How to grow an infant in sims 4 - About the improvements and rewards you can get

Depending on how you did it when raising your little infant you can have one of the following features and aspirations rewards, as well as the equivalent level of ability within the possibilities of children. This will be obtained throughout the different activities and tasks that you can get to do with your infant. For example, to raise the level of movement all you have to do is give him a toy with blocks or directly give him the option to roam over the sim. To improve the level of communication, all you have to do is watch videos of infants on the tablet or talk directly to the giant teddy bear object. In order to use the potty you have to have an adult take them the first time until they get one. from me directly to the little original you have bought. The level of logic is achieved with some games such as cubes and the level of imagination is achieved with toys such as the flame or the dollhouse.

How to grow an infant in sims 4 - About infant skills with child skills

Infants have different abilities that if you manage to level up enough, Set will become children's skill points. If you want your child to be successful then you have to start training him directly since he is a small infant. In that sense, keep in mind that having level 1 of a skill will not reward you with any kind of child's ability and level 5 will only give you two points in the skill that has risen. The correspondences with skills are (infant goes first and child later):
  • Movement - engine
  • Social communication
  • Thought - mental
  • Imagination - creativity
  • Urinal - none
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