Updated Idle Heroes Tier list as per MKxJUMP

The heroes on the game Idle heroes make up for the essential element of it. Players need to be stringent when they pick their heroes because that decides their overall fate in the game. One has to strategize very shrewdly and select only the best of what they can afford and what suits their needs. Given below is an updated detail for the idle heroes tier list available in the meta in the latest capacity. The list is according to the MKxJUMP and can be accessed from the official website.

Recent announcements as per 8th of march, 2019:

  • The most updated versions of Pvp and PvE lists are now available
  • A player should keep in mind that a high rated hero is not always the best one. At times a hero rated less might give a breakthrough performance.
  • A player should understand that the heroes entering this list are made for levels beyond ten star ratings
  • A thing to keep a tab on is that any hero on the list at all does not equate the value of resources needed for E3

Changes made to the appearance of  mkx tier list

The appearance and presentation of the tier list have been transformed into something more meaningful by segregating elite heroes as per specific roles. Reactive heroes – these are the ones with the “on hit” effect Utility heroes -  these are the ones which possess CC or are immune to it Burst heroes – these heroes are the ones which can tackle extreme amounts of damage very quickly Support heroes – these are the ones which give significant buffs or debuffs for the healing process Also, the key stats of each hero have been mentioned instead of the artifacts. These should be focused upon while team building. Since there are a plethora of artifacts in the game now, this approach should be useful for all the players and should help with assessments of future artifacts as well.

Updates as on 4th of January, 2019

  • 25th of January, 2018: hero named Valkyrie was an addition to the list, and a comparison table for PvE was added
  • 14th of august, 2018: grade 0 got an addition of Skerei and Valkyrie along with an alteration of a few positions. Hero belrain was sent into the grade 1 list. A change was made to Barton’s stone and converted to attack/attack. Hero Valkyrie’s stone was altered to Hp/Hp.
  • 16th of august, 2018: Karim was shifted along with Das mode plus Asmodel to grade 1.5, and the demon hunter was shifted to grade 1.
  • 24th of august, 2018: a very big change was made. The focus was shifted towards the best heroes of E3.
  • 31st of august, 2018: buffs were all accommodated. Heroes – iceblink, bloodblade, aidan, corspedemon, and queen climbed on the higher ranks together. The buff of hero Aidan had widened the sustainability of suicide groups and this lead to a spike in Flamestrike's position. The decline of faithblade was marked owing to his subsiding power of dominance in the E3.
  • 3rd of November, 2018: a spike in the position of king Barton owing to his buff to the grade 1. Xia was upgraded to the first tier. Demolishing Dantalian has become more difficult since he was moved into the second tier. Addition of jahra to the second tier owing to the gaining of balance again. Queen's position spiked up to the third tier owing to the fresh buffs. Arthindol, the dark hero went into the third tier from the second one. Corpsedemon sent to the third grade category. The shift of Barea from the third to the fourth tier. Addition of Cthugha and Walter to the fourth grade category. Fall of Emily from the fifth to the fourth tier.  

24th of November, 2018:

  • Tier zero: belrain is important because she practically keeps all the significant heroes alive along with the provision of splendid buffs. Amuvor has entered this league due to his commendable performance as a sole hero.
  • Tier one: this category witnessed the mighty horus. PvE tiers, in general, have been redone all together in order to reflect upon his strength in that area. Skerei is hanging in the lower edges of this tier.
  • There has been no change in the second tier
  • Tier three: there has been a spike in the positions of the Flame strike, cthugha, and Sigmund and this has thrown light upon the ability of burn team which can be useful for the Valkyrie meta. Kamath has been moved upwards in the ladder.
  • Tier four: the healing power of Dantalion has weakened, and he is now more prone to burst damage and provides only some round fifteen stalls.
  • Tier five has not witnessed any change at that time.

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