If you don't want to spend money on PC games, we have the solution. Today, many game makers choose to create free games, monetizing the game with microtransactions or other methods. Many of these free games grow with community support, which eventually participates in the creation of the game itself, resulting in a better experience for everyone. A free game is not limited or unattractive, quite the contrary! Check out our list of the best free PC games. Fortnite Battle Royale Fortnite Free PC Jump on a deserted island along with 99 more players and try to survive to the end using weapons, resource gathering and fortifications. Fortnite's Battle Royale mode is unlike other Battle Royale games in that it builds, giving players a unique way to attack and defend. With really cool weapons, alert creators and a huge community, Fortnite is undoubtedly a game worth exploring. After all, 125 million players cannot be mistaken. League of Legends League of Legends Free The most popular MOBA in the world, League of Legends or LoL, as it is known, is an intense game where strategy matters a lot. Taking the place of a summoner, the player controls a champion with special abilities and powers in direct combat with teams of other real or computer controlled players. It's a game that takes time to master, but it's exciting. And there are champions for all tastes, as well as chances to compete. With such a large community, you will never have to wait to exercise your powers. Apex Legends Undoubtedly, the great sensation of 2019 remains a great choice in 2020. Apex Legends is the newest hit in the battle royale genre and features a gameplay that is unlike any other in bringing characters with specific skills and characteristics. Apex Legends promises to stay on top with constant updates and bug fixes. By all indications, the game is being prepared for the competitive and still has a lot of content waiting to be inserted into the game, from weapons and characters to new modes. Brawhalla Brawhalla is a Super Smash Bros. style fighting game where there is no life bar. Instead, the characters become lighter with each blow they take, and the goal is to send the opponent out of the picture. Brawhalla has more than 40 characters with unique movesets and others will be upgraded. The game also features a large number of moves and possible moves that make battles very dynamic. Path of Exile Path Of Exile Free Inspired by the famous Diablo action RPG, many gamers say that Path Of Exile is what Diablo 3 should have been. And indeed, the game is quite evolving, posing different challenges to even the most experienced players. Creators are always releasing new bosses to slaughter, magical powers to learn or mystical weapons to find. Your character starts out as a nobody and gradually needs to survive, learn to improve skills and master weapons and spells that do not depend on your character's class. This is where Path of Exile shines most: with a seemingly infinite talent tree, there may be completely different characters in the same class in the skills and weapons they use. Team Fortress 2 Team fortress Team Fortress is a FPS (first person shooter) to be played in teams that mixes some RPG elements, especially the class system. In it, each team can consist of attack, defense and support characters and players need to work synchronously. Team Fortress has good cartoon-style graphics that create a charismatic atmosphere for the game. In addition, there are several modes to be games, each with a different purpose. Magic: The Gathering Arena Magic arena Magic: The Gathering Arena is a digital version of the Magic: The Gathering card game. The rules are the same and each player has their own deck that needs to be used strategically to defeat their opponent. For those unfamiliar with Magic, the game is deeper than others in the genre, so it can be difficult at first. Rift Rift is a fantasy MMORPG like many others. In it the player needs to choose from several available classes and build his character. Overall, the game is World of Warcraft style, with various PvE, PvP and Raids options. Without a doubt this is a great option for you to check. Starcraft 2 A real-time strategy classic was free and back to stay. Now with a huge single player campaign and the ability to access more Co-Op content for free. In Starcraft, you control a huge futuristic army that needs to be trained, equipped and placed in the right place to win. Also, you have to find the best combination of troops to be able to defend your bases and beat your enemies. If you like strategy and super competitive environments, Starcraft 2 might be what you were looking for. Spelunky Spelunky gratis Don't let the simple graphics of this game fool you. Strongly inspired by the old 8-bit games, Spelunky is rich in detail, enemies, weapons, supplies and many unfriendly bats. The game generates a completely original map every time you play, which never lets the game get boring. It's a nice surprise and runs on any computer. Heroes & Generals Heroes generals A game that takes place in World War II, with very realistic weapons, vehicles and equipment and with different modes and the ability to explore various classes and styles of play. In Heroes & Generals, you can be at the front line, using your weapons against the enemy or you can prefer General's most strategic post, making decisions to win the battle. Whether it's inside a tank, a war plane, parachuting into enemy territory or ordering your troops, there is always a role for every player. Hearthstone Hearthstone Free A light card game that runs on more modest PCs and with a lot of attention to detail, Hearthstone is for competitive gamers. The game's mechanics are easy to understand, but getting good results takes time, as well as picking up the legendary cards. The best way to learn is to play the game a lot and face other players. Which will never fail, thanks to its huge community. Gwent Gwent Free Born in the universe of Witcher 3, Gwent is a popular card game in which the player controls a deck that simulates his army. The player who scores the most points in each match wins, needing to beat the enemy in two matches with finishing resources. This mechanics is different from other current games such as Hearthstone or Magic. If you prefer a more cerebral card game that isn't so much about having the best deck, try Gwent. After all, if Geralt likes it, it's because the game is worth it. Quake champions Mixing elements of Quake 3: Arena, this game brings new modes, original weapons and even the ability to access Champions, basically characters with different powers and abilities. Although still under development, Quake's brutal speed will make many seasoned players remember the classic and many novice players begin their adventures in the arena with an ultra-fast, explosive-packed old guard FPS accompanied by a powerful soundtrack. Guild Wars 2 One of the best MMOs ever created, Guild Wars 2 continues the first title saga with a creative free singleplayer campaign, dozens of options for each character class, and lots of weapons and skills to learn or unlock. In multiplayer mode, both Cooperative and PvP modes work smoothly, with an effective pairing system that leaves no one waiting for long. Pick up your ax, your bow with incendiary arrows, or your special spells and join the battle. World of tanks World of Tanks Free Tank teams in knockout mode? Yes it's true! With this original idea for a war game, in World Of Tanks you fly these powerful war machines trying to detonate other players by very detailed maps. There are also an incredible amount of tanks to unlock - from light reconnaissance tanks to armored MBTs and massive weapons. Meet the top 10 free Steam games too!

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