The 4 best PS4 war games with incredible campaigns

War games are among the most popular on Sony consoles. Franchises like Battlefield , Call of Duty and the retired Medal of Honor have been or have been very successful since the PlayStation. Today on PlayStation 4 it is no different, as these titles offer frantic and intense gameplay both in Campaigns and in multiplayer , with a high level of competitiveness. The games we bring to this brief list are not, however, just those "classics". You will see two very different titles from the best known franchises, but which show the horror and intensity of the war in a very real way. If you are one of those who still enjoy a single player experience , you will certainly want to play these games.

1. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 is one of the most acclaimed war titles in recent years. A game very close to perfection, having received very positive reviews in specialized reviews . Although mechanics and gameplay have not received much innovation, EA DICE's latest creation of a good revitalization in the franchise. In this game , the First World War is shown in all its brutality. The battles are bloody, inhumane and appeal to the player's most primitive sense, which is to survive at any cost. All weapons of the time, such as bolt-on rifles and flamethrowers, are present.

Multiple Campaigns in One

Battlefield 1 Campaign mode tried to bring a renewal to the way the franchise's single player was being introduced. Instead of just following one character, we now have several. In fact, there are six war stories that do not interact with each other, but that in the end compose a faithful portrait of what was the First War. Each story features characters of different nationalities as protagonists. It is interesting to see that there was an attempt to create an emotional appeal in the development of the Campaigns. Much more than a shooting game, Battlefield 1 seeks to offer players the chance to experience the climate of pain, loss and the struggle for constant survival in a war.

In multiplayer the bug catches

We currently know that every good war game needs to have quality multiplayer . Battlefield 1 not only has a robust online mode , but a lot of fun. There are at least ten different forms of matches you can enter. Although some are similar to each other, such as Operations and Shock Operations , each has its specificities. There are four basic classes available in multiplayer . Three types of vehicle can be controlled, one being particularly interesting, which is cavalry. Elite classes are also present, two of which are exclusive for those who purchase certain expansions of the game.

War without tactics, courageous and historical

Battlefield 1 is very well based on historical points and facts. Whoever is not there playing just for shooting, but cares about these details, will be very satisfied. Despite this, some important shortcomings were felt in Campaign mode in relation to points of view. In addition, of course, Campaigns last very little time. It is worth mentioning that Battlefield 1 is not exactly a game for those who like to build war tactics. During World War I the fighting was more vigorous, almost hand-to-hand, driven by emotion. This game shows this in its game mechanics and in its setting, inviting players to experience chaotic and always confusing combat. And this is by no means negative. It is precisely because it is chaotic, confusing and tense that Battlefield 1 is currently one of the great war games on PS4. You should play this game if:
  • Want a war game true to history
  • Enjoying games set in World War I

2. Call of Duty: WWII

Jumping from the First to the Second World War, we bring you another renowned franchise. Call of Duty: WWII is a game that in every way is a return to the classic. Not only for the historical setting, focused on a rustic and political war. Its game mechanics take a "step back" to provide players with simple yet efficient gameplay . We say this because the previous two titles added jumps and runs across the wall to Call of Duty . In WWII they only return to the ground, with a more traditional style of movement. At the same time, hit-the-deck mechanics were introduced , in which the player can literally drop to the ground to find cover and safety.

Campaign without energy regeneration

Call of Duty: WWII is the third game in the franchise not to use energy regeneration in the Campaign. The only two ways to recover life is to find medical kits scattered around the scene or to count on the help of the accompanying medical companion. This brings more realism to the gameplay and makes it less predictable. The Campaign focuses on historical events in the Battle of Normandy. The player will control Ronald "Red" Daniels, a member of the United States 1st Infantry Division. All of your goals will lead you to battles on the West Front. You will come across the death camps and other brutalities that Hitler's armies have caused.

Multiplayer with zombies

Call of Duty has been known to bring zombie mode to several of its recent games. It is usually one of the most played and awaited by players. He returns in WWII , mixing an online cooperative mode with a narrative backdrop. In it, the Third Reich would have created an army of undead to try to reverse the course of the war. The Zombies is a mode with rules, own set of classes and mechanics. It differs considerably from "traditional" WWII multiplayer . There you can play either with the Allies or with the Axis. It is interesting to say that the developers left out the soldiers of the SS. Only the German army is represented in the game and can be used. This was an attempt not to exalt, making it clear that the soldiers of the German army, the Wehrmacht , were only doing their duty.

