99 MASTER BALLS Go to SS Aqua in the Olivine city, look at all the garbage cans and in one of them you will find the 99 master ball. ABRA It is located on routes 24, 5, 6 and 8. AERODACTILE Talk to the girl on Route 14 and change it for your Chansey. AIPON It is located on routes 29 and 44, in the trees. ALAKAZAN By evolving to Kadabra. AMPHAROS Evolve from Flaaffy by accumulating experience. ARBOK It is on route 4 or evolving from Ekans with experience. ARCAINE Evolve from Growlithie using the Fire Stone. ARIADOS Evolve from Spinarak by accumulating experience. SLEEP ATTACK When a Pokemon uses Rest, he goes to sleep to recover his PS and cure his condition problems. If now that Pokemon uses Snoring or Sonambulo can continue attacking. Snoring is a normal attack, while Sonambulo will randomly choose any attack known to the attacking Pokemon. CRAP TO LAPRAS To catch lapras they have to go to the union cave on Friday. They have to go where there are some stairs and without entering, go down the path of water there. You have to enter the water of the next level until you reach a small lake where you will be what you were looking for. Catch PICHU You have to grab female pakachu and take it to where the pokemons take care of you, you have to leave it for a while and they will give you an egg that is pichu. SAFE CATCHING THE POKEMON Press + + all at once. AZUMARILL Evolve from Marill with experience. BAYLEEF Evolves from Chikorita. BABY POKEMONS Jynx, Magmar, Hitmonlee or Hitmonchan, Pikachu, Jiglypuff, Clefairy and Electrabuzz. Cross them with one of their kind and of different sex or with a success in the nursery of the trigal city, and the elders will give you an egg. Create it and hatch. There will come the level 5 pokemon. BEEDRILL In the National Park or evolving from Kakuna with experience. BELLOSSOM Evolve from Gloom using the Solar Stone. BELLSPROUT It is located on routes 31, 32, 44, 5, 6, 24 and 25. BLASTOISE Evolves from Wartortle. BLISEY Evolve from Chaney with happiness. BULBASAUR In Red, Yellow and Blue editions. BUTTERFREE Evolve from Metapod with experience. Also in the Ilex Forest, in the trees during the night. CHANGE THE COLOR YOUR POKEMON You just have to change to the pokemon that you want to change color to a silver version when the 2 have received the pokemon immediately turn off your gb without recording. NOTE: You have to have both pokemon at the same minimum level of 40 and maximum 80. CAMPANA CURA Miltank is one of the Pokemon, along with Celebi, who is able to learn Campana Cura. By using this movement, the bell tinkling relaxes the problems of the whole team's condition. Both Snubbull and Chansey can also learn Cura Campana, but only as Egg Movement. CATERPIE It is located on routes 2, 30 and 31 and in the Ilex Forest. HUNTING A GOLDEN LARVITAR Go to the mountain where Ash awaits you and look right on the first floor (upon entering). Do not panic and look very well when it appears to see the stars ***. CELEBI We must talk to all the people of all the towns. The last one you talk to will give you a lighter and tell you not to throw it in the oak but you throw it and 500 steps will appear Celebi. CHANSEY It is located on routes 13 and 15. CHARIZARD Evolve from Charmeleon with experience. CHARMELEON Evolve from Charmander with experience. CARMIN CITY In the pokemon gold when you are past the Johto League, Professor Oak will give you a tiket for a ship. Go to Olivo city and get on the SS Aqua ferry. They will tell you that SS Aqua is going to Carmin city. CLEFABLE