If you want to be the main killer of the match in Arena of Valor , carry Yorn is a good choice. With this sniper hero, you will have to farm as much as possible until you are strong enough to lead your team to victory. Find out more about the hero Yorn to get along during matches!

Know the sniper skills

 Passive: Fierce Shot

Every five attacks a group of arrows is thrown that deals physical damage. This ability, in addition to affecting opposing heroes and minions, also causes damage to Towers. In addition, it is not necessary to hit any target in the first four attacks to trigger Fierce Shot. Soon, you can launch four quick attacks without a target to prepare the skill.

 Explosive Arrow

Yorn throws an explosive arrow that inflicts physical damage on opponents and slows their movement for 2 seconds. This ability does not share the damage done by the targets, but affects everyone with the same amount of total damage. Yorn's next normal attack will turn into a Fierce Shot.

 Divine Bombing

Yorn summons celestial arrows that fall from the sky, inflicting physical damage on a random enemy within the affected area. There is no limit to the number of times the same opponent can be hit by this ability. In addition, the next normal attack turns into Fierce Shot.

 Ultimate: Shot in the Heart

Yorn shoots an arrow that deals physical and magical damage to anyone in his path. Your next normal attack turns into a Fierce Shot. Shot in the heart hits not only the heroes, but also the minions, and is visible on the minimap for all members of your team.

Quick tips for playing with Yorn

  • Your priority is to collect as much gold as possible and, for that, you need to farm a lot and avoid dying at all costs. So, go to a lane alone or just with the help of a tank or support, so you don't compete for the deaths.
  • Always launch a normal attack after using an ability, as they all trigger Fierce Fire when used.
  • In team battles, it is essential that you stay behind the lines of defense . That way, you ensure that your attacks are not interrupted and that you are not at risk of being eliminated.

How to create your skill build

You should focus on leveling Divine Bombing first, as this skill will help you decimate entire waves of minions, which is important when you're farming. Since Explosive Arrow is a complex skill and not very easy to use for players who are not very experienced, you should focus second on the Shot in the Heart skill.

Key items

Core items

Sancti Keys Cost: 2000
  • + 100 Attack Damage
  • Passive: Gift of Speed ??(after dealing critical damage, Movement Speed ??will increase by 3 per hero level for 1.5 seconds)
  • Passive: + 30% Critical Rate
Omni Arms Cost: 2150
  • + 70 Attack Damage
  • + 15% Attack Speed
  • + 10% Life Theft
  • + 10% Recharge Reduction
  • + 500 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Pentapower (the hero's next Normal Attack within 5 seconds of using a Skill is improved with 100% Physical Damage)
Golden Boot Cost: 690
  • + 110 Magic Defense
  • Passive: + 60 Movement Speed
  • Passive: minus 35% magic damage taken

Optional items

Slikk stinger Cost: 2050
  • + 30% Attack Speed
  • + 20% Critical Rate
  • + 5% Movement Speed
  • Passive: Piercing (+ 50% Critical Damage)
Fafnir's Claws Cost: 2040
  • + 60 Attack Damage
  • + 30% Attack Speed
  • + 10% Life Theft
  • Passive: Dragon's Breath (8% of the target's current Health is added as Physical Damage to normal attacks)
Fenrir's Tooth Cost: 2950
  • + 200 Attack Damage
  • Passive: Fenrir's Tooth (+ 30% Damage when the target's Health drops below 50%)
The beast Cost: 1740
  • + 100 Attack Damage
  • + 25 Theft of Life
Ancestral Glory Cost: 2240
  • + 1000 Maximum Life
  • Passive: Resurrection (the hero revives on the spot 3 seconds after death with 40% of maximum Life)
Sonic Boots Cost: 700
  • + 110 Armor
  • Passive: + 60 Movement Speed
  • Passive: reduces Normal Attack damage by 15%
War Boots Cost: 660
  • + 25% Attack Speed
  • Passive: + 60 Movement Speed
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Best Archangels for Yorn

For Yorn, you should bet on armor-piercing and life-stealing arcana .

Red Arcana

  • Massacre
  • Bloodlust

Purple Archangels

  • Killer
  • thief

Green Arcana

  • Sting
  • Courage
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