Discover Free Fire Launch Zones on the map

Launch pads have been released for all Free Fire modes. These launch zones or platforms can be used to escape the gas or to travel quickly elsewhere. A platform is faster than a vehicle and a zip line, but does not launch 360 degrees.

Bermuda Map Launch Zones

The places with launch zones found so far are:
  • Observatory, south area, near access road
  • Gas Pump North of Hangar
  • Bridge between the observatory and Katulistiwa
  • Katulistiwa, roof of a garage
  • Petrol station east of Graveyard (cemetery)
  • In Graveyard, right in the center
  • Mount west of Katulistiwa

How to use

Just approach the launcher, point to the area you want to launch and press the button. Note that you cannot defend yourself while using the caster. Also be careful when choosing your flight path, as hitting trees while launching could cause you to lose life. It is important to remember that the launcher does not rotate completely , meaning you will be limited to where it can be launched. At this time, no launch zone can be found on the Purgatory map. But that may change with the next update or be deleted once and for all. If you find any more areas, contact us to add us to the map. Discover the best loot zones on the Bermuda map! Have you caught Master? If not, check out our advanced Free Fire tips.

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