1 - 5 Victories: Calcium Carbos Life Iron Protein Zinc 6 or more wins: Luminous Powder 50 Victories in a round: Silver Shield Award Ribbon 100 Victories in a round: Gold shield. Advance credits: When credits are held, keep tight Critical attacks: When the opposing pokemon is blinking after your attack, keep it pressed Capture Groudon: Record first before going for it. Make sure you have strong, high-level pokemones with good and useful attacks. Talk to Groudon and the battle begins. Have many healing berries on hand. Groudon at 5 minutes of battle will react aggressively for a few seconds. Use an ice pokemon, if you freeze it is a good sign, catch it with an Ultra Ball, Master Ball. Headband of choice: Headband of Chosen Headband Headband King of Rock Mental Grass Quick Claw Distance Lens White Grass Jigglypuff: It appears in the same place where it appears: Taillow, Swellow and Swablu (Route 105 where Expert Timothy is). Latios or Latias: First of all you must have overcome the challenge of the High Command. Once this is done, it is a matter of luck that either one (each exclusive in each edition) appears. If you escape in a first attempt, quiet, from the Pokedex you can see its new location (although it will change periodically and every time you enter a house or cave) Pokemon 129 (Corphish) This pokemon appears on the lake near Oldale Town and Petalburg City, or on the lake between Verdanturf Town and Mauville City. This pokemon is achieved with Super Rood (super cane), evolves at level 30 to Crawdaunt, and appears between level 25-45. Exclusive Pokemon: Groudon: Number of Pokedex: 199 Type: Ground Height: 3,5 meters Weight: 950 kilos It is in: Cave of the Origins. Mawile: Number of Pokedex: 69 Type: Steel Height: 0.6 meters Weight: 11.5 kilos You are in: Cave near Dewford Town, Sky Pillar, Victory Road, Kyogre / Groudon domains Nuzleaf: Number of Pokedex: 23 Type: Grass / Dark Height: 1 meter Weight: 28 kilos It is in: Evolves from seedot, at level 14 (route 114) Seedot: Number of Pokedex: 22 Type: Grass Height: 0.5 meters Weight: 4 kilos You are in: Route 102, route 114 Shiftry: Number of Pokedex: 24 Type: Grass / Dark Height: 1.3 meters Weight: 59.6 kilos You are in: Evolve from Nuzleaf, using the leaf stone. Solarock: Number of Pokedex: 126 Type: Rock / Physical Height: 1.2 meters Weight: 154 kilos You are in: Meteoro Falls Zangoose: Number of Pokedex: 123 Type: Normal Height: 1.3 meters Weight: 40.3 kilos You are in: Route 114 Rayquaza: First you have to go to Pueblo Oromar. From here, navigate to the right and you will find a small path of stones over the sea that lead to a cave. From it you can access a high castle where, to reach the top, you will need the fast bike. Once you are at its summit you can fight against this legendary dragon of level 70. Reset the game: To start from scratch press at the same time: + + + Compose Word documents and convert them to HTML easily for free with this online tool. Please leave this message unchanged or subscribe now for a htmlg.com membership.

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