Evolve from Clefairy using the Moonstone . CLEFFA You have to take a female cleffairy where the pokemon take care of you and leave it there, when you come back they will give you an egg that is Cleffa. CLONE ANY POKEMON OBJECT First go with the old man who is in viridian city that did not let you pass before a box will appear and when the animation ends go to cinabbar island get close to the gym use surf and start swimming from top to bottom alone on that island when you find a rare pokemon without a name or missingo and use run and check your objects and they will have multiplied never catch that pokemon but cause damage to the game. CLONATE MASTER BALL Go to the PC and assign a pokemon to the Master Ball, leave that pokemon in an empty box and change the box, when you put SAVING DO NOT TURN OFF THE CONSOLE ... turn it off !. Turn it on, look at your PC pokemon and yours take out the PC pokemon and subtract [the two pokemon] from the Master Balls. NOTE: Do not clone the Master Ball more than 10 times. Sometimes it won't come out. You will have 20% chance of missing the pokemon. CLONATE POKEMON Follow these simple steps: 1-. In an empty box leave as many pokemon as you want (if you want to equip them with items such as masterball or rare candy) 2.- Change to another empty box and when you put SAVING ……. turn off the console and turn it on again 3.- Check the poken menu and there will be the pokemon with the equipped objects. NOTE: Only a maximum of five pokemon. CLOYSTER From Shellder with Water Stone. GET STONES How to get the stone fire, water, leaf, thunder and solar go with Bill's grandfather he will ask you to teach him a pokemon first he will ask you a likitun with this he will give you an everston (the pokemon that brings him will not evolve) then teach him a odihs will give you the stone leaf (evolve agloom, victibrel and sunkey advice evolve to gloom or victibrel) then you show him a staryu he will give you the water stone (evolve to staryu,polywart or cloyster) then show him a grouli (gold version) or a vulpis (verson silver) and he will give you a fire stone (evolve to grouli or vulpis) then show him a picachu and he will give you a thunder stone (evolve to picachu) the solar pedra They give you the prize in the tournament to marry insects (evolve to sunkey advice teach suny day tm 22 because you will learn solar beam remember there is only one stone of each and you can only use it once you think well before using it. CROBAT Evolves from Goldbat if your happiness goes up a lot. CROCONAW Evolve from Totodile with experience. CUBONE You will find it in the Rock Tunnel. DELIBIRD You will find it on the Ice Route. WAKE UP SNORLAX We must solve the problem of the power plant. Then you go to the radio tower in kanto and the man with a hat gives you an expn card to listen to kanto music. You go to the place where this snorlax you get to hear the pokegear and there will be a new channel that is from a poke flute, you hear it, press in front of the pokemon and it wakes up. DEWGONG Evolve from Seel with experience. FIND LUGIA To find Lugia go to the bottom right of Whirl Island in Jhoto. Enter the cave. Skip the wall at the top. Follow the path until you have to surf the water until you reach the waterfall. Go down the waterfall. Go to the city on the left and enter through the door. Enter through another door and you will find Lugia in the water. Notice! There is only one Lugia in the game. Catch it with a masterball. After catching Lugia go back to the waterfall and surf down and then