Powerful bullets: You can make more powerful bullets for the gun and shotgun and this is done with the reload tool by making normal bullets more than eight times. Special boxes: In Hard mode, every time you defeat Nemesis the monster will drop a special box, each containing a special object or part of it. Box 1: Parts A of the Eagle 6.0 gun. Box 2: Parts B of the Eagle 6.0 gun. Box 3: A package with three first aid sprays. Box 4: Parts A of the M37 shotgun. Box 5: Parts B of the M37 shotgun. Box 6: A package with three first aid sprays. Box 7: Infinite ammo for the weapons you carry. Box 8: M4A1 automatic assault rifle with infinite ammunition. Combination of the medical lock: To get it in the hospital, go to the room next to this room. Look for a dead body in the corner to find one of the following combinations: 513, 101, 498, or 517. Powder combinations: A: Gun bullets B: Shotgun cartridges ABC: Grenades AC: Firegrenades BC: Acid grenades CC: Ice grenades CCC: Bullets magnum. Password of the PC: In the office that is there after extinguishing the fire you have to take the control and see the name of the product and that is the password that has to be put in the pc. Jill's Diary: To get Jill's diary (one file), take the thirty file in order during the game. Now the first one (the blue instruction manual) will become daily. The graduation system: At the end of the game you can receive several cafilications, although the best that can be achieved is the S. There are several factors that decide which qualification is awarded to you, but here are some guidelines to follow during the game to receive a Good note: Do not use first aid sprays, only herbs. Finish the game in less than two hours. Save only three or less times. Kill as many enemies as you can. Epilogue: To access one of the 8 biographical characters, finish the game on Hard level. The final grade you get will determine who you will have access to. Epilogues: Complete the game on the Hard level to unlock the epilogs. These are brief biographies of all the characters in the entire Resident Evil series. With a better classification you can unlock the other epilogues, which in total are eight. Difficulty matters: Before you start playing, remember that each difficulty level has its pros and cons. Only in the highest difficulty mode can you achieve all these extras and hidden options. The Chronos key: You must combine the Chronos chain and the winder key. The key to the Boutique: To get the key to the boutique (which will open the boutique in the city), finish the game in less than 5 hours, without having saved it more than 30 times. You can also get the key when you finish the game for the first time, saving the game and starting another and heading to the boutique to get a new dress. Rocket launcher: Pick up the instal key and put it to the side of the machine where you made the graph of the water quality control. This will take away a plastic that you have. Once you have the umbrella card go down the elevator and right you will see a kind of refrigerator, there you put the instal key again and they will give you a very useful rocket launcher to beat Nemesis-Tyrant. Location of civilians: Brad Vicars: Basement of the restaurant. Fat: Gas station. Marvin the cop: Power plant. Girl: Press office, second floor. Random character 1: Sales office. Random character: Bar. When you complete this subgame you are given a rating and a certain amount of money. If you are playing and saving money, you will have the option to buy certain weapons that Jill then can use in the main game. The 8 epilogs of the game: Each time you pass the game in difficult mode, they will give you an epilogue, which is a brief explanation of what happened to the character after finishing his adventure. The order in which you will earn them is as follows: 1) Jill Valentine. 2) Chris Redfield. 3) Barry Bourton. 4) Leon Scott Kennedy. 5) Claire Redfield. 6) Sherry Birkin. 7) Ada Wong. 8) Hunk. The 28 files of Resident Evil 3 Nemesis: I say the 28 because with the first two you already bring them with you when you start the game, you start to gatherthem from No. 3.To be able to moderately follow this guide and to be able to gather the files you must have played a few times to this game. This guide does not contain secret tricks. Or anything other than gathering the files, if you put them together in order you can see Jill's secret diary, play and luck 3) - Postcard clock tower: It is in the bar where you see the intro of a zombie eating Brad's neck. It's on the counter. 4) - Photo A: In the dead man behind the fence, which the zombies throw away, before burning the gasoline-soaked rope with the lighter, look for it in the dead man. 5) - Marvin Report: This is the policeman who is lying inside a room that has shutters and no doors, in the police station, look for him in the dead. 6) - Memorandum of David: It is in the only room to save from the ground floor of the police station. Look for it on the table. 