League of Legends has been one of the most popular games in the world for years. With constant updates, LoL continues to serve the community's requests and remains one of the most competitive eSports. If you are one of the new players who are attracted every month by the success of LoL, we have prepared a selection with the best tips to accelerate your learning and start your addiction in the best possible way. Check out the 8 best tips for beginners in League of Legends!

1 - Knowing the basics and the different positions

For those who still don't know anything about LoL, here's a summary of the basics. Matches take place between two teams of 5 players each. The objective of the teams is to advance far enough on the map and destroy the Nexus located at the enemy base. To advance, teams need to compete for space on the 3 routes ( lanes ) available on the map: the top (top), the middle (mid) and the bottom (bot). The area between the routes is called jungle ( jungle ). On each route, teams have defensive towers that need to be destroyed on the way to the Nexus. Players must choose their champions according to the position in which they will play. This is one of the most important aspects of the game and it should be the first thing that a novice player should go into. The 5 positions are: Top : is on the upper route. Because it is the most isolated position, the champion who plays in that position is usually a tank that can absorb and cause a good amount of damage. Mid : is in the middle route. You must be a champion focused on Ability Power, that is, your main source of damage is your skills. ADC (Attack Damage Carry) : it is in the lower route (bot). Your focus should be to level up as quickly as possible while making money to buy items and increase your damage. Support : accompanies the ADC on the lower route (bot). Your role is to keep ADC alive, to help you kill and farm , and to ward the map to increase your team's visibility and control. Jungle : they are in the jungles. Your role is to circulate killing monsters on the map and assist in ambushes ( ganks ) against enemy champions. Check the list of the best champions in each position of the game .

2 - Vary in the choice of champions

It is very important that you do not limit yourself in choosing the champions. LoL has one hundred and forty-one champions, so it will definitely take you a while to find your favorite options. Knowing as much as possible about each champion will bring many benefits to your gameplay. In addition to offering you more options to play, you'll know better what to expect from your opponents and games in general. Once you have a good idea of ??who your favorite champions are, try to improve in one position.

3 - Get used to looking at the minimap

Seriously, in LoL, ALWAYS look at the minimap. Watch for the slightest sign of enemies appearing in it to react as best as possible. Often players are taken by surprise in ganks because they haven't looked at the minimap. Also, remember that there is no point in supporting the team wardar if you are not used to using the information received.

4 - Make a difference, communicate

Another extremely important point for new players is communication. Learn to play as the game was meant to be played: communicating. Of course, with teams assembled at random it is difficult to keep in sync, but do your best and communicate everything that is relevant. Hopefully you will influence some players on your team to do the same.

5 - Understand what creep score is

Creep Score , or just CS, is the number of minions YOU have killed. Pay attention, your CS only increases if your champion was responsible for the blow that killed the minion. Therefore, your focus should never be to attack enemy minions madly, but only to give the last hit . With each last hit hit, you get more gold and a little more experience. In the early stages of the game, don't think about advancing in the lane, but about getting more CS than your opponent. Try to hit as many last hits as possible and the difference in gold and experience between you and your opponent will increase and soon you will be stronger and more equipped.

6 - Keep pace in your lane

EVERY beginner LoL player thinks that the faster they kill enemy minions, the better. Don't fall for it. Think with me: the more you attack enemy minions, the more yours will survive and the more you will advance in the lane. It turns out that this way you will be more susceptible to ganks, in addition to placing the fight close to the enemy tower, which can help your opponent to recover their disadvantage in CS. Over time you will learn the moments of pushing the lane in a natural way, but at the beginning, remember that LoL matches are marathons: you don't have to go all out early, so attack the minions as little as possible, focus only on the last hits.

7 - Farming without stopping during the match

From halfway through to the end of the game it is common for you to focus on ganks , destroying towers or killing the dragon. Try to keep farming whenever you are not actively participating in the fights. Often you contribute more to your team by cleaning waves of minions than moving to fights where you are not even needed. In addition, money is always welcome.

8 - Study the game

LoL is one of the best games out there as well as having fun, it has all the elements of a good eSport: it is complex, it is competitive and it has countless variables within a single game. So, if you want to be good, you need to learn about the game even when you're not playing. Learn which champions counter others, which are the best items for your champion, which are the best ways to use a certain skill, etc. The game is endless and the more you read guides and tutorials, the more you can understand what is happening in the matches and the more you evolve as a player.
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