go to the right and you will find ground, go up the stairs and follow the path and you will exit the cave. LETAL TEAM Take your favorite pokemon and train them until they learn lethal attacks (Many pokemon do not know or can learn lethal attacks) I will tell you some pokemon that can but do not know the level when they learn it: Dewgong (driller) Ryhdon (fissure) kingler ( guillotine) Krabby (guillotine) pinsir (Guillotine) and more! After getting pokemon with lethal attacks, learn to set white or similar, then having those attacks will be almost invincible. Fight with someone (it can be by cable) and first use the blank set then use the lethal attack and you will see that not failing you have a 100% chance of not failing. EVOLVE GOLBAT These pokemon will only evolve with friendly evolution is to say you have to have them in your team for a long time to take them to make haircuts in the underground of olderon city and not give them bitter medicines. EVOLUTIONS WHEN EXCHANGING There are a lot of pokemon that only evolve when you exchange with another coach. Some evolutions also require that the pokemon have a certain object when they are exchanged. This is the list: KADABRA: Alakazam GRAVELER: Golem HAUNTER: Gengar MACHOKE: Machamp POLIWHIRL: Politoed (if you have King's Rock) ONIX: Steelix (if you have Metal Coat) SCYTHER: Scizor (if you have Metal Coat) PORYGON: Porygon2 (if you have Up-Grade) SLOWPOKE: Slowking (if you have King's Rock) SEADRA: Kingdra (if you have Dragon Scale) BREED EVOLUTIONS In the South Daycare Center in the city golderod on Highway 33, you can give a man or woman pokemon to the guardians to get a new pokemon: Breed 2 Pikachus to get to Pichu. Raise 2 Electabuzzes and you will get Elekid. Raise 2 Clefairies and you'll get Cleffa. Raise 2 Jigglypuffs and you'll get Igglybuff. Raise 2 Magmars and you will get Magby. Raise Venonat with a Pinsir to get Pinsir. Raise Hitmonchan or Hitmonlee with a Ditto to get Tyrogue. Raise Clefairy with a Snubbull to get another Snubbull. Raise Gyarados with the Red Gyarados to get a Golden Magikarp. Change any of the pokemon with Ditto if you only get one at a time. Ditto will act as a pokemon wild card. GUARDS OF ROUTES 34 AND 35 The guards of routes 34 and 35 fight only at night. MANTINIE It is achieved by surfing towards the islands where this place is, go to the city where the gym is that only fights pokemon, which gives you a fist, and that in the end takes you to polywirl, then surfing to the right, Mantinies level 15 or 17 come out. MORE LUCK TO CAPTURE A POKEMON When you throw a ball to a pokemon, press + . That way you'll have more luck capturing it. METAL COAT Get the 8 badges and talk to Professor Utigi (the person from the beginning of the game). I will give you a ticket for SS Anne. Go to the city where at the beginning there was the gym leader. Go inside the house on the shore, they will let you in and you will be in the SSAnne. You will meet a man who will ask you to look for his daughter on the boat. You will find her with the captain. He goes back to her with her father and talks to the captain again. I will give you the Metal Coat MISTY Misty is achieved when you go up from the place that is in CELADON CITY you run and run and fight I think they are like 9 people or less than nine like 7 or 6. You end up fighting with everyone and there is a child who does not fight without seeing you have that talking and fighting with him (if you do not fight with all the trick will not come out) then when you finish fighting