Traps and tips Watch Dogs 2 PC

Now we show you all the important information you need to know before you start playing Watch Dogs 2 for Pc, the fabulous game where we will take part in a computer war where we can hack virtually the entire city to save the city from corruption and as always In Trucoteca we want to help you achieve it in the easiest and easiest way possible.


In the first place, this new title is set in the famous city of San Francisco, and as it could not be less with its emblematic bridge as a star, the map will be between two and three times larger than its previous title in Watch Dogs. We will have a new protagonist, since Aiden will give way to Marcus, a hacker who will also belong to the group of the already known DedSec, to face against the ctOS, the evil system created by Blume to supposedly fight the criminals. The driving system has been completely renewed, since its predecessor had some failures in this area, now they will be more dynamic and easy to handle in the different vehicles that we can drive, in this new delivery we can even shoot from inside the car. The hacking system has also been completely renewed, now we will have a new skill tree that we can improve to adapt the game to our way of playing, now we will also have a greater variety of objects and remotely controlled vehicles to grant many more possibilities, in addition We will have a new 3D printer to create our weapons and even a Taser to make our enemies unconscious. The new secondary missions will have a somewhat more important role than their previous delivery, since they now have a plot linked to the main story, which will make us enjoy more of the secondary missions. The new multiplayer mode and cooperative mode are the order of the day, in order to control the city and be able to fight ctOS and its creator, it will also have a player versus player mode.

Make money:

In Watch Dogs 2 all citizens that we see with a dollar sign ($) can be hacked to get some money, with this method we can get about $ 70 for each person hacked, but this is not all we can improve the amount of money to achieve with a little trick, for this we must unlock the first skill of the social engineering skill tree called Improved Profile, when you complete it you can get between 400 to 1000 dollars for each person hacked, this will be great if we are short of pasta. Another way to get some money fast is by stealing the cars and looking in the glove compartment, here the prices change, but we can save all the objects we find for the cars to sell them in the pawnshop since we can sell them all quickly in a single transaction and thus get several thousand at a time. Another way to get more money and apart the respect of different Hacking communities is to play the missions of Driver SF (San Francisco), these missions offer great economic rewards if you manage to complete them, you can also improve your character. Last but not least, sometimes on the map we will see a sign of a blue diamond with the symbol of the dollar in white, these locations are random, but they have a decent amount of money, we will only have to go to the location and take it, some bags can contain up to $ 20,000 and in some cases also some items that you can later sell to sellers to get more money.

Money Trick:

Previously we have told you how to get money in a legal way, but now we leave you with a Glich where we will see how we can get approximately $ 18,000 in just about 40 seconds, for that what we must do is during the main mission of «Eye for eye » you will have a submission called « A Real Dog Fight »at one point of the mission you will go down a large elevator, when you get to the floor, go to the corner of the elevator, use the hack to see inside the room, in the background you will see a man with a woman talking, the man is called Pablo Skinner, if you point it out to try to steal it through the hacking you will get around $ 18,000, as you steal the only thing you have to do is load the previous control point and repeat the same action, with this trick you will get more than 1 million of dollars in about an hour. NOTE: It is very likely to fix this glich with the next update as it is due to a game crash.


