The main mods of Skyrim: characters, armor and new quests

Skyrim is that game that we never tire of playing. It's beautiful, fun and has dozens of mysteries to solve. As if the game was not big enough by itself, with the introduction of the mods we have even more possibilities! With that in mind, we created this article with the best modifications available for the game. They range from visual transformations to the addition of quests , locations and even creatures. Write down your favorites and get ready to have an entirely new game!

  • Game optimization and user experience
  • Visual and climate
  • Quests and new locations
  • Immersion, survival and RPG
  • Skyrim creatures
  • Armor and animations
  • NPCs
  • Magic, skills and combat
  • How to install the mods

Game optimization and user experience

1. Best quality map

DOWNLOAD This mod is super special for anyone who is tired of that Skyrim map look, where you can't see anything right. Here you have roads, marked differences between terrain and climates, making it easier to find locations and even quests .

2. Better textured armor and weapons

DOWNLOAD It is a fact that Skyrim's armor is not always the most beautiful. It seems that many lack details and textures closer to reality. This mod is in charge of making them all look elegant, light and well rendered.

3. Eliminate autoquests

DOWNLOAD In this game it is common for you to accept a quest without even seeing it. That's because random NPCs come out of nowhere, talk to you and out of nowhere a mission begins. This mod ensures that you have the option of not accepting them if you are not interested.

4. Add a clock to the screen

DOWNLOAD You know when it's day and when it's night, but you don't always know exactly what time it is in the game. With the addition of the clock, this can get much easier. Yes, it is a simple mod and more focused on those who want to keep an eye on the time passing.

5. Realistic roads

DOWNLOAD Another thing that seems to have skipped the graphics in Skyrim was the set of roads in the game. So make them a lot more realistic with this mod . You will see different types of soil, be it day, night, snow and rain.

Visual and climate

1. Climate variations

DOWNLOAD Who doesn't want to explore the endless lands of Skyrim and stop every now and then to see the beauty of the game? Although visually beautiful, it seems that the game's skies lack some "life" . This mod corrects this and adds dozens of variations to Skyrim's skies, depending on the weather that will be on the day.

2. 3D effects on locations, objects and items

DOWNLOAD Skyrim is from the PS3 generation, so even though it has been remastered and even on the PC, its standard version doesn’t have very detailed visual details in some aspects. The above mod makes objects, cities and even people have a wealth of textures, shadows and shapes much closer to the real thing.

3. Realistic rivers, ocean and swamps

DOWNLOAD Skyrim brings swamps, sea and rivers in abundance. With this mod you will see that all the waters of the game will be much more detailed. The current of the rivers will seem real, even more if you play on the phone and listen to the sound of nature.

4. ENB effect

DOWNLOAD The ENB effect is present in many computer games. It basically makes everything more detailed in terms of shadow, light and texture. Just by looking at the image above you can already see how the muscles of the horse and people are more defined. It wasn't the gym, but the visual effect of the mod .

5. Flora of Skyrim transformed

DOWNLOAD Again: Skyrim is also about exploring beautiful places. Although at various times in the game we stay in caves or in snow, the green part of the territory is quite vast. With this mod it becomes even more green, colorful and full of new plants and trees. Everything in maximum detail!

Quests and new locations

1. World of Enderal

DOWNLOAD For those who want more than 50 new hours of gameplay , this mod is for you. You will be transported to Enderal, an almost Caribbean and sunny world, but with very bizarre creatures, dozens of quests and a new world to explore.

2. Quests, NPCs and places cut by Bethesda

DOWNLOAD During the creation of Skyrim, locations, characters and quests were left out of the final game. What is a shame. This mod , however, managed to bring much of that content back. Enjoy!

3. Pirate life

DOWNLOAD A boat, a crew and 7 new missions is what this mod gives you. You will be a pirate commander in search of treasure and adventure across the seas of Skyrim.

4. Cities in The Elder Scrolls: Arena

DOWNLOAD The Elder Scrolls: Arena was a super game celebrated a long time ago. This mod brings all the cities present in this game, giving them aspects of Skyrim, with NPCs and a lot for you to discover.

5. Flying to Elsweyr

DOWNLOAD The Khakiit land is Elsweyr and that's where you go with this mod . Not walking or riding your horse, but flying in a kind of plane. There you will have brand new missions, strange creatures and a new beginning in your adventure!

Immersion, survival and RPG

1. Snow survival

DOWNLOAD Dying of hypothermia can be a very bad thing. In Skyrim this should be quite common, after all, snow is almost dominant there. With this mod you are subject to die of cold. Luckily for you, you can now also make fires to keep warm.

2. Devotion to the gods

DOWNLOAD Religion is present in the game, but in a superficial way. This modification allows you to pray to the gods and Daedra. With this you can gain blessings and new powers for your journey.

3. Skyrim without Dragonborn

DOWNLOAD Have you ever thought about a Skyrim without the Dragonborn? This mod removes the main narrative and allows you to focus only on creating your own path and journey.