Call of Duty: WWII is realistic, deep and beautifully set

With the exception of the zombies, this game is quite realistic. Visually it conveys all the horror of the war, and the sound environment is striking. The sounds of guns, exploding grenades and tanks are spectacular. Even the chaos of the various languages ??on the battlefield helps to immerse the player in World War II. The multiplayer is well structured, with progression system, social and nine different modes of competition online . We highlight the War mode , a novelty that adds a narrative with objectives that must be fulfilled by one side of the war in order to have a winner. The Campaign is exciting, profound and, despite historical and narrative clichés, offers a very close view of the reality of World War II. This is a game that is not only worth it, it is indispensable for those who like history. You should play this game if:
  • Likes games set in World War II
  • Interested in the zombie modes of Call of Duty

3. Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus differs somewhat from the "war game" style that we are used to. It is not centered specifically on one of the Great Wars, but on that "what if" the zombies had won World War II. With a very well developed campaign, it is a game that cannot be missing from any list of its kind.

No multiplayer , but with lots of action

Wolfenstein II privileges the solo and narrative experience. Since there is no multiplayer mode , both locally and online , developers and designers were able to give full attention to building the Campaign's adventure. The game was well balanced, with an accessible and correct gameplay, depending completely on the combat for progression in the story. It is possible to use firearms, explosives, as well as hand-to-hand combat. Jumping, running and swimming are available to facilitate navigation in the scenarios. Enemies can call for reinforcements several times, especially if the player sets up an ambush for them. The armament system is quite classic. Realism was abandoned in order to add dynamism to the game. Weapons can be found in scenarios, on enemy bodies and in boxes. It is possible, through an inventory system, to have as many weapons as you want at the same time. In specific cases you can combine them, to do more damage to enemies.

What if the zombies were the winners?

The purpose of all Wolfenstein titles is to create a dystopian world in which the zombies won World War II. In The New Colossus follows the United States' attempt to break free from zombie rule. Consequently, also to free the world from that regime. There are very few historical references in the game. The central idea is the fight for freedom, with great touches of science fiction. Three extra episodes were made available by DLC, and they show other secondary fighters in various American territories. Wolfenstein II is acclaimed precisely for being a fictional construction of what would be a zombie world. It offers fluid gameplay, simple to master and with several combat options. From the Rambo style to the Snake Eater mode, players will immerse themselves in a narrative without clichés and that allows great hours of fun. You should play this game if:
  • Want a war game more centered on the single player
  • Take an interest in a unique and original narrative

4. This War of Mine: The Little Ones

Anyone who knows This War of Mine knows that, in general, this is the most realistic game with a war theme. At the same time, it is completely different from everyone else. Firstly, because the focus is on civilians affected by conflicts, not the military.

Survive hunger, disease and depression

This War of Mine is, above all, a game about survival and how war affects the psychological of those who do not fight it directly. You control multiple characters at the same time, each with their own story, expectations and ways to deal with your situation. Initially Katia, Pavle and Bruno are trapped in a house. Hours and days go by. You need to find food, supplies, weapons and any objects that can help transform the building into a home. None of this is easy, as the player can only go out at night to plunder locations scattered on a map. Even with a preview of what you can find in each location, each night raid is a surprise. You will always have to make choices. Sometimes stealing medicine from the elderly, sometimes killing entire families so that you can survive. Each action directly affects the characters. It is not uncommon for them to be depressed for weeks or months. Some decide to leave the house because they cannot deal with the situation. There are those who still choose suicide.

A real and cruel picture of war

This War of Mine is inspired by the Siege of Sarajevo during the Bosnian War, which lasted from 1992 to 1996. Unlike mainstream titles like Call of Duty or Battlefield , this game seeks a more raw, tense and cruel gameplay . Even without firing a single bullet it is possible to feel the imminence of death much more intensely than in traditional games. It is not for nothing that the Campaign mode of the game is not easy. Meeting all the expectations of the characters and keeping the home safe from invasions is an arduous task. The player's withdrawal ends up being quite common. And that is perhaps the intention of the game: to show that war is even worse for those who are not on the battlefield. You should play this game if:
  • Wishing a war game controls civilians and non-military
  • Enjoying very challenging games

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