with him he gives you a NUGGET (the nugget is not the passes).And then you get out of there walking and you go for a little question, then you get out of there and you jump a little broun, you go to the Gym again and there is a person dressed in black (a Roket) in tons, stumbles with you without wanting to say he says sorry, I have to go and leave you have to leave as Roket did and go where you had already fought and Roket comes out you have to talk to him and fight (if you do not fight the trick does not come out) then he has more than in Pokemon is koffing and when you have finished, it has already gone by magic and you go to where the boy who gave you the NUGGET was, then a girl with red hair appears and a boy who goes by the little question and she talks to you and goes where you entered when fighting on the other side ...Misty is already in the gym and you see a little girl in the water the 1 you have to fight with her after a step and you see that you are looking forward you give this key -> and you look at the water and you give the A and Magne plan tells you something you have to fight with misty and then you have to go where the plant is resolved and you give a chubby boy that and he gives you an attack that is Zap Cannon and you go out there you go saffron city you go where This is a house and if a fat man and a pokemon and a girl appear to you, you will walk through the setting above (do not go out) you ask a girl who turns and disguises you then she tells you you have a cleafery doll if You got it, I'll give you the passes for the trainThen you have to go to the house where the man gave you the rare candy and you talk to the chubby boy he gives you the cleafery doll and you have to go where the girl gives it to you. MT RETROCESS In the commercial center of the trigal city, a girl appears every Friday who gives you the MT recoil if you have as your first PKMN one that is happy. The MT recoil is based on loyalty; the happier the PKMN is, the more PS it takes away from the rival PKMN. MANY FICHAS IN THE CASINO If you do a sweep in the Casino by pressing from time to time you will find chips. There are at least 300. PASS ABOVE SOMEONE You just have to place yourself in front of someone press    and  keep pressing save and when it appears saving or saving ... you turn off. When you turn on again (if the trick went well) you will find yourself in front of who you have placed before, if you surf and let you you can go over it. This trick is usually used to pass over the ship's watchman and get into. TRAIN PASSES You have to go to the Kanto world. You have to fight with Liter. It arises and then you have to go to a house that is more upstairs from the gym. And you see a clafeary doll and a beyleef as you walk and ask sir. And you talk to the entoneses after you've finished talking to him, he gives you a RARE CANDY. Then you will fight with misty in CELADON CITY. And you have to get Misty. YELLOW SPECIAL POKEBALLS : Luna ball. It is for the pokemones that evolve with the moomstone. BLUE: Bait ball. For the pokemones caught with the cane. WHITE: Fast ball. Good for catching pokemons that escape quickly. BLACK: Heavy ball. For heavy or corpulent pokemones, such as Snorlax, Rhydon, Graveler, etc. RED: Ball level. For the highest level pokemones. ROSA: Love ball. If the sex of your pokemon is the opposite of the pokemon to capture it will be an easy catch. GREEN: Friendly ball. The pokemon captured with this ball will reach a high level of friendship faster. BRIGHT POKEMON You have to