4. Needs and diseases

DOWNLOAD One of the coolest mods ! It adds illnesses, physical needs, such as hunger and thirst, and the possibility of dying in ways other than in battle or falling from a mountain.

5. King of Skyrim

DOWNLOAD Here you literally become the King of Skyrim. Win a castle, a people, an army and rule everything. You can execute traitors or simply live a reign of peace.

Skyrim creatures

1. Dragons are more powerful

DOWNLOAD Dragons have more powers and spells, in addition to immunities. Which makes fighting them very challenging. In addition, other types of these creatures are added to the game. The top one even resembles the Game of Thrones Drogon ...

2. Riding is realistic

DOWNLOAD In the picture you see a horse with Daedra armor. This mod adds dozens of armor to the horses. But this is the least. Now you will be able to accept missions and enter dialogues mounted on the animal. In addition to the battles on top of a horse are pretty cool!

3. New creatures added

DOWNLOAD The above mod adds dozens of bizarre and powerful new creatures for you to face in the game. Some seem to have come out of science fiction films, while others are reinterpretations of beasts already in the game.

4. Tame the Skyrim Beasts

DOWNLOAD Taming Skyrim's beasts can be quite banal and boring. However it is useful to have some creatures of nature at your side. Even though there is a Shout for this, this mod is much better and more efficient.

5. Enemies with a high level of difficulty

DOWNLOAD Simple mod , made for those who got tired of easy enemies. After all, the most powerful villain in the game only reaches level 25. Ensure a good dose of challenge with this modification.

Armor and animations

1. Space armor

DOWNLOAD This mod gives you a floating robot from Portal 2 to follow you on your journey through Skyrim. The legend also says that he gives you a space armor. You'll have to download it to see it!

2. Firearms

DOWNLOAD Skyrim with firearms? With this mod this is already more than possible! It adds just one type of rifle, which is more than enough to do a lot of damage to enemies.

3. Arrows at the waist

DOWNLOAD This mod is very simple and does not change that much in the gameplay . Now his arrows are placed in a quiver attached to his waist. This also adds new battle animations.

4. Legendary blacksmiths

This modification allows you to hire blacksmiths who are almost gods, as they can make almost any armor in the game. Just call them and they will be ready to serve you. Of course, with a good payment ... DOWNLOAD

5. Battle animations

DOWNLOAD The mod in question adds several new ways to fight in Skyrim. You will notice in the smallest details that the battles are more unique. Whether in the way the blows are delivered, or in the way the characters hold swords, spears and axes.


1. NPCs react more realistically to everything

DOWNLOAD The inhabitants of Skyrim always look a bit like a landscape during the game. Even when a dragon passes by. When installing this mod , they will be more reactive and, perhaps, much more hysterical.

2. Guards are more respectful

DOWNLOAD Guards are usually pretty stupid with you, even if your actions have saved an entire city. This mod serves to change that, making them start to respect you as you progress through the game.

3. Soldiers from different cities fight each other

DOWNLOAD This mod will create tension between all cities. You will be able to see patrol groups from different cities fighting each other in the open, on the roads and in taverns. A show worthy of the UFC!

4. Skyrim roads full of travelers

DOWNLOAD As a rule, Skyrim's roads are quite empty. You hardly ever see people walking on them. With this mod you can see them full of pilgrims and travelers. More life and more excitement for the game!

5. You gain loyal followers

DOWNLOAD If you've always wanted to have a sect, with fanatical followers shouting your name, it's your turn. The modification in question turns you into an idolized figure. The cool thing is that you can give tasks to your followers , in addition to choosing your weapons and armor.

Magic, skills and combat

1. More perks per level

DOWNLOAD How about choosing how many perks you earn in each level? Well, this is exactly what this mod allows you to do.

2. Realistic combat

DOWNLOAD Combat mechanics will change completely with this modification. The hack n 'slash will give way to more lengthy duels, which will force him to defend himself not to die. It won't do any good to press the buttons anyway!

3. 140 new spells

DOWNLOAD Skyrim's list of spells is huge. Have you ever thought that it can get even bigger with this mod . After all, 140 spells is a lot!

4. New shouts

DOWNLOAD The shouts are undoubtedly one of the coolest parts of Skyrim. With this mod , you will have another good dozens of Screams for your Dragonborn to do.

5. Be a wizard of darkness

DOWNLOAD From a new quest you will learn "forbidden powers" in Skyrim. In other words: dark spells. One of them is so crazy that it will allow you to have another avatar .

How to install mods ?

Each mod will require a different procedure from the player. So there is no single or correct way to do the installation. When downloading, make sure you have read the instructions given by the creator of the file correctly. Please note that you must install the mods at your own risk. Always have a backup of your save file , as there are cases of users who have lost all their progress when installing changes to the game. This is only a preventive measure, as very few have had any problems. All Skyrim codes and cheats ! 6 games similar to Skyrim for those who like RPG!

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