Top 10 PS4 multiplayers to have fun with the guys

Everyone likes to play their favorite game with friends. No wonder multiplayer games are very successful among players. Who has a PlayStation 4, for example, has good titles in this regard. So in this article we bring you some of the best multiplayer games on PS4. Some of the titles are more focused on the online experience. Others, in turn, bet on the good old local multiplayer . Regardless of how cooperation or confrontation occurs in these games, fun is more than guaranteed.

1. For Honor

For Honor may even have a single player campaign mode, but it's in multiplayer that you'll find the greatest fun of this game. If you do not know, this game puts the player in typically medieval scenarios. There are three factions that must fight each other for victory, each with specific skills and weapons: the Vikings, the samurai and the medieval knights of Europe. Within each faction there are still several classes. This allows the player to find their own fighting style within what the game offers. This is important, as battles bring battlefields full of enemies, and being comfortable facing them is as important as having skill. The mode multiplayer of For Honor offers several matches options. The most common, Skirmish , puts up to 8 players in two teams of four. Each team is accompanied by a host of other AI-controlled fighters. Each round consists of eliminating as many enemies as possible until a certain amount of points are reached. When this happens, players need to face each other. Then begins For Honor's main combat system , which is tactical, not hack n 'slash . In both offense and defense you have to choose a position: left, right and over. You must watch your opponent's attacking movements to see which position is defenseless. Check out all the multiplayer modes below :
  • Invasion : four players against four others. Both teams must attack and defend. The objective of the attack is to advance with a battering ram and topple the enemy gates to kill the Commander of Defense. Defenders, in turn, must repel the enemy attack.
  • Elimination : Here are also four against four, and the goal is to completely eliminate all enemies.
  • Domination : Again there are four warriors on each side. The players need to capture and keep under his domain areas of the battlefield. The more zones you occupy, the more points you earn. Once you get a certain amount of points, you must eliminate the opposing players .
  • Fight : Similar to Elimination mode, but with only two players on each side.
  • Duel : The simplest mode, 1x1, in which players face each other directly.
  • Skirmish : As mentioned, there are four players for each team. As you eliminate enemies, you earn points. Upon reaching x number of points, it must kill the opposing players .
For Honor is well worth it, whether in single or multiplayer mode . The gameplay mechanics make you feel both the advantages and weaknesses of each faction and class of fighter. The weight of the weapon, for example, as well as that of armor interferes as you battle. The 1x1 combat system is also quite interesting in a multiplayer . Brings more tension and adrenaline into the gaming experience. That's why we could not fail to list For Honor as one of the best multiplayers on PS4. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy games set in the Middle Ages
  • Want a realistic combat system

2. GTA V Online

GTA V's online mode has become as important or more important than the single player campaign that has almost become a separate game. With dozens of new content released almost monthly, this multiplayer is one of the funniest and most complete today. For starters, you have a wide freedom to customize your avatar . Gender, skin color, clothes, tattoos, haircut: Just about anything can be edited in GTA V Online . Once in the game, character editing options, as well as item acquisition options such as weapons, are many, perhaps even more so than in campaign mode. The same can be said of cars. All campaign models are on Online, and there are special and specific vehicles that can only be obtained in multiplayer mode . Rockstar spared no effort in sending DLCs and other additional content, some free, to its loyal players. Within the multiplayer of GTA Online there are various events that you can attend. Most are seasonal, meaning they are only available for a specific time. From them you can purchase unique and exclusive items, cars, weapons to explore Los Santos as you please. As in campaign mode, in multiplayer there are missions that can be accomplished to earn money , fame and experience. Of course, if you like, you can only drive your vehicle over the long map while listening to a little tune. Remember, however, that you are not alone. Anytime someone can put a prize on their head. And then the ride turns into an escape, which forces you to fire some bullets. Overall, GTA V Online is an amazing multiplayer experience . It offers almost endless hours of fun, as there are so many things to do for Los Santos. The character progression system is simple as virtually anything you do will give you experience points. You must play this game if:
  • Played GTA V campaign mode
  • Interested in open world multiplayer games

3. Fortnite

Of course Fortnite could not miss the list. One of the most famous and played Battle Royale of the moment, is a very fun game for those who are a fan of the genre. It has only two game modes, which are quite different from each other, although they use the same game mechanics and have the same graphic specifications. The way Fortnite: Save the World is a multiplayer cooperative, which resembles a very survival . There are a maximum of four players, who are among the 2% who survived after a fluid storm fell on Earth. Now they must collect resources, build equipment, set up bases and save other survivors. All of this surviving the zombie attack This mode was the main and most played by most players for a long time. The popularization of the Battle Royale , however, eventually "saved the corner" Save the World . In addition, this mode can only be played by those who have currently editing Premium of Fortnite , which ultimately even leaving it less popular than the other. That's why most Fortnite players prefer Battle Royale . In this mode, up to 100 players are placed on a map, divided into two teams. Each player arrives at the map without any weapons or items. You must find resources, items and any objects that allow you to attack enemy players and, of course, survive them. As with other Battle Royale , this Fortnite mode narrows the map area so players are forced to confront each other. This is through a thunderstorm that hits unsafe parts of the map. The safe part decreases until all those not killed by the storm meet. The last survivor is the winner. Fortine doesn't exactly bring much innovation in terms of multiplayer , but it's definitely a fun game. With simple-to-master aiming, shooting and movement mechanics, it conquer players of all ages. In addition, it enables interesting customization through the famous skins . You must play this game if:
  • Interested in Battle Royale
  • Enjoy survival games

