Top 20 Offline Android Games (Don't Need Internet) You Must Play

In boring everyday life, we pick up the phone and want to be distracted by a simple game for a few moments. And, in fact, there are a variety of options that we can play offline anytime, anywhere. There are very fun games you have to play! In this list, you will find very famous and also very famous offline games. Check out!

1. Alto's Odyssey

Download it here. Alto's Odyssey is a game that emphasizes its world and its history rather than the gameplay. The universe, the music and its design make the atmosphere of the game engaging for gamers. Normally, endless running games are very energetic, but this can even be a quiet experience. You'll feel relaxed simply gliding through dunes and collecting points while avoiding obstacles. And being a very casual game, you can come in just a few minutes whenever you want.

2. Crashlands

Download here. Crashlands is one of the best offline games you can try! Your character falls on a planet where he is trapped and his goal is to build a base, defeat the boss of the place and create various items to succeed. You can create more than 500 items as you progress through the game and discover the secrets that maps hide. The combat system is simple but fun, and the story has several funny moments. In addition, all fights have certain patterns that you need to learn to win, making the game more challenging.

3. Crossy Road

Download here. A free and extremely addictive game, Crossy Road is an 8-bit adventure where you control a chicken trying to cross the road. You have to avoid the cars and the rivers and try to stay safe. Although a repetitive game, Crossy Road is never boring, with over 150 collectible characters and countless hours of fun.

4. Duet

Download here. Duet is a puzzle with some racing elements. You will control two balls orbiting a center point and your goal is to rotate these orbs without touching the platforms. Each level gets harder and harder, but always fun enough for you to spend hours playing.

5. Poket City

Download here. Here, you build your city including roads, buildings and everything you need for a metropolis to function. Its aim is to maintain the right balance so that banks do not go bankrupt or fires destroy infrastructure. This is undoubtedly the best city planning game you can find for Android.

6. Kingdom Rush

Download here. Kingdom Rush is a very popular tower defense game. You have to build towers and put heroes on a predefined path so as not to let your enemies pass. In addition, each level has different towers, enemies and upgrades. The game is very challenging as you progress, but the feeling of reward will make persistence worthwhile.

7. Limbo

Download here. Limbro is a 2D platformer game in which you lead a boy in a monochrome world looking for his sister. You use the environment in a unique way to solve the puzzles and advance the world in order to find your lost sister. The graphics are very beautiful and elegant and the adventure is fun and challenging.

8. Fallout: Shelter

Download here. In this building RPG, you have to design your post-apocalyptic vault. You will also have to take care of a group of survivors, providing energy, water and food to survive. In addition, you can send your citizens to collect resources or even to defend the vault against attacks. Franchise fans will love the game, but the amount of content and comedy it can offer makes Fallout: Shelter a good game for anyone.

9. Plague Inc.

Download here. Plague Inc is one of the most popular mobile games. Its goal is to design and develop a disease in an attempt to eliminate humanity. By infecting people and eradicating countries, you are earning funds to evolve the plague with new symptoms, means of infection and modes of transmission. In addition, you can rename your disease with whatever name you want, which can be a lot of fun.

10. Plants vs. Zombies 2

Download here. Although it is a 2013 game, Plants vs. Zombies 2 remains one of the best strategy mobile games. You have the simple objective of placing plants to protect the path from zombies who want to infiltrate your garden to eat your brain. Like all strategy games, Plants vs. Zombies 2 gets harder and harder as you progress through the levels, but it's nevertheless fun.

11. Reigns Trilogy

Download here. Reigns is a card game franchise consisting of three different games. In all of them, you win cards and each one has an option to choose from. The decision you choose will either take you to the next stage or kill you, ending your reign. Here, history and strategy are the most important to consider, making Reigns a unique experience.

12. Smash Hit

Download here. Considered one of the most addictive games of 2014, Smash Hit continues to guarantee hours of fun. You play in the first person and you have to throw iron balls at glass objects to destroy them. The more objects you destroy in sequence, the more points you earn as a bonus. As the phase progresses, the difficulty also increases, keeping the interest of the player.

13. Tank Hero: Laser Wars

Download here. Your goal is to destroy the opposing tanks with your laser cannons. In each phase, you will have to destroy all tanks on the map to advance. As you progress through the game, the player will encounter different types of tanks, powers and mazes that will not let the stages become repetitive.

14. The Room Series

Download here. The Room is one of the best mobile puzzle game franchises. Here you have access to complex puzzles, careful graphics and interesting stories. Your goal is always to complete the challenges necessary to escape from a place where you are trapped, but games also have different purposes according to your choices.

15. XCOM: Enemy Within

Download here. Another popular PC game that has been ported to mobile is XCOM: Enemy Within . Here, you are leading Earth's last line of defense against an alien invasion. You'll have to respond to extraterrestrial attacks, search for new materials, and command a team of soldiers. The gameplay is intuitive but hard enough to keep the interest of the player.

16. Helix Jump

Download here. Helix Jump is an addictive game where your goal is to make a ball go down between different platforms without touching the different colored parts. As you get past these obstacles, the game gets harder, but the mechanics are so simple you won't want to give up. In the end, you won't even realize the hours go by so challenging that Helix Jump is.

17. Subway Surfers

Download here. Being a never-ending racing game, you'll always have the motivation to want to go further in Subway Surfers . The game is from 2012, but that just makes it more complete, with countless world cities to visit. In addition, the graphics are very appealing and the controls intuitive.

18. Zombie Tsunami

Download here. Here, you are a zombie aiming to turn humans into allies in order to control the earth. As you progress through the game, more obstacles will appear and you will have to overcome them with simple mechanics. The simplicity of the game and its ability to have fun and make the hours go unnoticed make Zombie Tsunami an addictive game.

19. Piano Tiles 2

Download here. Piano Tiles 2 is a game aimed at tapping the black keys to the music without failing. The game's soundtrack is very appealing including classic songs as well as other popular songs. In addition to the motivation to make more and more points, you will also want to level up to release new songs and levels. This is undoubtedly one of the most popular games for you to try.

20. Love Balls

Download here. In Love Balls, you have to draw lines to help the two balls come together. You will have to think strategically to overcome all the obstacles to collect the balls. The game has beautiful graphics and you can also buy new pens, balls and funds with money you earn as you pass the level. The puzzles increase in difficulty as you go, but always in a smart and fun way.

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