look in the same grass for a long time. POKEMON WITHOUT MONEY Make 200,000 money is better if you already have them. Record the game in front of a PC, then buy the 9999 coins to buy from Porygon or another Casono Pokemon or Game Corner and when you have bought it, go to the pokemon center and go to Bill's PC, deposit the Pokemon you bought and change to an empty box, but while Saving is saying… don't turn off you turn off the console. When you restart you will see all your money and the pokemon you bought in the box. NOTE: If you want to have the Pokedex of this pokemon put it in the daycare with a ditto. HAPPY POKEMONES To make a pokemon happy you can do several things: CLEAN IT: Cut your hair in the Underground of Trigal City and let Gary's sister clean them between 3 and 4 in the afternoon. INCREASE YOUR LEVEL: Each level that goes up a pokemon will make you feel a little more confident and be happier. WALKING WITH HIM: If a pokemon goes on your team it will increase your happiness every certain number of steps. CAPTURE IT WITH A BALL FRIEND: It is made with Green Bonguri and makes captured Pokemon more than twice as happy as those captured with other Pokeballs. RARE OR MOST SEARCHED POKEMONES AERODACTYL On Route 14 there is a girl who wants a chansey, if you give it to her she will give it to you in return. CHIKORITA, TOTODILE AND CYNDAQUILE Read the tricks to start a game with these three on this same page. EEVEE It is convenient to get it after you meet Bill, and then visiting his house, he will give it to you as a prize to establish a friendship with his sister. ENTEI, SUICUNE AND RAIKO These are very good pokemon and catch after seeing them in the burned tower. Then they will appear and circle all over Johoto. It is preferable that you wait to have the Masterball, then triple it and use one for each one. HO - OH To find it you have to have the rainbow wing. You find it when you rescue the radio (gold version), or when you talk to the old man in a silver city (silver version). LUGIA You find it in the whirlwind islands and you need the MO 06 whirlwind. You have to have the silver wing, which you get by talking to the old silver city (gold version) or rescuing the radio (silver version). LEGENDARY DOGS Capturing legendary dogs very easily: Put Bill's radio on the radio. Use max repelent. It has to be night. PORYGON You buy it for the sum of 9999 at the casino in the city of Azulona. SNORLAX A great pokemon, very useful. To get it you have to use the improved radio (with the music of pokeflauta). SUDOWOODO This is the one that blocks the path of Route 36, but to fight against it, use the water of skirting that you get next to the normal type gym. TOGEPI The truth is that this pokemon is disgusting but there are people who like it because of its appearance or go like that. It is given to you by Elm's assistant (he actually gives you an egg, which then grows) in the pokemon center of the city where you beat the first Gym. TYROGUE It is the pre-evolution of the Hitmon. You get it in the mortar mount, after beating Mr. Karate (you should go with a space in your team). ACHIEVE A DITTO SHINY 1º: Extraordinary trick that makes us have a shiny DITTO that will serve as a breeder in the Kindergarten to try to get more brilliant Pokémon. First we need the RED GYARADOS of the LAKE DE LA FURIA of the metallic versions.

