Clash of Clans: everything you need to know about the Village Center

The Village Center is the most important part of your base in Clash of Clans . It is no wonder that if it is destroyed in a raid , you lose the battle, immediately giving the enemy a star. But its importance does not stop there. It is necessary to constantly evolve your Center, since only then will you unlock new units and new buildings to progress in the game. If you have any difficulties in managing your Village Center, we have prepared a complete guide on the subject here. First of all, you will learn which location of the base is ideal to place this building if you want to protect it at any cost. We also bring all the information and curiosities about the Center and how to make better use of this building.

Protecting the Village Center

You will hear and read a lot about the best defense layouts in the Centro de Vila. The design of the base is important, of course, but relying on them can make you end up having the opposite result. The more experienced players know how to identify a pre-established layout , so the ideal is that you build the base in a unique way. For this to be successful, it is necessary to take into account that the Vila Center is its most important building. That is why the entire base needs to be erected with a view to giving it maximum protection. It is no wonder that if opponents fail to destroy a Center, they get only one star.

Where to locate the Vila Center at the base?

Always place the Village Center in the central part of its base. It is a mistake to think that placing the Village Center in a corner, surrounded by walls, is effective. This makes it easier for enemy troops to stay close to the building, as their path will be shortened and there will be fewer obstacles. Like the walls, this building has the most points of life. In fact, it takes a long time to be destroyed if there is no defense between it and the attackers. The ideal, therefore, is to surround it with your best defense units, so that you can repel the offensive before destruction. Finally, a good idea is to place the clan castle near the center. This is a tough, strong defense unit that will certainly help protect your Town Hall .

Evolve units and buildings to the maximum extent before upgrading the Village Center

All strategy games of the Clash of Clans genre allow units and buildings to evolve internally, in addition to the evolution provided from the center of the base. This is very important in Clash . Not paying attention to this will cause you to suffer some defeats that you would not like. The correct thing is to evolve everything in each level of the Village Center. Not allowing towers, deposits and attack units to be on the same level as the Center is risky. It will take you a long time to pair everything later. In addition, both defending and raiding will be more difficult with low-power troops.

Giga Tesla must be at the maximum level

When your Village Center reaches level 12, it will look completely different. It will turn almost all blue, which means that you have unlocked the Giga Tesla. Giga Tesla is one of the best defenses your base can have in Clash of Clans . That's because Giga Tesla allows its Center to defend itself without assistance. This is activated when the Center is attacked or if the destruction of the base reaches 51%. The firepower of the Giga Tesla is very high, in addition to being aimed at three or four different enemies at the same time, as long as it is evolved to the maximum level, which is 5. The only problem with the Giga Tesla is that it attracts enemies to the Village Center when it is activated. So, even if it is powerful in itself, keep as many defense units as possible close to the Center. In addition, when a level 5 Tesla is destroyed, it explodes, causing great damage to all nearby enemy attack units.

