9 Free Fire-like Games to Play on Mobile

Fortnite may be one of the most famous Battle Royale in the world, but on mobile it's really Free Fire . Not only is this title free, but virtually any Android and iOS smartphone can run it with ease. In addition, Free Fire opened the door for other great games of its kind to begin to emerge for mobile devices. In this article we bring you the best Battle Royale that currently exist for mobile . These are similar games to Free Fire , but with some different and unique features. So if you are thinking of looking for something new in this style of game, be aware of the list below.

1. PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile came straight from consoles and PCs to smartphones . We can say that this version has almost the same popularity as the original version. The graphics are great, and the game play is very intuitive and easy for everyone. Best of all, this game is free for both Android and iOS. The premise holds: up to 100 players parachute to an island. It's up to you, and players must find their own equipment, weapons and useful items so they can get to the end of the game alive. It is possible to find several vehicles too, which increases the possibility of survival. Whoever is last standing at the end is the great king! The graphics owe nothing to those of the original title. With Unreal Engine 4, the game looks super realistic. The details and visual effects are very rich. It's all in Ultra HD, with an immersive and surround audio system . All of this is available for over 500 different smartphones . You must play this game if:
  • Played console or PC version
  • Want a more classic Battle Royale

2. Rules of Survival

This is another game that quickly fell in favor of the players. Also free and available for Android and iOS, Rules of Survival follows the Battle Royale standard . It is, however, one of the games of the genre that allows more players at once. The smaller map allows 120 players while the largest map can hold up to 300 players . Unlike other games in the genre, including Free Fire , Rules of Survival has other game modes within Battle Royale . Two of them allow players to fetch precious pieces like gold and diamond. They are therefore called the Gold and Diamond mode. There is also Blitzkrieg mode, in which the player is already armed with a pistol, a backpack and ready to kill opponents.
You must play this game if:
  • Want to choose between 1st and 3rd person freely
  • Other game modes within Battle Royale are of interest to you

3. Knives Out

Knives Out was developed with the intention of having one of the largest maps of Battle Royale for mobile . This is apparent from the amount of terrain, landscape and places available to explore at departures. You may be in town, just as you can go to a snowy mountain. There are tunnels, alleys and every imaginable space to walk through. As the map is huge, in this game the tension and adrenaline are even higher than in other games of the genre. You never know where an opponent will come from. This privileges various types of approach and combat. You can use sniper from afar, just as you can attack enemies in the knife. The choice is yours as long as you survive the end. The game Knives Out also allows teamwork. Play as a duo, quartet or quintet with Duo, Squad and Fire team modes. This makes it easier to eliminate your opponents, as out of 100 players who start a match only one will win. You must play this game if:
  • Want a huge map with lots of places to explore
  • Enjoy Team Battle Royale

4. Bullet Strike: Sniper Games

Bullet Strike is that Battle Royale for those who don't have much time to play. While Free Fire matches usually last up to 10 minutes, as there are 50 players, in Sniper Games the maximum number of players is 20. Many may think this is bad and can make the game boring. On the contrary, it is precisely what gives the most adrenaline and intensity to Bullet Strike .
In addition to the many sniper rifles you can get in the game, the ones you already own can be upgraded and improved. Armor can also be purchased. There are several maps and game modes, which are constantly updated. Although not a standard Battle Royale , it is a shooting game that provides a very similar experience. You must play this game if:
  • Don't want a classic Battle Royale
  • Don't mind just playing sniper style

5. Grand Battle Royale

Grand Battle Royale is quite different from Free Fire . First because it is visually very similar to Minecraft . That is, instead of the realistic avatars that traditionally appear in games of the genre, you will have blocks made up of dolls. This appearance makes the game fun, funny and does not diminish its potential. At first it may seem a little confusing, but it is not. The game play is as simple as possible. As with Free Fire , your character will be transported to a wide battle arena. By parachuting, you must on the ground look for weapons, supplies, items, equipment and anything else that might be useful for your survival. Although there is a map, it is useless, because you can hardly see anything on it. The hardest thing is just getting around, since the avatars ' movements are really fast. The controls are sensitive. If you go forward and at the same time try to go backwards, it is possible for the game to lock up. Weapon options are almost the same as in Free Fire . Melee weapons such as knives and axes are easier to handle when the player is still learning how to handle Grand Battle Royale . Not that it's hard to aim with guns. Their problem is that the amount of ammunition is virtually invisible all the time.
You must play this game if:
  • Have a good internet connection
  • Want a less realistic-looking Battle Royale

