Warcraft 3 cheats for PC

Here are a series of tips and tricks of Warcraft 3 for PC and that will certainly make the game much easier. As always from Trucoteca we recommend that you try to play without using them to get the most out of the playable experience, although you may be very helpful in obtaining certain Achievements. Be as it is and as always ... you choose.

Codes and Tricks:

During the game press ENTER to display message boxes between players. Type the codes or keys and then press ENTER to obtain the desired effect: riseandshine : Automatic day. lightsout : Automatic night. itvexesme : You can't win. iocainepowder : Die fast. synergy : Disable technology tree. WhoIsJohnGalt : Activate R&D. keysersoze X Get X amount of gold where x we must change by the number of gold we want. leafittome X Get X amount of wood, we must change the x by the number of wood we want. motherland [RACE] [LEVEL] Select level. = Re-enter the code or password DaylightSavings [hour] Set the time. warpten Ultra fast construction. PointBreak Remove the food limit. StrengthandHonor You can't lose. TheDudeAbides Do not wait for spells. Good trap greedisgood You receive 500 gold and 500 wood. allyourbasearebelongtous Instant Victory. thereisnospoon Unlimited Mana. somebodysetupusthebomb Instant defeat. whosyourdaddy The units are invincible. Iseedeadpeople Reveal map. sharpandshiny Up a whole level.

New units:

In this trap the phase of the Fall of Silvermoon, of the Undead campaign, you can build a Banshee and investigate the training of Banshee Chief, in order to make good use of the Possession spell. Using this spell on a peasant of the High Elves, you can build with it the structures of this breed, including the Barracks and the Altar of the Kings, with all the units of both, up to the population limit.

Final Videos:

You just have to look for the Movies directory, within the game directory. Inside you will find a series of files with the MPQ extension, copy them to another directory and change their extension to .AVI. They are movies in DIVX that you can view from the Windows Media Player (Media Player) or any other player of this type. Just remember to download the DIVX codecs that allow you to watch movies. This is a good trick of Warcraft 3, the best traps and keys for your game.

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