The King of Fighters ALLSTAR: 7 Getting Started Tips

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is the new phenomenon of mobile games . The celebrated fighting franchise has been transformed and arrives with classic gameplay and at the same time new for smartphones . If you are having any difficulty playing, take it easy! We brought 7 tips for you to beat all opponents in the game !

1. Master basic fighting tactics

Anyone who thinks the game is simply mistaking the screen randomly and hoping for the right strokes is wrong. As simple as The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is, it requires players to have tactics and strategy. Each fighter has his own set of attacks. Learning how to use them correctly can lead to incredible and destructive combos. In that sense, one of the first things you should know is that the ideal is to always fight in the manual . This way you will be able to execute the strokes more perfectly. But attack is not everything in this game. The defense and dodge buttons exist and cannot be ignored. Do not forget that at certain levels you will have more than four opponents on the same screen. When that is the case, just being on the offensive can do you more harm than help you.

Adopt a combo type for each type of fight

Inventing a lot in The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is bullshit. The most recommended for those who are starting to play is to stick to the basic combos. There is no mistake here. But of course there will be fights where you can and should try daring things, like a special move. When this is the case, we recommend two approaches. The first is to throw your opponent in the air, do an aerial combo, followed by a basic assistant combo, a special attack and a Super Move to finish. Or, as a second option, perform a special attack, switch to another character and continue the combo with more basic attacks. This option needs to be made on the ground, because in the air it is not as efficient.

2. Build a coherent team

One of the basic features of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is the fact that the player needs to choose a team of 3 fighters. And that part of the game is essential for you to do well. Understand that fighters need to "match" in some way so that the team reaches its maximum potential. For example, a team made up only of male fighters or only female fighters is much stronger than a mixed one. You should also give preference to fighters from the same version of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR . When you do that, your fighters all have a boost .

Strikers need to have a Relationship Effect

The Relationship Effect occurs when a Striker offers a boost or an advantage to the main fighter in his group. If you don't know whether to see this effect or not, click on the option for automatic team formation. This will show you what the "ideal group" will be for that phase, including the Striker, if any.

Choose fighters of different colors

Also notice that each fighter has a color. This color system is simple to understand. One color is stronger in relation to another, but it has weakness in relation to a third. Make sure you have a fighter with the right colors at each fight stage that you are going to participate in. This is also a rule for Strikers and secondary fighters. They need to be chosen from the advantages they offer to the main fighter in the group. They can be in relation to colors or the Relationship Effect. See the scheme of advantages and disadvantages of colors below:
  • Red is strong against green, but weak against Blue
  • Green is strong against yellow, but weak against red
  • Yellow is strong against Purple, but weak against Green
  • Purple is strong against Blue, but weak against Yellow
  • Blue is strong against Red, but weak against Purple

3. Evolve your fighters

Right after the first mission you will automatically win 2 fighters. Throughout the game, others can be purchased, including your favorites from the franchise. Even if you don't have the coolest ones yet, be sure to evolve your fighters. Battles are going to get more and more difficult, so it's no use having just one strong character. Still, you should have at least one fighter ahead of the rest. Usually who you chose at the beginning of the game will be this character. The easiest way to evolve it is to go for it. At the end of some fights he will always level up. The same goes for secondary fighters. You can boost your stats using experience potions. The characters can even equip battle cards and increase the Affinity of each of their fighters. In the case of Affinity, check what food your fighter wants. To do this, just click on the pink smile next to the item.

4. Summon new characters

The coolest thing about The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is being able to summon new fighters. There are several ways to do this, but they are all in the section of the menu called Summoning. As you complete Story Mode or Event missions, you will receive special items. Of these, the most common is the Ruby. Gather enough to summon 10 fighters at once. 900 Rubies are needed for this. After completing the first missions the game will have at least 700. This is important because it is the easiest and most efficient way to get new fighters. If you have any repetitions, it will automatically be transformed into energy, which will strengthen the fighter that is already in your collection. In addition to Rubies, there are tickets and other items that provide Capsules and cards to be used in battles.

5. Participate in the Dungeons

Dungeons are a perfect mission type for you to get new items and materials you need to evolve your fighters. You can go as many times as you want in the same dungeon. As long as you have the action points and stamina for that, there is no problem. As you progress through the story, you will find that the Dungeons' difficulty levels will rise a lot. However, the quality of the awards obtained also increases.

6. Complete Daily Missions and Growth Missions

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR is an easy-to-understand game, as it has mechanics and logic similar to other games of the genre for mobile . And the existence of Daily Missions and login bonuses is one of them. Both things are essential for you to have a good experience. Completing Daily Missions provides Rubies and other items. The login gives you free items without you having to do anything. In the worst case scenario, simply log into the game every day, if you are not going to be able to play it for a while. This will ensure that you fill the vaults with the game's coins , allowing you to purchase new cards and characters for your collection.

Don't forget to do the Growth Missions

Growth Missions are important, as they guide the player in the evolution of the story. They also appear as complements to the main mode of The King of Fighters ALLSTAR . They are related to the old games in the franchise, which is a total fan service . But its greatest use is to provide items as a reward. So be sure to perform these missions whenever they appear on your screen.

7. Add friends and see your messages

The King of Fighters ALLSTAR menus can be a bit confusing and full of information. So you may end up missing some basic things, like adding friends and viewing your messages. The messages are simple to see. The "email" icon is unmistakable. Keep an eye out to see if there is a notification, which possibly indicates some reward earned. It is quite common that from time to time the game itself will give you prizes, according to some festival or special date. Adding friends or even unknown players is also important. You have your main fighter, two side fighters and 3 strikers, but you can still have the Supporters. Support fighters are controlled by a real player, who is invited to your battle. He can be called only once per fight. Whenever you call a Support or whenever it is someone's Support, you will earn friendship points. These points can be exchanged for items such as cards and potions. Did you follow our tips and improve the game? Send us a play on Instagram at @ligadosgamesoficial . Let's spread the best moves of our readers! HTML CSS and JavaScript are the client-side elements of each website. Learn them to become a web developer.

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