- At the beginning of our adventure in the world of Watch Dogs 2 we will be introduced to the DedSec together with the 3D printer, with the printer you can create your own tools, one of them that you must perform as soon as possible is the Quadcopter, a drone with camera and capacity For hacking, it will come in luxury for some missions. - You can get secondary missions if you help some civilians in distress, you approach them and sometimes you just need to talk to them or hack them to know what you need to carry out the mission, this type of missions is worth it since you get certain rewards. - You can create different types of weapons with your 3D printer, but this is a mistake, they are quite expensive and it will take you a while to manufacture them, it is better to take the weapons of the enemies that we are eliminating, we can take all the ones that release that way we will save A lot of money and time. - Remember that you are a great hacker, so use your hacking skills to take advantage, you can control a car and use it to crash against a group of enemies, it usually gives more result than going crazy for them and it is also more fun. - Remember that Watch Dogs 2 is an open world game, do not be afraid to explore the area and leave aside the main plot, you can find very entertaining side missions with good rewards, you will also earn some extra money while exploring the area. city. - The driving system has been improved in the new title, but that does not mean that we have to drive everywhere, use the fast trip, from the beginning of the game we have this skill available with some points of interest that we can use to gain some time and take a good walk. - When you complete missions in which you must eliminate a boss, make sure when you complete the mission and the enemies are neutralized to check their bodies since in general especially the bosses can have interesting things or enough money on top. - In Watch Dogs 2 we must remember that this game is not a Call of Duty, we must think before reacting, we have three ways to call it somehow to overcome the game, through stealth, hacking and clean shot, the latter is a bad option because when firing the first shot we will make numerous enemies come, use your hack power and stealth. - Another tool that we must manufacture as soon as we have the opportunity is the RC car, it is a small remote control car that will greatly facilitate some tasks, since it can sneak into the ventilation ducts and hack some things. - Every time you finish with some enemy in stealth mode, keep in mind that your body will remain there, if some enemy sees it, it will give the alarm and then you will have some problems with the enemies that come cheering for revenge for your partner, so you should think about where to hack. to your enemies - Watch Dogs 2 is a huge game, with a whole city to explore, remember that from the beginning you have the fast travel mode open, which will save you long walking or driving times to reach the sites. - When you try to escape from the police, the best thing you can do is to hack everything you can, hacking traffic lights so that they have accidents is a good option, or trying to escape on a motorcycle and look for narrow alleys, but whenever you can try to hack traffic lights and barriers to escape. - If you have slept some guards to advance in some area, you must remember that after a while the guards would wake up and put in your search, you should always be alert in the areas where you have left sleeping guards. - When a guard is asleep we will see that he has three zetas on him, as time goes by those zetas will decrease, if you see that there is only one zeta left on his head, he is about to wake up, although you can go back to sleep with the stun gun again. - Changing the difficulty of the game may be better than it seems, since in some missions when we are about to complete them if they kill us we will have to start from the beginning and this can get quite tired, so that this does not happen and we enjoy it Better lower the difficulty if we are overcome - If you are using any of your drones, either the air or the ground, and you see that the guards see it they will start firing or throwing rocks to knock it down, if they break it we will have to wait a while to try again, but if according they quickly detect how deactivating the guards will forget and return to their positions. - We can hack some fuse boxes to make the enemies investigate what happens, the temptation to put the approaching guard to sleep can be great but it is not a good idea, since the explosion that occurs in the fuse box will alert to several guards and they will see who you have slept use only as a distraction. - Get different applications through your phone, you can download some applications to listen to Marcus music or ask for a car to be delivered to the place where you are. - In Watch Dogs 2 we will see that exploring the city we can meet street dogs, and something curious is that we can pet them or even if we take out any of the drones we can play with them for a while, but be careful since some are not as friendly as they seem. - Until you have the ability to hack the alarms of the cars I recommend that you do not try to steal them, since you will constantly have the police chasing you for trying to steal a car, but nevertheless you can steal all types of motorcycles, since they are less prone to have alarms and with them you will not call the police so much.

Unlock New Weapons:

Auto-6 Unlocks with the «CyberPunk» pack. AK-47 Clean one of the band dens. Biometric assault rifle For the reservation of «Simple shooting» and completing «A tool in the works». Chrome revolver Complete ten crime detection missions. Sniper rifle Destroyer For ten criminal convoys. Gold D50 Desert Eagle Spend 30 Uplay points. M1 SMG Unlockable in the pack «The Untouchables». Spec Ops SMG-11 Clean ten band dens. Tommy Gun Find all QR codes. Exceeds the mission that unlocks in the investigation that appears. Wildfire assault rifle Complete six missing people. Assault Rifle Spec Ops Goblin Complete nine weapons trade missions.

Unlock New Vehicles:

Boxberg LE Complete the Fixer contracts. Papavero Stealth Edition Spend 40 Uplay points. Sayonara LE Clears a poker table during a poker game. Sunrim Successfully complete private missions. Vespid LE Collect all hidden phones. Zusume R Successfully complete Fixer contracts. Vespid 5.2 Successfully complete private missions.

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