2nd: Then we need to EXCHANGE it to one of the chromatic editions (YELLOW in this case) in which we will check its change from red to blue color of the Gyarados. Upon returning, it returns to normal. 3rd: The third step is to teach the aquatic / flying Pokémon the MIMETIC MT31 that the COPIONA gives us. If we don't have that MT we can't do the trick, so check it out. 4th: Let's take action. Let's look for a wild DITT that is slower than Gyarados (it won't really cost much) and fight. In my case, I was on the upper floors of the POKÉMON MANSION tracking the Duplika favorite. 5th: Now I describe how to perform each turn and movement: a) GYARADOS being faster than DITTO moves first and uses MIMETIC. 6th: The possible attacks to be imitated are immediately deployed and GYARADOS copies the DITTO TRANSFORMATION movement (the only one). 7th: b) DITTO moves and copies the image of GYARADOS with its TRANSFORMATION 8th: c) GYARADOS uses TRANSFORMATION and takes the characteristics of transformed DITTO 9th: d) We wait for DITTO to use TRANSFORMATION and meanwhile we lower the health so that Easily catch. We must never change to GYARADOS since DITTO could copy the characteristics of another Pokémon. 10th: We caught him with an ULTRA BALL (in my case) after he used TRANSFORMATION. 11th: After capturing, it is only necessary to transfer it to one of the Gold, Silver or Crystal versions. AND WE WILL ALREADY HAVE OUR DITTO SHINY, PERFECT TO BREED GOLDEN RATICATE Near the gym of steelix in a small grass you can find a golden raticate. SECRET GIFT In the city of Goldenrod, on the left side where you see water, go north of the city and surf on the left, go down until you see 3 girls. After you beat the third, it will give you a mysterious secret gift. WILD GIFTS When you capture a wild Pokemon look to see if it carries an object. Among those you can find are Berries, Big Pearls, Dragon Scales, Remains, Moonstones, Mystery Berries, Star Pieces, ... RESET THE GAME MEMORY You have to enter when you see the pokemon flying + + you will reaffirm and password. REMOVE MEWSTRECK It is the evolution of mewtwo. It is something very difficult to do but if you want to have it you have to release suicide and you will never see it again when you release it you record it you turn it off and you put it on and then you record it 2 times and do the same thing 10 times and when you see your team will be there but remember that you can never have it even if they can't beat it. DUAL TYPE, DOUBLE DAMAGE A dual type Pokemon not only combines the strength of both types, it also unites both skills. For example, Gyarados is a dual type Pokemon: water and flying. Both the water and the flying type are weak against an electric attack. Thus, if Gyarados receives an electric attack, the damage received will be double that if it were only one type. TRICK To grab the bike easier and faster just press TYRANITAR Go to Monte Silver, enter and get larvitar. Evolve to larvitar in pupitar. Then it evolves to pupitar in tyranitar. UNOWN GREEN LEVEL 100+ In the bugs contest park catch some weirdo and let time run out they will give you the new prize the Cricket ball go to the unown temple and catch one with that ball then use it and it will be green level 100 + and you will be invincible. YADOKING Get slowbro (or evolve into slowpoke) and give it the King's symbol. Then switch to slowbro with another game and it will change in Yadoking. GAMESHARK CHEAT (They do not work on all GBC emus) MODIFY OBJECT Slot-1: 01 ## ABD5 Slot-2: 01 ## ADD5 Slot-3: 01 ## AFD5 Slot-4: 01 ## B1D5 Slot-5: 01 ## B3D5 Slot-6: 01 ## B5D5 Slot-7: 01 ## B7D5 Slot-8: 01 ## B9D5 Slot-9: 01 ## BBD5 Slot-10: 01 ## BDD5 Replace ## with: 07: Bicycle 