How to add friends on Mario Kart Tour

Mario Kart Tour arrived breaking record downloads worldwide. Including players asking how to add friends to the game . If you are one of those thousands of people who have this question and also find it confusing, we help you! First of all know that you can't add friends right when you start playing Mario Kart Tour . First you need to unlock the ranking . This is done by winning the Yoshi Cup and starting the Koopa Cup. Once you have the ranking released, you can start the adding process. This process can be done in two ways: using your Nintendo ID or social media. Let's see how to do it each way.

Using Nintendo ID

Using the Nintendo ID is the most difficult method
In order to add a friend using this method, you need to have their ID. Once she has provided it, go to the Menu and then go to the friends section. Here you will see all your friends added so far. There is a specific button for adding a user. Click on it. On the next screen you will see a code. This is your Nintendo ID. You can give it to someone for that person to add to you. This ID is unique! So ask a friend to give you his. In the space below the code there is a blank space where you will add the code provided by another user.

Using social networks

With this method we dispense the Nintendo ID. The start of the process, however, is the same: open the Menu, click on the friends section and go to the screen where the added friends are shown. On that same screen, next to the list of added users, there is the social network screen. You can connect to both Twitter and Facebook. Once this is done, you will see the list of friends from your social network who play Mario Kart Tour . Add whoever you want. Now you have to wait for your added friends to accept your invitation.

Multiplayer mode is not yet available

In the Game Menu you will notice that there is a multiplayer section , but it is blocked. Nintendo has already confirmed that initially the game will be really focused on the single player experience . In other words: even running online , your opponents are bots controlled by Artificial Intelligence. We hope, however, that Nintendo will soon add the possibility to play against our friends or against other real people. That's why Mario Kart Tour's friends list today is just for you to compare your progress with those of other users. See how to play Coin Fever mode Tutorial for the "30 miniturbs" challenge How to complete the "Eliminate 3 pipes" challenge HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the client-side elements of every website. Learn them to become a web developer.

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