Tips for doing well on SMITE (with gods approval!)

SMITE is a competition game with a strong cooperative component. You need to learn the basic functions of the game well to get along and not suffer the wrath of other players. Check out this guide to learn more about the mechanics of SMITE .

Find a favorite god

You must choose a god that you like the gameplay to train your skills. Since at the beginning you will have a lot to learn in the game, at least you don't have to worry about learning several different skills and styles of play. Check out the different classes:
  • Assassins: They are usually gods that attack melee and use their physical power in their basic attacks and divine abilities. They are very agile and do a lot of damage, but they can be a little vulnerable.
  • Guardians: these are the game’s tanks, they use their physical and magical power to control the battle.
  • Warriors: this class is a mix between Assassins and Guardians. They are melee fighters who can withstand some damage and also do a moderate amount of damage.
  • Mages: Usually these gods attack from a distance, using magic power to increase their base attack strength and abilities. However, they are quite fragile if caught.
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Discover the different functions

In all MOBA games, there are five basic functions that you can take on the team: Mid Lane, Solo Lane, Jungler, Carry and Support. Regardless of the class of their god, each player has one of these functions during the game.
  • Mid Lane: usually has a strong ability capable of causing a massive amount of damage. You have to press your way and protect it, attacking the enemy tower whenever possible. This is the ideal role for Mages , as area damage spells are especially useful for the role.
  • Solo Lane: This function is for players who like to be more individualistic, but also like to help the team when needed. Since you are alone on a path, it is necessary to choose your battles with caution or when it is better to wait for your team's jungler to help you. For this role, you want a robust god, with a lot of life and resistance, like a Warrior .
  • Carry: this is a very important position in the team. You will cause the most deaths and, to reach your maximum power, you need to strengthen yourself with the help of your allies. The goal is to stay strong enough to lead the team to victory in the final stage of the game. The best gods to start experimenting with this function are the Hunters .
  • Support: in this role you will help your team in general, but the most important thing is to help your carry with the deaths he needs to become stronger. A good god to start with in this role is Ymir , as he has great defense and good crowd control to help his team during group battles.
  • Jungler: this is the most difficult function of the game, because you will get your deaths and your XP in the jungle and not on the paths. In addition, you also need to help the paths being pressed. This is not the ideal position for those just starting out, as you need some knowledge of the game's mechanics and how the gods work. The best junglers are, without a doubt, the Assassins .

There are several Modes in the game

Before venturing into the game, you should know what modes there are and what they consist of.
  • Achievement: this is the traditional way. It consists of two teams of five players on a map with three paths and a jungle between them. Each team must try to pressure the other, eliminating minions and towers until they can eliminate the opponent's Titan.
  • Fair: this is a way in which you play one on one or three against three, with only one path and a jungle. These battles are good for you to learn the basics of the game and the mechanics of each god.
  • Assault: here you only have one way, there is no jungle and you belong to one of the two teams with five players. However, you do not choose your god, but you are assigned a random one.
  • Arena: this is the mode with the most action. There are no paths, no towers, no jungle, just a large open arena with a portal at each end. The goal is to ensure that your minions reach the enemy's portal and prevent opposing minions from reaching yours.
  • Siege: a battle on two paths, where two teams with four gods try to destroy the structures of each one, trying to reach the enemy Titan with the help of a Siege Juggernaut. Teams earn points by clearing fields in the jungle and killing enemy gods and minions. When a team reaches 100 points, its Siege Juggernaut appears to assist in the battle.

Communicate with your team

One of the possibilities of this type of cooperative games is communication between players. So if you see an opposing god get out of your way, if you see one hidden in the jungle or if you notice anything else important, you should share that information with the rest of the team. Do this and prevent your allies from being unnecessarily ganked.

Wait for your allies to attack

One of the worst things you can do in a cooperative game is to go out on your own. SMITE is made to work as a team , so it is useless to want to be the hero and try to reach the laurels of victory alone. It is most likely to end up ruining your team's entire strategy, feeding your opponents with easy kills.

Be a smart buyer

At your base, you can buy items with the gold you earn during the battle. These items are essential as they increase your power and attributes . Most of them are divided into three categories, the first being the cheapest and, consequently, the weakest. Which items to buy and in what order will depend on the god you are playing and your role within the team.

The importance of Wards

These items protect you by allowing you to see enemy players around you. This is an essential function to avoid ganks and other types of ambushes. In addition, you can destroy your enemies' ward to try to take them by surprise. Just don't forget that gods with invisibility abilities are not detected by wards , so never let your guard down.

Avoid the damage done by the Towers

Towers are essential in MOBA games. They can either help your team to protect a path, or they can prevent you from giving the final blow to an opponent, causing you to lose death. The towers are made primarily to attack waves of minions , but if you go into battle with gods near the towers, the focus is on you. Therefore, it is a good idea to avoid the risk of doing so, unless you are sure that you will kill even your enemy. This document has been edited with the instant web content composer. The online instant HTML editor tools make a great resource that will help you a lot in your work. Save this link or add it to your bookmarks.

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