The Witches Grove is the new Hearthstone expansion! 135 new cards were launched with many new features. Stay tuned and learn all about the new expansion in Portuguese!

  • The expansion came out in April 2018;
  • Monster Hunt is the new expansion adventure. This game mode is similar to the Catacombs, but this time you play with four exclusive heroes;
  • All classes have 2 legendary cards.

Eco and Rapidity are the new mechanics

With the keyword Eco, you can play the same card multiple times in the same turn , creating a ghostly copy that disappears at the end of the turn. This mechanics works in the same way as the shaky evolution shaman card . The keyword Rapidity works like the Charge, but it can only attack minions in the incoming turn . On the next turn you can attack the opposing hero. This mechanic works in the same way as the neutral card Demissauro Carregado . Are you looking for decks? Discover the best decks to climb the ladder!

Meet the Witches' Cards







The Face Collector is a very powerful Rogue legendary card with the new Eco mechanic. It has a low cost (3 mana) which makes it possible in turn 9 to earn 3 Legendary minions! Remember that there are also many cards that can put the Face Collector back in your hand, which means you can win even more legendary cards.




Commander of the Militia is the first card from The Witches' Forest presented with the Rapidity mechanic. Thanks to the Battlecry, the turn that drops will be a very effective 5/5 to remove enemy minions.


Baku, the Moon Eater is a very interesting card that will create new decks. If you build your deck with only odd cards, you will start your game with enhanced Heroic Power, just like the effect of the Justicar Veras card. Geen Greymane works the same as Baku, but this time with even-cost cards. The effect on Heroic Power is the same as for Card Raza, Chained after the last nerf. When you use Azalina Furtalma , in addition to replacing your hand with a copy of your opponent's hand, both players learn about each other's hand. This card can be very interesting on aggressive decks where you can quickly end up with the cards in your hand. Ghostly Militia is the first card from The Witches' Forest presented with the Eco mechanic. If you have it in turn 9, you can download this card 3 times and create a good defense. Pumpkin Grower is a hybrid card that you can use for different needs. In one turn it is a 2/4 in the next turn it is a 4/2. Learn how to prepare for this new expansion!

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