4. Rocket League

Rocket Legue became a hit at the time of its release because it provided a unique experience so far: playing soccer with cars. Even though it currently has lost some of its players, as other multiplayers have taken up space, it is still a game worth playing with friends. Each of the teams has two to four players. Among various vehicle models , you choose yours according to your preference of speed, acceleration, among other specifications. Each car can be changed in appearance as you progress in game modes. Although there is the option to play only against the artificial intelligence of the game, of course the most fun is to go online multiplayer . Each match is five minutes long. There is an extension if it is tied. In addition to scoring goals on your opponent, you can also destroy the opposing cars, and of course also be destroyed. Over the past few years, Rocket League developer Psyonix has added a number of special game modes to the base game. These were usually related to special dates, such as Christmas, which included Snow Day , which resembled a hockey game. Some of these modes were added permanently, while others were even temporary. The real fun of Rocket League is showing off your custom cars online. There are several vehicle editing options, which allows you to have a lot of fun in this regard. In addition, there are the DLCs, which, although paid, give exclusive, special cars that usually refer to some cultural product, such as a movie. Although simple, Rocket League is a game that enables you to have a great time with your friends or other online players . Scoring goals with turbocharged machines, after all, is a challenge! Don't forget, yet, that Rocket League is one of many games that belong to e-sportes . So it can become not only fun but also a profession. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy Twisted Metal or even Burnout car games
  • Like football

5. Overwatch

Another shooter- style multiplayer that is very successful on PS4 is Overwatch . It is completely first person and offers a gaming experience based on cooperation between players. All game modes have twelve players, which are divided into two teams of six characters. Each player must choose their hero before entering a match. There are currently 30 heroes available. They fall into three main classes: offensive, support and tank. The offensive is the one with the most heroes. They have many damage points, but few defense. They are those who go to the front lines of teams. The support class offers buffs and debuffs for both your team and the opposing team. It would be more or less like wizards and healers in role-playing games . Already the tanks are those with the highest defensive points. They are responsible for attracting the opposing attacks to release the other heroes for the attack. Overwatch has four game modes so far. See below what they are:
  • Attack : The team responsible for attacking must capture two points of interest on the map. The advocate should prevent this from happening
  • Escort : Perhaps the most challenging mode. There is a load that must be carried to a point on the map. This charge only moves if one of the escort team members is near it. The opposing team must avoid the advancement of the object at all costs.
  • Escort and Attack: Here the attacker must first capture the charge and then escort it. Defenders must prevent all this.
  • Control: It's three rounds and the one who wins two first wins. The two teams fight for a common point on the map. Whoever controls it should stay in it long enough for the "control rate" to reach 100%.
Like Rocket League and Fortnite , Overwatch has turned into an e-sports phenomenon . There are many competitions around the world. Despite several game-related disputes, mostly about sexism and machismo, many players still have fun with it on their many online maps. You must play this game if:
  • Wanting to control charismatic characters
  • Like futuristic shooters

6. The Way Out

Way Out is an exclusively multiplayer game . There is no single player campaign as it is intended to play with someone locally or online. In the third person, he puts both players in control of Leo and Vincent. Both prisoners need to help each other escape, using creative strategies to escape jail. Leo and Vincent meet at the prison cafeteria, when Leo suffers an attempted murder. Vincent tries to help, and they both end up in the ward. Once there, they start a partnership relationship to try to escape from jail. It is therefore a very different game from the other titles on the list, since there are no teams fighting each other, but a true narrative played by two players . That's why A Way Out came to our list. The multiplayer experience here is quite innovative. You need the other player all the time during the chain break. Then, however, there are times when it is possible for one to progress faster than the other. Either way, both are destined to meet in a cinematic and quite exciting ending. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy games with deep narratives
  • Want a campaign multiplayer game

7. Dead by Daylight

Dead by Daylight is for those who are in love with horror movies. If you want to know what it feels like to run away from a serial killer , this game is for you. The system is simple: there are five players online, four of which have to survive, while one is responsible for murdering the others. Macabre or not, the game experience is fantastic. Who controls the killer has the first person perspective. Whoever runs away is third. There are up to 17 survivors, and each of the four- player team will take on one of them. As for serial killers , there are 15 to choose from. The game scheme was developed to create a sense of despair. To escape the confined area, survivors have two chances. The first of these is to repair generators that are on the map. There is always one more generator compared to the number of session survivors . The other is by means of a hatch. It only appears when the number of generators exceeds survivors by three to one, for example. But to open the hatch there must be only one survivor in the match. The serial killers can only capture the survivors also in specific situations. You have to hit them at least twice. One to hurt and one to capture. You can also get them through windows and when hidden in safes. When capturing a survivor, you should take them to a place where you can hang them on a hook. Once on the hook, the survivors will be sacrificed to the Entity. During the process, which lasts for two minutes without external interruption, characters may be saved by escape mates or may escape from the Entity. However with each new capture, the chances of survival decrease. This game is one of the best multiplayers on PlayStation 4. The setting, which puts players in the midst of classic horror movies such as Nightmare Time , game mechanics, goals, is one of the most fun games to play with friends. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy survival horror games
  • Want to face or control pop culture's famous serial killers