7) - Kendo Fax: In the room of the Stars team in the police station, it is on the table with the printer that looks as soon as you enter the room. 8) - Diary of a mercenary: After using the pick for the first time you enter a door with a corridor, you will see a dead mercenary who will first give you gun bullets and then the file. 9) - City guide: It's at the bar where you meet Carlos for the first time, it's on one of the tables in the bar. 10) - Photo B: When you enter the publishing house, where you have to drag the stairs to reach a switch, there is a public telephone, above is the photo. 11) 12) -: (Here you must be careful because the files are in the same room, if you grab the files badly everything you did will be in vain). When you go up the stairs in the only room above the publisher: on the table is photo c (11) and on a single red box the journalist memorandum (12). 13) - Memorandum of the mechanic: It is in teleferico where the fuse, the mixture of oil and the cable are placed. 14) - 15): (Here you also have to be careful if you catch them badly you went) after extinguishing the fire with the hose you enter a door and follow to another door where you see a room and a scene where Calos kills his friend Murphy the report manager (14) is on the table next to where the command is to see the projection and the commercial fax (15) is near the body of Carlos's friend or Murphy, there is a file, look for it there. 16) - David's Diary: Before you get on the cable car you must go back to the beginning where you see the first intro, just where the fat guy is locked in the box of a truck, when you return that door will be open. 17) - Operating instructions: This in the dead, which is in the main room of the clock towers, just after grabbing the thrower, will give you the file. 18) - Illustrated postcard: It is in the library of the clock tower on the square table that has a night lamp, there if you are looking for, there is the postcard. 19) - Mercenary agenda: After using the key, you enter through a celestial door where you kill three giant spiders, then that same corridor takes you to a door, when you cross it you find yourself in a room where you must solve a puzzle in one of the corners of the room there is a mercenary with a girl, there he looks for the file. 20) - Journal of the director: (Now you play with Carlos) is in the hospital. 21) - Photo D: In the hospital after the intro where Nicolai kills the supervisor; you will find the key to the infirmary right after taking the key, search again in the same place and you will find the photo. 22) - Medical instructions: Before making the vaccine for Jill on a table are the medical instructions. 23) - Photo E: (Now you play with Jill again) before using the pick to enter a place to save and take the key, in the same room near the typewriter there is a tape, look again at the same place you will find the photo. 24) - Written orders to the supervisors: After taking the key of the cemetery that is in the dead, near a pot that explodes this container is near the door that will take you to the dead factory, later (note: by there are two dead one will give you bullets magnum and another the file) 25) - 26) - (Also here with the files) after using the lighter for the last time to light the fireplace and then use the bar, you enter a room which you access through the hole, you are in a room where there a table there you should look for the supervisor report (25), then if you approach the board in the same room, you can pick up the barracks fax (26). 27) - Manager's Diary: It's in the first room to save (watch when you enter through the main door: what do I mean by this ?: Nemesis appears before entering the dead factory and gives you two options you must choose to push it, so you will enter through the main door) on the table where the typewriter is. 28) - Safety manual: It is on the table next to the console where you find the water sample. 