in it. Each stage calls for a specific amount of team power and a level number in order to enter. For advancing into the next stage, you will have to defeat the current one. Higher stages will lead to more spirits, EXP and gold along with a few other items that can be earned. The amount of loop you get can be increased as well by upgrading your VIP level.

Meaning of all the icons on the game screen


  • Get: this icon quite literally goes with its name. By tapping on it, you will be able to bag all the spirits, gold and EXP after idling. You should be able to do this once every 8th hour.

  • Information: this icon will give intel on all the loot of the current stage. In here, you will find the amount of gold, spirits, and EXP that you would get every 5 seconds of playtime.

  • Hero: it will give a list of all the available heroes for your gameplay.

  • Leaderboard: this icon will give you access to all the top performing players game wide. It will give details on their achievements as per the amount per se.

  • Map: this icon will give you an image of the entire map of the campaign mode. However, it is necessary for you to have it unlocked for using it.

  • Team: this icon will help you build your team. Through this, you can add as many players as you like. Your aggregate team power should be above par in order for you to be able to unlock higher levels.

  • Loot: this is the place where you can collect all dropped items from the stage while idling. You should collect these once every 8 hours.

  • Locked stage: you cannot enter the upcoming stage if you lack team power or levels.

  • Passed: this icon signifies that you have cleared the current stage and are ready to move on to the next one.


Previous stage: in case you want to go idling in one of the previous stages, all you have to do is tap on them. A person might do this to earn more things.

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