8. Diablo III

Although Diablo III can be played on its own, it is much more fun in the company of friends. This is easy that the arrival of the title to the consoles brought. On PlayStation 4 it runs beautifully, without falling frames , even though you and three other friends explore every corner of the Sanctuary. Overall, the local multiplayer experience is very satisfactory. Even if you and your friends sometimes get lost in the scenery, in the face of so much beating, lightning and magic. Still, it is much easier to confront powerful opponents by strategically coordinating the attacks. This includes, for example, thinking about the classes each player will take before the game starts. Similarly it is possible to exchange items with each other as progression occurs. The main difference from this cooperative mode to single player mode is that allied NPCs do not appear when playing with other players . Diablo III brings to PS4 the good times when local multiplayer exploration games were common . This makes the experience in a game that is fantastic in itself even brighter. So if you're looking for a good RPG that you can share with friends, this will surely be the best choice you can make. You must play this game if:
  • Want a multiplayer RPG
  • Are you a fan of the Diablo franchise?

9. Battlefield 1

The Battlefield series is one of the most successful war-themed game franchises, with Call of Duty as the main competitor. Despite the dispute between both franchises, it is Battlefield that brings the best online and multiplayer experience, especially when we talk about Battlefield 1 . Compared to previous games, this brings the most robust multiplayer mode . There are 10 game modes, with 4 infantry classes available, 3 vehicle-focused and 5 elite classes. Like GTA V Online , so the co-op in Battlefield 1 is almost a game apart. Below you can see a description of each game mode:
  • Conquest: One of the most common modes of franchising. Players must earn control points over a large map
  • Domination: Same as previous mode, but with fewer control points as map is smaller
  • Rush: There are two teams, one striker and one defender. Attackers need to bomb two telegraphs. Defenders need to avoid this or defuse the bombs before they explode. It should be said that attackers have a limited number of respawns . If they win, they recover all respawns and advance to another section of the map. The game ends if attackers blow all telegraphs or defenders eliminate all respawns .
  • Operations: Rush- like mode . A group of three battalions move from map to map earning control points. They win if they can capture them all, having at least one surviving battalion. Defenders win by eliminating all enemy battalions.
  • Deathmatch: Two teams fight each other to kill an x ??number of enemies. If they can't, whoever kills the most opponents wins.
  • War Pidgeons: One of the most fun modes. Two teams need to capture a pigeon to send a message. It is necessary to prevent enemies from killing the pigeon, whether it is in its possession or already flying. Whoever sends three pigeons first wins.
  • Frontlines: There are two bases, connected by five control points. The attacking team wins if it can capture the five points and reach the enemy base. There you must destroy two telegraphs.
  • Supply Drop: It 's very simple here. Supply boxes fall from the sky. Whoever gets the most supplies and the most points is declared the winner.
  • Air assault: This mode brings an air vehicle dispute.
  • Shock operations: Same as Operations , but shorter and only on more specific maps.
The mode multiplayer of Battlefield 1 is even one of the most complete in the PS4. As you can see above, there are many options for those who have grown tired of single player campaign mode. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy more classic war games
  • Want multiple different multiplayer game modes

10. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege

Finally, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege . Despite many complaints about Ubisoft's servers, this game is still a heavyweight multiplayer title . So much so that, like other games on the list, has already been raised to the category of e-sport . The mission is simple: You take on one of the members of the Rainbow team of counter-terrorist agents. There are over twenty agents at your disposal to choose from, with unique skills, weaponry and characteristics. The game works by rounds, which are short, fast and intense. Maps are made to make the player feel confined and even feel compelled to go into combat. At the same time, players are encouraged to communicate with each other to devise the best strategy for surviving the rounds. When a player dies, he cannot resurrect on his own, but can resurrect other fallen agents on his team. The scenarios can all be destroyed and used in favor of the players. You can go down or up using rappelling techniques, to enter a window, for example. Who is responsible for defending a territory can use traps and other tactics to prevent opponents from dominating them. In the base game there are ten maps and some game modes, like Hostage , where you have to retrieve a hostage that has been kidnapped. Even though it is a buggy game online, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege brings a lot of adrenaline to players. It is perfect for those who like realistic shooters , although not very recommended for beginner franchise players . You must play this game if:
  • Want an experience similar to Counter Strike
  • Interested in realistic shooters
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