PES 2018 cheats for PS4 and PS3

The new Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 for PlayStation 4 is here, if you are a big fan of the saga or if you have just started in the world of football, do not worry because in Trucoteca we show you the best tips and help so you can reach the top with your favorite team, so pay attention that we started.

Go to the hole:

The pass to the hole is a small pass that is used a lot in the matches, since it allows us to sometimes give the ball to our partner passing through the defense, but it is not easy to make perfect, and in this new delivery they have the timing has been readjusted again, therefore we will now have to get used to the exact moment to make the pass, the quality that the player has to make the pass will also be very important, since now the rival defense has been slightly improved in this aspect to reject these steps, so we will undoubtedly have to practice it a lot to make it profitable.

Pressure with second player:

We see this useful skill in real life, especially when the best players are on the field, such as Messi or Cristiano, and on many occasions we see how two defenses go after them, because now in PES 2018 this idea is quite useful, since we usually try to steal the ball by putting body, or directly throwing ourselves to the ground for the rivals, but this usually causes the occasional card, and to avoid requesting help from the nearest partner usually gives good results , but we also have to measure it very well, since if we fail, we will have some rival player loose on the field and that can cost us a fatal error.


It may seem obvious, but it is more important than we think, especially if it is the first time we play PES 2018, and for those fans who play all deliveries it is also highly recommended that they train before starting to play important games, although It may seem boring with the tutorials we will learn to handle the controls, going through basic movements as advanced, to thereby understand the perfect timing that your team has on each play, and as each year always varies little or much the game speed, the players and everything in general is good to spend some time in training to perfect our team.


We all find it beautiful to make a watermark to lose the opponent, dribbling is important, but we should not catch a player and simply attack with watermarks, since it is very likely that we end up losing the ball, we must learn to take short passes and play as a team, but it is true that we must learn some watermarks in case we do not have where to put the pass and thus lose the opponent, knowing the dribbles we can choose the right one for each situation, so they are quite useful, but remember not to use it the crazy thing or you will end up losing the spherical.

Simply Play:

Since PES 2018 is a great game, we will spend many hours with it, and therefore the more we play the better our skill will be, our advice is that during the first hours we play against AI since getting fully into other players can be quite pessimistic , so therefore we must play during the first bars against AI to familiarize ourselves with the game and especially learn the timing of the game.
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