Complete List of Idle Heroes  Artifacts

Idle Heroes have a myriad of Artifacts where each Artifact comes with its own unique stats and abilities. There is a grading of Artifacts done in the following manner:


Artifacts which possess the same value of engulfing have the same cost for upgrading themselves. When there is a need to use a greater number of engulfing points, one needs to upgrade the Artifacts, which then converts all the redundant engulf points into Afterglows. 1 Afterglow=10 engulf points. However, you cannot upgrade or disassemble an Afterglow.

Orange Artifacts

This is the best Artifact among all the Artifacts.  They are generally not found easily. Since they are a rare category, their cost is high.

Engulf Value:5400 Pts

Upgrade Cost:5400 Pts (Per)

Orange Artifacts have two genres



Exclusive Orange Artifacts

These Artifacts are more brawny as compared to the normal ones. They also provide some additional properties for a modicum amount of charge.

Red Artifacts

They have quite sturdy properties.  They are however weaker than orange Artifacts.

Engulf value:2400 Pts

Upgrade cost:2880 Pts

Red Exclusive Artifacts

These are also considered to be stronger than the ordinary Artifacts as they provide extra properties for a little amount of money.

Green Artifacts

They are considered to be the best choice for novice players. They provide good quality stats. Green Artifacts can be obtained from event campaigns from 13-1 to 15-10.

Engulf value:650 Pts

Upgrade Cost:1440 Pts

Purple Artifacts

They are although good for novices yet not as efficient as the green ones. They can be obtained through Events, Casino, and Campaigns from 10-1 to 12-10.

Engulf value:150 Pts

Upgrade Cost:580 Pts

Yellow Artifacts

They are also good for beginners, but their loophole is that they do not have great stats but are better than Blue Artifacts.

Engulf Value:40 Pts

Upgrade Cost:190 Pts

Blue Artifacts

They are considered to be the weakest among all Artifacts.  They are easy to obtain at the beginning of the game. They need to be upgraded to Max very fast.

Engulf value:20

Upgrade cost:40

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