Tricks of Real Racing 3 for Android and iPhone

Be faster

The best way to be the fastest in REal Racing 3, is to deactivate the braking aid, it will cost you a little more to get the car but you can make frames and be able to take shortcuts that will allow you to win Watch this video to check it out, and don't forget that you can watch more real racing cheat videos HERE 1.- When you finish the race and before doing anything else, exit the game and leave it in the background, do not close the real racing 2.- See settings and deactivate your Wifi and 3gs connections 3.- Enter the game again and repair everything, squander whatever you want. If you put everything you will see a waiting time of an hour or more, or bother to worry 4.- Go to the menu and exit the game again without closing it, just like before 5.- Return settings and look for date and time and disable automatic adjustment 6- Now in the time setting it advances the time as two or three hours. As soon as you do you will receive a notification that repairs are already made in your car car 7.- Open the game again and you will get the notification that it is already done, give it to you and you will have saved a lot of time and money SO FACILITIES are the tricks in trucoteca.

Drive dirty:

In Real Racing 3 there is also, well the correct expression is that users have made it a place to play dirty ... you know that being a good boy does not usually work. If you feel like spending a moment of simple driving, turn off the data usage of your mobile device and Wi-Fi, (TSM driving) this will make the races unique and exclusive against the game bots instead of against other players, and as hopefully the AI of the bots is quite simple which will allow you, without disheveled, to finish a whole series of races in first position, which in turn translates into more money for improvements, which translates into a better car , etc…

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Another money trick

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