How To Become Famous Quickly In The Sims 4

We show you step by step how to become famous quickly in The Sims 4!

We bring you a guide in which we explain how to become famous quickly in The Sims 4. The new expansion of the sims of being famous allows you to become a celebrity. As more points increase and more progress in the expansion, the more famous you will become and the more passions you will raise around the other sims. To do this you will have to carry out actions and activities that will increase or cause you to lose fame points or get stuck in the middle. Depending on which side you lean on, you will unlock new rewards and interactions. In addition, you will also unlock acting careers and media producer skill, which will help you make your sim become more famous and increase its celebrity level.

How to become famous quickly in The Sims 4 - some things you should know

One of them is, for example, that sims who are children will never be able to pass the celebrity level of two stars. In addition, there are special interactions marked in the game with "fame" stars and all of them contribute to improving your status as a celebrity. It is also useful for you to know that, if you crave it terribly with fame and you think this system is not going well, you can always deactivate the fame option directly from the game options section. There are different options that you can change here, such as the fact that only your sim is able to gain fame. The stage is where all the magic happens. Sims can work from commercials to commercial films and become icons for the rest of the sims. This system works exactly the same as with any other profession: simply choose it from the newspaper's employment bulletin or from the computer and go gradually leveling up with the requirements that you are being given.

How to become famous quickly in The Sims 4 - actress / actor profession

Sims who choose the acting profession will need an agency to represent them and get them some auditions. Each agency has its own benefits and you can unlock some advantages as you level up in your career. The racing tab will show you information about the auditions you have. You can choose if you want to go to work every day or if you prefer to take your time and go in blocks of days. All auditions change every day so good practice is to look at them in the morning and choose which one you want to go to. Also, sometimes some agencies will give you special access to unique auditions.

How to become famous quickly in The Sims 4 - scenes and risks

When you interpret some scenes, you have the option of going safe or interpreting them with risk. The career tab icons will inform you of the benefits of interpreting them in one way or another. The Sims 4 also includes the ability of music producer in video and music production stations. Leveling up in production will reward you with the creation of videos and musical pieces that you can upload or distribute. Sims' celebrity reputation affects how others interact with you. There are seven levels of reputation and the Sims improve their reputation based on the actions they take. Sims will have to go out to common spaces to be able to perform actions that affect their reputation. We hope this post has helped you a lot. We recommend other tricks that we have from The Sims like How To Rehearse Dramatic Scenes In The Sims 4 or How to get to the island in Sims 4: Jungle Adventure Guide.

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