08: Moon Stone 09: Antidote 0A: Burn heal 0B: Freeze heal 0C: Awakening 0D: Paralyze heal 0E: Recover 0F: Max Potion 10: Potion 11: Super Potion 12: Potion 13: Escape Rope 14: Repel 15: Ether 16: Fire Stone 17: Thunder Stone 18: Water Stone 20: Rare Candy 22: Leaf Stone 23: Metal Powder 24: Nugget 25: PokeDoll 26: Full Heal 27: Revive 28: Full Revive 29: Special guard 30: Lemonade 31: X-Attack 32: X-Defend 34: X-Speed 35: X-Special 36: Coin Case 37: Item Finder 3A: Old Rod 3B: Good Rod 3C: S. Leaf 3D: Super Rod 3E: PP UP 3F: Max ether 40: PP Recover 44: SS.Anne Ticket 45: Unknown Egg 47: Silver Feather 48: Milk (Mirutank Farm) 4A: Antidote Nut 4E: Paralyze Heal Nut 4F: Frozen Nut (Burn Heal) 50: Burnt Nut (Ice heal ) 52: King's Symbol (for Nyorotono, Yadoking) 55: Red Bonguri (gives red pokeballs) 56: Small Mushroom 57: Big Mushroom 59: Blue Bonguri (gives blue pokeballs) 5B: Lucky Ribbon 5C: Gold Bonguri (gives golden pokeballs) 5D: Green Bonguri (gives green pokeballs) 5F: Mysterious Drop (increases water attacks) 61: White Bonguri (gives white pokeballs) 63: Black Bonguri (gives black pokeballs) 65: Pink Bonguri (gives pink pokeballs) 68: Pink Ribbon 69: Leek 6A: Smoke 6B: Freeze Heal 70: Solar Stone (for Kireihana and Kimawari) 72: Sweet bun (cure 20HP) 75: Mysterious seed 77: Head Band 7E : Lucky Egg 7F: Card Key 80: Machine Part (repair the Power Plant) 83: Star Dust 85: Basement key 86: Train ticket 8A: Wood 8B: Nut Juice 8F: Metal Coat (for Haganail and Hassamu) 95: Nut juice (cure 20HP) 96: Weird Nut 97: Dragon scale (for Kingudora) 9E: Heavy Ball 9F: Level Ball A0: Lure Ball A1: Speed Ball A5: Moon Ball A6: Love Ball A9: Solar Stone AC: Upgrade (for Porygon2) AD: Nut AE: Golden nut (cure 30HP) AF: Squirtle Water (for Usocky) B2: Golden Feather B5: Surf Mail B6: Water colored Mail B8: Lovely Mail B9: VeeVee Mail BB: Sky Blue Mail CHANGE THE DAY OF THE WEEK 01 ## D5D1 00 Saturday - 06 Friday CHANGE TIME IN HOURS 01 ## D6D1 00 -17 THE BATTLES ARE NO LONGER TO THE AZAR 010065D5 ALL MEDAL 01FF6FD5 01FF70D5 CHANGE THE SEX OF POKEMON (Slot 1) 00 ## 05DA 00 female 01 male OBJECTS UNLIMITED Slot-1: 0163ACD5 Slot-2: 0163AED5 Slot-3: 0163B0D5 Slot-4: 0163B2D5 Slot-5: 0163B4D5 Slot-6: 0163B6D5 Slot-7: 0163B8D5 Slot-8: 0163BAD5 Slot-9: 0163BCD5 Slot-10 : 0163BED5 MODIFY POKEBALL - SLOT 1 01 ## F0D5 Replace ## with: 01: Masterball 02: Ultra ball 04: Great ball 05: Pokeball UNLIMITED POKEBOLA - SLOT 0163F1D5 UNLIMITED TM'S CODES 0163 ## D5 71: TM01 72: TM02 73: TM03 74: TM04 75: TM05 76: TM06 77: TM07 78: TM08 79: TM09 7A: TM10 7B: TM11 7C: TM12 7D: TM13 7E: TM14 7F: TM15 80: TM16 81: TM17 82: TM18 83: TM19 84: TM20 85: TM21 86: TM22 87: TM23 88: TM24 89: TM25 8A: TM26 8B: TM27 8C: TM28 8D: TM29 8E: TM30 8F: TM31 90: TM32 91: TM33 92: TM34 93: TM35 94: TM36 95: TM37 96: TM38 97: TM39 98: TM40 99: TM41 9A: TM42 9B: TM43 9C: TM44 9D: TM45 9E: TM46 9F: TM47 A0: TM48 A1: TM49 A2: TM50 A3: HM01 A4: HM02 A5: HM03 A6: HM04 A7: HM05 A8: HM06 A9: HM07 UNLIMITED MONEY 010F66D5 014267D5 013F68D5 CAPTURE ANY POKEMON 91 ## DFD0 Replace ## with: 01: Bulbasaur 02: Ivysaur 03: Venusaur 04: Charmander 05: Charmeleon 06: Charizard 07: Squirtle 08: Wartortle 09: Blastoise 0A: Caterpie 0B: Metapod 0C: Butterfree 0D: Weedle 0E: Kakuna 0F: Beedrill 10: Pidgey 11: Pidgeotto 12: Pidgeot 13: Rattata 14: Raticate 15: Spearow 16: Fearow 17: Ekans 18: Arbok 19: Pikachu 1A: Raichu 1B: Sandshrew 1C: Sandslash 1D: Nidoran F 1E: Nidorina 1F: Nidoqueen 20: Nidoran M 21: Nidorino 22: nidoking 23: Clefairy 24: Clefable 25: