How To Rehearse Dramatic Scenes In The Sims 4

We tell you the way you can rehearse dramatic scenes in The Sims 4

You may be wondering how to rehearse dramatic scenes in The Sims 4 since they have given you the mission in the profession of actor / actress or because you simply want to perform it for pure pleasure. In this expansion, The Sims can pursue their dreams of being actors or actresses and pursue a world full of fame. In addition, this expansion includes the ability to act, which includes absolutely particular mood boosts and the ability to pretend to be in other situations or act in front of other sims. This skill is predominantly used in a studio, but you can also do it to get tips or escape from a bad conversation with other sims. Now, if you want to rehearse dramatic scenes, you'll have to work it out. We tell you in this post.

How to rehearse dramatic scenes in The Sims 4 - how to achieve it

To be able to rehearse dramatic scenes you have to reach level 9 of acting. At that moment you can click on your sim and click on "rehearse dramatic scene". It's quite simple, but you may be required to make a dramatic scene before reaching level 9 acting. You can put your sim in the "self-confident" state to get up before level. However, there are certain ways to obtain the possibility of performing a dramatic scene before your Sim is ready. One of them is to make a movie when your acting ability is not too high. We hope this post has helped you a lot. We recommend other great articles that we have made of The Sims 4 such as How to get to the island in Sims 4 or How To Have More Than 8 Sims In The Sims 4

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