Resident Evil 2 cheats

Aim automatically: Select Options from the main menu or pressduring the game. Then, go to the Key Config screen select Type C and then select Exit. Automatic aiming should be activated. Hold down for Leon or Claire to turn and aim at any zombie they see, press while holding down to change the target. Note: You have to hold down to aim at dragging zombies and aim high targets. Extra weapons: Most of these secrets are obtained by obtaining a ranking A: for this, you must complete the game in less than 3 hours, saving a maximum of 5 times and without using sprays. If you finish the game in less than 2 hours 30 min. (A or B ranking) will have a weapon of infinite ammo, which will be a rocket launcher, if you do it in the A doctor and a submachine gun on Disk 2 if you get finished in less than 3 hours with punctuation A or B. If consiguies do in less than 2 hours and a half, you will have the submachine gun, a rocket launcher and a special weapon of great power and infinite ammunition. Weapons with infinite ammunition: Finish the game in normal position and follow the instructions below to take the following weapons: Rocket launcher: Finish the game in less than two and a half hours with a level A or B. Gatting Gun: Finish the game in less than two and a half hours with a level A or B but without saving or using emergencies. Machine Gun: Complete the second scenario in less than three hours with a level A or B. The three weapons: Complete the second mission of any of the characters in less than 2.5 hours with an A or B score. Computer codes: To enter the laboratory computer, and unlock areas B1 and B2, use the following passwords. 1: John 2: Ada 3: Mole Get extra secret weapons: If you get the highest score in game A, you will receive a rocket launcher or a combination of machine gun and Gaitlin gun. When you start the next game, locate a box of items and you will find your extra weapon there. Shoot your screen: Exit the east exit outside the base and go to the area with 2 demon dogs and an access mouth. When the 2 dogs are dead, turn your back to the access mouth, and walk back until the camera's view changes. Build your gun and shoot until the shot holes are drawn on your own screen. Hunk Stage: Complete the first and second stage with a grade A. You can play the Fourth Suvivor stage. Tofu Scenario: Finish the first and second stage three times, always with grade A, obtaining all other secrets. The Tofu mission is the same as that of Hunks. Secret film D: There is a piece of film hidden in the room that is messy, more concrete on the second floor of the police station. Look at the desk on the left 50 times and this piece of film will appear. Image of Rebecca Chamber: Look for the table that is on the left side of the STAR office and, after having searched fifty times around the table you will find a photo reel. Take it to the dark chamber and reveal it. An image will appear with Rebecca Chamber dressed as a basketball player. Infinite Gatling weapons: Finish any alternate stage at level A or B without recording. Infinite Submachine weapons: Finish any alternate scenario at level A or B without using health sprays. Infinite Rocket Launches: Finish any regular stage at level A or B. Play as Hunk and Tofu: You need eight free blocks on your memory card. You will have to play four times with the two characters in two scenarios and in less than three hours each. For each character you will have to complete game A getting a level A at the end. Then you will have to do the same with game B (and in this case to get a level A you can not use special weapons). File each game separately and don't overlap them. Start a new game with Clarie A as above. File it as Leon B in position 1 of the memory card. Then play as Leon A and file it as Claire B in position B of the memory card. At this moment it is up to Leon B that you have loaded in position 1 of the memory card and that you will file as Claire A in position 3. Then play with Claire B that you had loaded in position 2 of the memory card and that you will file as Leon A in position 4. At this time, along the way you will meet Hunk: file it in position 5. Now you will have to overcome two other scenarios to get Tofu. You can use the special weapons that you will have won along the way, but you will need a level A or B and a time of less than two and a half hours without any help and without saving. For the following two scenarios follow the indications: play with Leon A, loaded from position 4, file it as Clarie B in position 6. Play as Claire B in position 6 and file it in position 7 as Leon A. At this time You will be given the Tofu file. File it in position 8 and to play with the cargalo from this position. Alternative missile launcher: Finish the first stage in less than two hours with a grade A or B. Special call: You must reach the police station without killing anyone. To enter, there are two paths. One, cross a fence protected by two zombies and the other, go through an underground corridor that is a little later. You have to reach the hall without any spray, or healing grass and first of all without killing a zombie, you must dodge them. When you get to the hall, you'll see that a zombie wanders around that wasn't there before. This is Brad Vickers, the helicopter pilot of the first part. You have to do away with it and by inspecting your pockets you will find a key. This key will allow you to open the lockers of the photography room of the police station, where you will find new clothes and a weapon for Claire. Of course, you must play in normal difficulty mode. In the easy the trick does not work. Games B: Each character has two games, one A and one B, When you finish game A of one character, you release game B of the other. Finishing the game a de Leon you unlock the game B of Claire and on the contrary. Kill Gator at a stroke: When he starts to move towards you, you will see a yellow light on the wall on the left. Press and a floor box will appear. When Gator tries to eat the box, shoot it and Gator will disintegrate into small pieces. Mix herbs power ups: They can be mixed using the "combine" command with beneficial results. You also save storage space for other objects. Here are some interesting combinations: 1 green grass + 1 green grass = Total health recovery. 1 green grass + 1 blue grass = 20% recovery of health and antidote. 1 green grass + 1 red grass = Total health recovery. 1 green grass + 1 red grass + 1 blue grass (in this order) = Heal everything (recover all health and antidote). 3 green herbs combined = Recover all health and more. Hunk mode (Or fourth survivor) You will get it by finishing the 2 discs of the game with a ranking A: do you remember the scene in which a commando tries to recover the G-Virus? Now you will be one of its members. Tofu Mode: Finish the six scenarios that make up the game with an A score, to get this nice character and play with him. Unlimited Ammo: During the game press , choose the control option in that menu, hold align=»baseline»> or and press 10 times box. You will notice that the box that says manual or car turns red, that is the trick. Note: It only works in the English version. Alternative clothes : Start a new game at the difficult difficulty level and go to the station without taking anything and killing nothing. When you reach the gate of the gate, go down the stairs. Below you will find Brad Vickers, turned into a zombie. Kill him and pick up a key from his corpse. When you arrive in a dark room with closets, use the key to open one and get other clothes. Storage room: Click     to reinforce the basement weapons storage room. All infinite weapons: Press Go to settings and hold , depues press:        . Alternative costumes: Finish the game with a character from game B and raise your level to A or B. In the end you will find yourself in an alley, facing a new type of zombie and a message will appear asking you to go to the police station that is near there. Start over and you see the police without collecting objects. Try to enter the central and, when you are there, look for a bonus weapon. It will serve you as soon as you leave the building to eliminate the special zombie that you had seen before. Above your inanimate body you will find the special key that you can use in the dark chamber more correctly, to open the cabinets that are to the left of the door. There you will finally find your new clothes. Action Replay Codes: Play with Chris Redfield: 800D482C 000B The free online CSS code beautifier takes care of your dirty code and strips every unwanted mess. Go to the CSS Cleaner to get started.

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