29) - Manual of the incinerator: After taking the tracker of the missile that comes towards Raccom, you go down the stairs when you reach the bottom of the same stairs by which you went down the file, look for it on the wall. 30) - Archive classified photos: This is half complicated; is before going to fight with Nemesis for the last time, after leaving the place where you pick up file 29 you will see many dead on the floor, when you leave there by an outdoor corridor, in this corridor you should look for the photos that They are meters from the final corridor door. Magnum: Go directly to the Evidence room at the police station. Go to the number-based lock with the STARS emblem key Use one of the following 3 passwords: 0131, 4011, 4312. You will receive the Emblem key. Go to the STARS office lock Open it and you will get the Magnum. More costumes: After getting the key to the boutique, you will have at your disposal 5 new teams to finish the game on the Hard level. The costumes are Police uniform, Dino Crisis, Disco, Biker and Stars uniform. The final grade will determine how many new dresses will be available in the boutique. Kill Nemesis: If you can, try to deactivate Nemesis whenever you can. Each time you get it, it will give you an object, which corresponds to the following: 1st time: Part A of the Eagle 2nd time: Part B of the Eagle 3rd time: A Help kit 4th time: Part A of the M37 5th time: Part M37 B 6th time: A Help kit 7th time: Unlimited Ammo Kit The parts of the Eagle combine with the Eaguel 6.0 weapon. Shoot 9 millimeter bullets and cause critical damage. This damage can kill an enemy (not a boss) with a single shot, but not always. The M37 parts combine with the M37 Western Custom weapon. It is something bigger than a gun and you get more successes. Only store 6 shots. Mad Jackal operation mode: Complete the game once on either difficulty level. Remember that thanks to this mode you can get some very useful extra weapons. Mercenary mode: To access Mercenary mode you will only have to finish the game once at any difficulty level and let the final credits pass; then save the game and you will access the mini-game of the Mercenaries. In this mode you will control Carlos, Mikhal or Nikoli, taking them from the train to the beginning room in less than 2 minutes; At that time you will have to kill several zombies and rescue civilians, to get more money and extra time. The money will help you buy new weapons and unlimited ammunition. Monsters: time (Seconds) Spider: 5 Crow: 1 Nemesis: 10 Wolfdog: 6 Person: 20 Zombie: 3 New clothes: Complete the game with easy difficulty level and a ranking higher than F to get the original Jill uniform (the one he wore in the first Resident) and the uniform of Regina, the protagonist of Dino Crisis. If you manage to finish the game with Difficult difficulty, you will get 2 new uniforms if you get a ranking D, 3 uniforms if you get a ranking C, 4 if you get it to be B and 5 if you get it to be A. You can also get more clothes when you complete the game in less than 5 hours you will win a new suit for Jill. The first time you do it, you will also get a key with which you can open the fashion store in a corridor near the bar. Nemesis Objects: Every time you defeat Nemesis in hard mode, it will give you a box with valuable objects inside. Basically, playing in hard mode you cannot get all the objects since nemesis is very strong and you lack enough weaponry to defeat it every time. But if you pass it and play the mercenaries, you can earn very useful weapons to defeat him, such as the rocket launcher or the gantling cannon; and the next time you play you can get the nemesis objects in the following order: Eagle Parts A. Eagle Parts B. First aid kit (with three first aid sprays). M37 parts A. M37 parts B. First aid kit. Unlimited bullets for any weapon. Boost weapons and ammunition: This trick is only used when playing on a hard difficulty level. When you create ammunition with the reload tool, you save enough dust to perform the same type of ammo eight times. In the eighth time will appear Do you want to create the enhanced ammo ?. Select Yes and you will get more powerful ammunition, used in a weapon will transform it into Enhanced weapon. There are two types of Enhanced weapon for 9 mm and for the rifle. Using these ammunition and these weapons you will get much more devastating effects. Puzzle of the goddess clock: The reason for this puzzle is to get the central clock of the clock tower to read 12 o'clock. Get the following jewels from the statues: Amber, Crystal and Obsidian. Go to the 3 clocks on the opposite wall. Looking at the clocks, put the Amber on the clock of the past, the Obsidian on the clock of the present and the Crystal on the clock of the future. If you do it correctly, the present clock will open revealing a golden gear, the mercenary pocket book (behind the corner bodies) and the MT circles (in the bedroom) Suits: grade: 5 - S 4 - A 3 - B 2 - C 1 - D Jill Vaccine: In the room where two creatures live in a pond (in the hospital on the floor -3) in the tuner you must press the tuners to get the vaccine you must first press the tuner I, then the III and finally the tuner A. Action Replay Codes: Recordings in the game: 800D3DCF8 O6OO Play as Tofu: 800D3D3E 000F 800D3D54 000F Play as Michael: 800D3D3E 000A 800D3D54 000A Use the online WYSIWYG HTML Editor to compose the content for your website easily.

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