Cheats of Fallout Shelter for Android

All the tricks, tips, to get resources, unlimited badges and others to make your shelter in Fallout Shelter the best of all your friends.

Trick Get Unlimited Badges:

Fallout Shelter trick to get unlimited resources and badges. This trick is very simple to do and in just a few steps we will be getting weapons, equipment and badges for our refuge. The trick is to advance the clock of your mobile device. The first thing we must do is send inhabitants of our Fallout shelter to explore, before we have to make sure that we have enough Nuka-Cola plates to revive them (an average of 400 plates per inhabitant). After sending the browsers, go to the "Options" of your mobile, to "Date and Time" and deactivate the option "Automatic Date and Time" and advance the date one day.

Upon returning to Fallout Shelter you will be bombarded with the typical daily notifications in which you will be notified how many babies have been born and the progress made by the inhabitants of your shelter in Fallout. By clicking on the Wasteland, we will see that all the explorers we had sent are dead. Click on each of them to revive them and recover them back to the shelter. The weapons and equipment of the revived explorers can be sold by Chapas. When they are all revived you can send them again and repeat these steps to get unlimited sheets.

Notice: Some players have experienced problems in the game using this trick. We only tell you how to do it, the rest is your responsibility.

Unlock Preston Garvey:

There is a new character from Fallout 4 called Preston Garvey that we can introduce into our Fallout Shelter shelter. It is only possible to unlock it by getting or buying cakes. We can get tarteras fulfilling the objectives that mark us and will give it to us as a reward or buying them with real money. Iran will increase the new characters taken directly from the new Fallout 4.

Get more Badges:

-If you meet the objectives that give us badges
-If you raise the SPECIAL ability of one of your inhabitants
-If we send a resident to explore the outside and we get him back alive
-When we open the cakes we can find up to 500 badges
-When selling weapons and suits
-If you complete the express function correctly they will also give you badges
-If you destroy some rooms they will give you some badges for the investment you made in it
-With the daily report if you have enough happiness in your shelter
-When you collect resources from the rooms of production, the larger the room the more sheets you will get

Daily Report:

This report is daily as its name indicates, every 24 hours, if we are able to get a favorable rating, they will give us some badges, but if we are able to keep that good report for 7 consecutive days they will grant us a card.

Level up our Dwellers:

-Please put them to work in the production rooms of resources, goods or on the radio
-If you send the dwellers to kill mumps or put out fires you will increase their experience
-Finishing with the looters who come from abroad
-If you send a dweller to explore and kill some enemy or creature

Trick weapons in the warehouse:

A trick or rather a perfect idea, is to leave our two best weapons in our warehouse, in this way if we suffer some attack from looters or the damn mutants, we just have to give our inhabitants their weapons and in this way they can defend themselves quickly and easily. This is great for us if we use the express option many times in a row, because we can repel mutarachas without problems and so we will get more badges and experience.

No surveillance at the Entrance:

Do not waste the time of your inhabitants to put two guards constantly watching the door, it is better that you improve the security of the door since in this way the looters will take much longer to open the door, which will give you time to do the same that with the previous trick, equip the 2 best weapons to two inhabitants and send them to the door to defend, in this way you will have two more inhabitants to collect resources and not wasting time in monitoring the door.

Send the Dweller to the Wasteland:

-It is advisable to send at a level 25 or higher so that you can survive at least 12 hours
-This must be well trained so that you have high resistance values to better withstand radiation and luck to get more sheets and objects
-No Send to the inhabitant without stimulants or RadAways, he will need them to be able to heal and survive outside
-It will always be useful to control your inhabitant from time to time to avoid being eliminated, and bring him back if he runs out of stimulants or has little life

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