Watch Dogs cheats for PC, PS4 and XBOne

Here are a series of tips / tricks of Watch Dogs for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Vehicles Bonus:

Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding vehicle.

Boxberg LE:
Successfully complete the Fixer contracts.

Papavero Stealth Edition:
Spend 40 Uplay points.

Sayonara LE:
Clear a poker table during a poker game.

Successfully complete private missions.

Vespid 5.2:
Successfully complete private missions.

Vespid LE:
Collect all hidden phones.

Zusume R:
Successfully complete Fixer contracts.

Win Chess easily:

The best method of winning the 10 chess games that are needed to unlock one of the game's skills that are necessary for the “Freeware” Trophy in which you have to unlock all the skills in the skill tree.

Skills and bonus:

Successfully complete the tasks indicated to unlock the corresponding bonus:

Skill advantage ATM hacking:
Successfully complete the mission «Palace Pack». This ability increases the money you raise when you rob banks.

Research Bonus:
Successfully complete the «Palace Pack» mission. This bonus allows you more research opportunities within the database.

Offensive driver skill:
Successfully complete Fixer contracts.

Fast recharge ability:
Clean five band hiding places.

Expert skill in vehicles:
Successfully complete the ULC mission in "Pack the advance". This ability allows you to get free vehicles.

Get the Report MP-412 weapon for FREE:

Keep in mind that this only works in the United States and you need a phone.

For those from outside the US here you have the code to enter on the Web: 2L4K-7KK5-HFM9

Send a message to the number 89800 with the text « Guardians » and then see the following web page:

On the page you have to enter the 12-digit code that you will get via text message, complete the form and select your gaming platform.

Then you will receive the MP-412 weapon totally free on Watch Dogs!

QR Code (Mission + Sound Records):

Guide that shows the mission «QR Code» and all the sound records of Watch Dogs.

Bonus Weapons:

Successfully complete the following tasks to unlock the corresponding weapon:

Clean one of the band dens.

Unlocks with the «CyberPunk» pack.

Biometric assault rifle:
Successfully complete the DLC mission reserve "Single Shot" and then complete the mission "A tool in the works."

Chrome revolver:
Successfully complete ten crime detection missions.

Sniper Rifle Destroyer:
For ten criminal convoys.

Gold D50 Desert Eagle:
Spend 30 Uplay points.

Unlockable through the Pack «The Untouchables».

Assault Rifle Spec Ops Goblin:
Successfully complete nine weapons trade missions.

Spec Ops SMG-11:
Clean ten band dens.

Tommy Gun:
Find all QR codes to unlock the research mission of QR codes. Successfully complete the mission to unlock the Tommy Gun weapon.

Wildfire assault rifle:
Successfully complete six missing people.

Easily kill armored guards (Enforcers)

To easily kill armored guards or Enforcers, place an ED (adhesive bomb) where you are sure the Enforcer will pass. Now use a lure or draw if necessary to get through that position. Then equip yourself with a GL-94 grenade launcher and make sure you have at least one shot of the three that this weapon can have. When the Enforcer is close to FDI, detonate it and immediately shoot with the GL-94 at your chest to eliminate it. Note: You can also use proximity IEDs but they are less accurate than normal IEDs.

Location of all Torres ctOS

Search the indicated places to unlock the 13 Torres ctOS, revealing the location of all the collectibles on your map, which will facilitate the achievement of the achievement / trophy «Clear Signs». In addition to this, every time you clear a tower you will unlock a fast travel point. You must hack the ctOS systems (which are marked on the map from the beginning) in order to have access to the towers, being able to do this freely or as history requires. Keep in mind that all these points are on the rooftops and that you will have to have certain hacking and climbing skills to access them. It is a good idea to use surveillance cameras to find small control boxes that can open closed doors.

Location of all ctOS Offenses

Go to the indicated places to complete all ctOS 16 infractions and get the achievement "Mangler System" To unlock their locations, you must activate the 13 ctOS Towers. CtOS violations are parallel events where you must hack five boxes within a certain time limit. Sometimes you have to climb buildings or use surveillance cameras to reach them. In certain cases, you will have to place a vehicle in front of a wall and use it to help you reach an elevated area. You can start the infractions by the first hacking box. Note: As with other parallel and collectible activities, you can do them after completing the story.

Easily escape police searches

Go to the nearest L train platform and then enter one of the trains. Alternatively, go to an elevated parking lot and drive to one of the upper floors, but not to the last floor (the trick is to have a roof over your head). Stay under the roof and stay hidden in the car until the police lose your track.

Clear band hiding places

Use the cameras near the entrance and those inside the band hiding places to help you plan the best strategy. Label the band members to get an idea of the strength they have and their location. It is a good idea to use circuit breakers (Jammers) to prevent civilians from calling the police before starting to clean the band hiding place. Additionally, he shoots the tires of nearby cars to prevent the band leader from escaping easily. Once you are ready to clean the hiding place, attract the guards at the entrance and use stealth to eliminate them (carrying a weapon with a silencer is highly recommended). Hide the bodies of the guards as you eliminate them. Another good strategy is to use the explosions either to eliminate guards with the explosion or to attract them to a point so that you can stealthily eliminate them. After having eliminated enough members of the band the leader of the band will try to flee, so when this happens make sure you leave it out of combat before continuing to eliminate more members of the band.

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