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Super Smash Bros cheats for N64

Bad Face:
Finish the game in Very Hard mode with Ness with a life and Ness will make a bad face.
Finish the game in Very Hard mode with Link with just one life and Link will make a bad face.

Character colors:
To change the color of your character press the C button unit, depending on which button pressures will be the color of your character, in total each one has four different colors.

Suicidal Explosion:
Press Z or

Play with Captain Falcon:
Complete the game in less than 20 minutes. Defeat Captain Falcon in the challenge to select him.

Play with Jigglypuf:
Finish the game and win it.

Play with Luigi:
Complete Bonus Practice 1 with a minimum of eight characters and defeat Luigi.

Play with Ness:
Complete the mode for 1 player with 3 lives, Normal difficulty, and without continuing.

More lives:
If you have been defeated in the multiplayer, you can borrow one of the lives of an innocent playmate. Just press + + C + to return to the action.

Object menu:
Play in VS mode 50 times.

Mew in pokeballs:
Unlock the four bonus screens.

Sound tests:
Complete bonus stages 1 and 2 with all characters, including hidden ones.

Different costumes:
Press   on the selection screen.

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