VIP levels in the game of Idle Heroes

Everybody would love to be a master of something. You would feel good when you have a certain edge over the others in terms of access and privilege. Well, it is no different in the gaming world. There are VIPs who get tons of perks and privileges in all video games. In Idle heroes, there is a special provision called the VIP level for the ones with all the quest for complete indulgence in luxuries of gaming. In this package, you will get a specified amount of VIP points every time you buy a gem. Once you earn enough points, you can enter the progressing VIP levels. Generally, 1 gem would be equivalent to 1 VIP point, although this does not apply to monthly cards. Gamers can keep track of the levels they clear with the help of the badge that appears below their avatars. The badge would be inaccessible in case the gamer is not a VIP yet. According to the default setting, gamers will be able to see their fellow players’ VIP levels next to their badge names. This can be turned off or disabled via the setting icon available on the chat menu. Conveniently, the VIP status does not exhaust ever. It identifies with the server of the gamer which means that the gamer would not be able to access it from another server.

Cost of getting a VIP level number 13

Well, nothing important comes cheap really. If you want to be an important member of the game community, it is going to cost you. Making it to VIP level number 13 might draw an approx. amount of $ 20,000 straight up. According to the rate used, one dollar will get you 50 gems.

What benefits will you get as a VIP member of the game?

You are likely to get tons of benefits if you are a VIP member. You will enjoy supreme features, lifelong bonuses, and extraordinary gifts. Premium features include:
  • VIP2 – double battle speed accessible with 8 chips for 10 casino spins (at once)
  • VIP3 -  for every 1000 energy points scored by the gamer in the summoning circle, he will get a five-star rating free of cost.
  • Find out more features on the official website.

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