Vulpix 26: Ninetails 27: Jigglypuff 28: Wigglytuff 29: Zubat 2A: Golbat 2B: Oddish 2C: Gloom 2D: Vileplume 2E: Paras 2F: Parasect 30: Venonat 31: Venomoth 32: Diglett 33: Dugtrio 34: Meowth 35: Persian 36: Psyduck 37: Golduck 38: Mankey 39: Primeape 3a: Growlithe 3b: Arcanine 3c: Poliwag 3d: Poliwhirl 3e: Poliwrath 3f: Open 40: Kadabra 41: Alakazam 42: Machop 43: Machoke 44: Machamp 45: Bellsprout 46: Weepinbell 47: Victreebell 48: Tentacool 49: Tentacruel 4A: Geodude 4B: Graveler 4C: Golem 4D: Ponyta 4E: Rapidash 4F: Slowpoke 50: Slowbro 51: Magnemite 52: Magneton 53: Farfetch'd 54: Pipe 55: Dodrio 56: Seel 57: Dewgong 58: Grimer 59: Muk 5A: Shellder 5B: Cloyster 5C: Gastly 5D: Haunter 5E: Gengar 5F: Onix 60: Drowzee 61: Hypno 62: Krabby 63: Kingler 64: Voltorb 65: Electrode 66: Exeggcute 67: Exeggcutor 68: Cubone 69: Marowak 6A: Hitmonlee 6B: Hitmonchan 6C: Lickitung 6D: Koffing 6E: Weezing 6F: Rhyhorn 70: Rhydon 71: Chansey 72: Tangela 73: Kangaskhan 74: Horsea 75: Seadra 76: Goldeen 77: Seaking 78: Staryu 79: Starmie 7A: Mr. Mime 7B: Scyther 7C: Jynx 7D: Electabuzz 7E: Magmar 7F: Pinsir 80: Tauros 81: Magikarp 82: Gyarados 83: Lapras 84: Ditto 85: Eevee 86: Vaporeon 87: Jolteon 88: Flareon 89: Porygon 8A: Omanyte 8B: Omastar 8C: Kabuto 8D: Kabutops 8E: Aerodactyl 8F: Snorlax 90: Articunno 91: Zapdos 92: Moltres 93: Dratini 94: Dragonair 95: Dragonite 96: Mewtwo 97: Mew 98: Chikorita 99: Beifru 9A: Meganiumi 9B: Hinorashi 9C: Magnumarashi 9D: Bakufun 9E: Waninoko 9F: Arigeitsu A0: Odairu A1: Otachi A2: Ootachi A3: Hoho A4: Yorunozuku A5: Redeiba A6: Redeian A7: Itomaru A8: Araidosu A9: Kuroba Aa: Choncchi Ab: Rantan Ac: Pichu Ad: Pi Ae: Pupurin Af: Togepi B0: Togechikku B1: Neitei B2: Neiteio B3: Meripu B4: Mokoko B5: Denryuu B6: Kirehana B7: Marill B8: Mariruri B9: Usokki BA: Myorotono BB: Hane BC: Popo BD: Watakko BE: Eipamu BF: Himanattsu C0: Kimawari C1: Yanyanma C2: Upa C3: Nuo C4: Efui C5: Burakki C6: Yamikarasu C7: Slowking C8: Muuma C9: Annon CA: Sonansu CB: Kinriki CC: Kunugidama CD: Fuoretosu CE: Nokocchi CF: Guraiga D0: Haganeru D1: Buru D2: Guanburu D3: Harisen D4: Hassamu D5: Tsubotsubo D6: Heraherakuroso D7: Nyura D8: Himeguma D9: Ringuma DA: Magumaggu DB: Magukarugo DC: Urimu DD: Inomu DE: Sanigo DF: Teppouo E0: Okutan E1: Dribado E2: Maintain E3: Eamudo E4: Derubiru E5: Heruga E6: Kingudoru E7: Gomazou E8: Donphan E9: Porygon2 EA: Odushishi EB: Doburu EC: Baruki ED: Kapoera EE: Width EF: Erekiddo F0: Bubii F1: Mirutanku F2: Hapinasu F3: Raiku F4: Entei F5: Suikun F6: Yogirasu F7: Sanagirasu F8: Bangirasu F9: Lugia FA: Pheonix (Houou) FB: Serebeii 01070BD1 01A05DA + 01AA06DA Any pokemon you face will have a very high status 01 ## 3AD0 Modify the value of the pokemon you face. The level can exceed level 100, the maximum is 255. 01: 1 02: 2 03: 3 04: 4 05: 5 06: 6 07: 7 08: 8 09: 9 0A: 10 0B: 11 0C: 12 0D: 13 0E: 14 0F: 15 10:16 11:17 12:18 13:19 14:20 15:21 16:22 17:23 18:24 19:25 1A: 26 1B: 27 1C: 28 1D: 29 1E: 30 1F: 31 20:32 21:33 22:34 23:35 24:36 25:37 26:38 27:39 28:40 29:41 2A: 42 2B: 43 2C: 44 2D: 45 2E: 46 2F: 47 30:48 31:49 32:50 33:51 34:52 35:53 36:54 37:55 38:56 39:57 3A: 58 3B: 59 3C: 60 3D: 61 3E: 62 3F: 63 40:64 41:65 42:66 43:67 44:68 45:69 46:70 47:71 48:72 49:73 4A: 74 4B: 75 4C: 76 4D: 77 4E: 78 4F: 79 50:80 51:81 52:82 53:83 54:84 55:85 56:86 57:87 58:88 59:89 5A: 90 5B: 91 5C: 92 5D: 93 5E: 94 5F: 95 60:96 61:97 62:98 63:99 64: 100 In the name, put GOLIGAY and you will already have 250 Pokemons.

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