Buildings unlocked on each level of the Village Center

For those who are starting to play now and even for those who already have some experience with Clash of Clans , it is important to know which buildings you can build in the game. As each level unlocks new possibilities, it can get confusing if you don't have a clearer way to visualize it. In the table below you can see exactly what you can build on each level of the Village Center.
Village Center Level Buildings
  • Cannons (2x)
  • Gold Mine and Elixir Collector
  • Gold Deposit and Elixir Deposit
  • Barracks and Camp
  • Archers and Walls Tower (25x)
  • Gold Mine and Elixir Collector
  • Quarter
  • Mortar and Walls (25x)
  • Pumps (2x)
  • Gold Mine and Elixir Collector
  • Gold Deposit and Elixir Deposit
  • Camp
  • Laboratory
  • Archers and Walls Tower (25x)
  • Air Defense and Spring Trap (2x)
  • Gold Mine and Elixir Collector
  • Quarter
  • Cannon, Archer Tower, Wizard's Tower and Walls (25x)
  • Pumps (2x) and Aerial Pumps (2x)
  • Gold Mine, Elixir Collector and Spell Factory
  • Mortar, Wizard's Tower and Walls (25x)
  • Air Defense, Spring Trap (2x) and Giant Bombs
  • Gold Mine and Elixir Collector
  • Dispersers
  • Cannons (2x), Archer Tower
  • Walls (50x)
  • Mortar, Air Defense
  • Hidden Tesla (2x),
  • Black Elixir Drill, Black Elixir Deposit
  • Barracks, Black Barracks, Camp
  • Altar of the Barbarian King
  • Bombs (2x), Giant Bomb, Guided Mine
  • Archer Tower, Wizard's Tower, Bomb Tower
  • Walls (50x)
  • Aerial Bomb, Giant Bombs, Guided Mine
  • Spring Trap, Skeleton Trap
  • Mortar, Hidden Tesla
  • Gold Deposit, Elixir Deposit
  • Black Elixir Drill
  • Black Barracks
  • Dark Spell Factory
  • Archers Tower, Wizard's Tower
  • Air Defense, Scatters
  • Hidden Tesla, X-Beast
  • Gold Deposit, Elixir Deposit
  • Elixir Collector, Gold Mine
  • Altar of the Archer Queen
  • Walls (25x)
  • Giant Bomb
  • Guided Mine
  • Cannon
  • Archers Tower, Wizard's Tower
  • X-Beast
  • Hell Tower (2x)
  • Black Elixir Drill
  • Walls (25x)
  • Aerial Bomb, Giant Bombs
  • Guided Mine, Skeleton Trap
  • Cannon
  • Archer Tower, Wizard's Tower
  • X-Beast
  • Eagle Artillery
  • Altar of the Great Guardian
  • Walls (25x)
  • Tornado Trap
  • Hidden Tesla
  • Hell Tower
  • Workshop
  • Spring Trap (2x)
  • Air Bomb, Giant Bomb
  • Guided Mine

Village Center Statistics

It is not enough to know only which buildings are available and which are available on each level of the Village Center. Even if it doesn't look like it, it is very important to know your Center's statistics. For example: how long does it take for your Town Hall to evolve from level 11 to level 12? How much experience do you get with each evolution? Check the table below!
Village Center Level Health points Construction Cost (Gold) Construction Time Experience Gained Maximum number of buildings allowed
1 450 none none 0 13
2 1,600 1,000 10 seconds 3 19
3 1.850 4,000 2 hours 84 26
4 2,100 25,000 8 hours 169 31
5 2,400 150,000 12 hours 207 38
6 2,800 750,000 1 day 293 44
7 3,300 1,200,000 2 days 415 57
8 3,900 2,000,000 3 days 509 67
9 4,600 3,000,000 4 days 587 77
10 5,500 5,000,000 6 days 720 86
11 6,800 7,000,000 10 days 929 92
12 7,500 9,500,000 14 days 1,099 95

Vila Centro storage capacity

In addition to the deposits of Elixir, Elixir Negro and Ouro, the Vila Center also keeps good amounts of this resource inside. In fact, it is no wonder that Town Hall is a priority target for raids led by players who want to obtain resources. See how much you can store in the Center, in order to prepare for enemy attacks.
Village Center Level Gold Elixir Black Elixir
1 1,000 1,000 -
2 1,000 1,000 -
3 10,000 10,000 -
4 50,000 50,000 -
5 100,000 100,000 -
6 300,000 300,000 -
7 500,000 500,000 2,500
8 750,000 750,000 5,000
9 1,000,000 1,000,000 10,000
10 1,500,000 1,500,000 20,000
11 2,000,000 2,000,000 20,000
12 2,000,000 2,000,000 20,000

Important facts about the Village Center

There are some truths about the Village Center that Clash of Clans does not explain, at least not explicitly. Some of these facts are unknown to even the most experienced players. So stay tuned to the list below:
  • During the Tutorial, purchase the Builder's House first. If you obtain the other buildings beforehand, the maximum number of Houses the Builder can have at level 1 of the Village Center will drop to 10.
  • At level 2 of the Village Center you can get a special resource pack that will exceed your limit, but only to rebuild your Clan Castle.
  • Do you want to destroy an enemy Village Center of level 6 or lower quickly? Use five level 7 thunder spells. If you want to end a Town Hall level 8 or lower, use five level 7 thunder spells and two level 4 earthquake spells.
  • The amount of resources plundered from the Village Center in a raid depends on the level of the Centers of both players. If it is the same level, the attacker can loot 100%. A level below reduces to 80%. Plunder remains and 50% if the difference is two levels. Already three, it drops to 25%, with four or more levels reducing to just 5%.
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