Free Fire vs Fortnite: Know Which Battle Royale Is Right For You

Free Fire Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale are the most popular Battle Royale style games with a large community of gamers from around the world. Both games are very cool, but they have several differences. We compare requirements, match characteristics, weaponry and other important details to find out which game is right for you. Check out the main differences and similarities between Fortnite and Free Fire.

Platforms and requirements

Free Fire was originally designed to run on mobile devices only (although it is possible to play on a PC). Fortnite exists for PC, Mac, Xbox, Playstation and Apple portable devices (iPhone 6S / SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Pro, iPad Air 2, or iPad 2017 only), as well as Nintendo Switch. Free Fire is a much lighter game , takes up little space, runs smooth even on older equipment. Fortnite is much heavier (even in its mobile version) and needs a lot of features to run smoothly.

Fight time

Free Fire matches are played between 50 players , with an average duration of 10 to 15 minutes per match. Fortnite opposes 100 players with an average duration of 20 minutes. The action in both games is fast.
No. Players per Match Average Duration Departure Modes Special events Maps
Fortnite 100 20 minutes Solo, Duo, Squad Yes 1
Free fire 50 10 minutes Solo, Duo, Squad Yes 2
The action in Fortnite unfolds on a single map, which changes slightly over the seasons. In Free Fire, there are 2 different maps. You can play Solo, Duo, or Squad in both games, and each has a few modes that work occasionally, such as Deadly Fire in Free Fire or 20X20 in Fortnite. In both games it is possible to play with friends. In Fornite, you can build different types of structures for defense, attack, or ways to reach difficult locations using features that can be collected on the map such as wood, stone, or iron.
Fortnite building is one of the big differences
Building provides another style and strategy, differentiating Fortnite from many other games. While in Free Fire you have to shoot well to win, in Fortnite just shooting well is not enough. It needs to build well and fast.


Free Fire and Fornite have different weapon types, grouped by type. There are snipers, rifles, pistols and even grenade launchers. Fortnite has a color system that defines the damage and effectiveness of each weapon collected, but does not allow extras. In Free Fire, it is possible to use extras on many weapons, greatly improving their damage, recoil and loader capacity. In Fortnite, the player can only carry up to 5 items in their backpack, weapons included. In Free Fire, the player can carry 3 weapons, not counting other equipment in the backpack. So in Fortnite, you need to know well what to carry.


Both games have a ranked and a career mode where the player's progression is recorded. The mode ranked in Free Fire depends on several factors such as the score in each game during the season. At Fortnite, however, this progression is always general, regarding platform type, battle pass type, and other details.

Personalization and characters

In Free Fire there are different characters , each with different abilities and you can customize them with different clothes and equipment. In addition, characters can carry different items that help them survive on the map before departure. In Fortnite, in Battle Royale mode, there are no characters with different abilities, but there are a large number of skins, construction equipment and hang gliders to buy. This equipment is purely cosmetic , offering no advantage to the player.


Both Free Fire and Fortnite are free to play. However, to customize your character with better and / or rare items, you need to spend real money. In the case of Fortnite, it is possible to farm some money of the game, called V-Bucks, playing the way Save the-World. In Free Fire, the player takes gold coins per game, with a daily limit.

What is the right game?

The important thing in any game is to have fun and both games do it, with servers full of players and very exciting games, with large communities. Free Fire is a light game that runs even on modest phones, with very short matches, but loaded with cool moments. It does not spend much time and is not very complex. Fortnite is a very beautiful game graphically, which adds to the shooting the possibility of building. It's a whole new experience that challenges any self-respecting gamer. It is highly competitive and requires many hours of investment to be a decent player.

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