How to get to the island in Sims 4: Adventure in the Jungle - some more things you can use to know and have

A machete is a wonderful instrument to make its way through the jungle. It is also not bad to take a fire extinguisher just in case, since there are certain traps in the jungle that will set your sim on fire and leave him dead and burned. Always, you should always take an antidote. In this post we explain how to do it yourself, but the alternative is undoubtedly death. A lot of wild animals will attack you throughout your tour of the island. Having a repellent on hand will help you greatly to avoid danger. If you manage to avoid the attack of an animal, this will greatly improve the mood of your sim and also, you probably prevent them from becoming poisoned.

How to get to the island in Sims 4: Jungle Adventure - where to start

Before going crazy with all the points you can explore in Selvadorada, we recommend you go to Belomisia located on the east side of the screen to travel to Selvadorada. There you can start looking for areas overflowing with vines and vegetation. Now is when the machete comes very handy. What appears in each area is completely random, although the community believes it could lead from one area to another. There is no loading screen to warn you that you have passed to a new area, but sometimes you will have to cross a stone corridor with arches that, in reality, will be taking you to a new area. Explore the chests, boxes and everything you find and get a wonderful adventure.