6. Black Survival

Another quite different proposal from Battle Royale that we cannot leave out of our list. Black Survival brings only 10 players per game, each game lasting up to 20 minutes. These players are taken to a desert island, which is divided into twenty-two areas. It is plenty of space to collect resources, weapons and equipment. Creating your own weapons from the resources obtained is also an option in Black Survival . The game play is quite different from what we are used to seeing in other Battle Royale . First of all the look of the game is like a Japanese animation. There is no 1st or 3rd person, but a mix of point and click with a game system that allows the screen to gradually advance through scenarios finding items and enemies. Speaking of enemies, the combat is a bit confusing at first. Enemies suddenly pop up on your screen and you need to be quick to hit him or he will. To do so, you need to click the button corresponding to your weapon on the screen. There are 7 different types of weapons, divided between melee weapons and firearms. The game encourages the player to hunt animals while exploring the areas. From them you can get resources to make new weapons and items, as well as level up. Some areas start to close as time goes on, something that in Free Fire , for example, is quite common. In the end, who is the only survivor is the winner. You must play this game if:
  • Want a very different Battle Royale from the default
  • Liking Japanese cartoons

7. Vast Survival

Vast Survival surprises by presenting one of the most realistic looks of all games on this list. For a completely free game , this is very positive. It is focused on both competitive and cooperative mode. The goal is nothing new for a fan of the genre: start on a map with enemies to kill, but without any objects to do so.
This game has a very intuitive command system, though aiming is a bit tricky and doesn't always work. Also, it is a game that requires your phone to be slightly above the middleman. Vast Survival seeks to get very close to PC or console games. Although it does not achieve this, it ends up hurting those other than a very good smartphone . You must play this game if:
  • Have a slightly above average phone
  • Want a Battle Royale for mobile with realistic graphics

8. Radiation Island

This game brings players a dual experience. There's our popular Battle Royale mode , which is multiplayer , but there's a single player mode , focused only on survival in a zombie-infested land. Interestingly, both modes connect well, and you must first play the single player mode first. Single player mode serves as a kind of tutorial. This is where you'll get the "tricks" of how to gather resources, create your own weapons, and even build fortifications. As with Vast Survival , building small buildings for shelter is not only possible but recommended. Plus, you can hunt, fish, and deal with wild and ferocious animals. If you survive all of the single player challenges , you can advance to Battle Royale . If you have come to multiplayer it is because you are worthy to face other players online. Here's all you know: kill all the other players and survive as the only player. In this battle arena you will also have to face some natural elements that play against you. You must play this game if:
  • Want a Battle Royale with Strong Survival Elements
  • Wish to have single player mode with Battle Royale
Our last name on the list is really heavy. One of its biggest innovations compared to other Battle Royale is the fact that you can use robots to your advantage. So if you were looking for a game with the unlikely mix between Free Fire and Titanfall , you just found it. There are 40 players gathered in a battle arena. Once you land on the island, you should explore this arena in search of everything you can use to your advantage. Eliminate other opponents and celebrate victory as the sole survivor. The controls are quite simple with few interaction options. Do not expect to encounter difficulties in this regard. In order to control robots, you must play in Mech Apocalypse mode. Once you can fill in a specific bar, you will be able to summon these machines. Mounting on them will make it much easier to eliminate opponents. Last Battleground: Survival allows for solo, double or group battles. The game still runs very well on older phones without compromising the graphics too much. If you think you have a crash, you can manually slow down the graphics improvement. This game is free, but only available for Android. You must play this game if:
  • Want a mix between Titanfall and a Battle Royale game
  • It has a less powerful phone, but does not want to stop playing this type of game

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