The best games for PS4: Shooting, RPG, Action and Fighting

Playstation 4 is a great gaming platform, with many different games, some of them exclusive. In addition to processing improvements, the console offers a major graphical improvement with the use of HDR. This technology allows colors to be recreated more efficiently, making graphics amazing. This change meant that some of the best games for PS3 were released for the new console, taking advantage of all the features. Check out the best games on our list and get ready to spend hours on your PS4!

Shoot games


A unique FPS, which depends a lot on teamwork to achieve victory. Overwatch has phenomenal characters, each with a different specialty like Offensive, Defense, Tank and Support. In this game it is always necessary to play together or the victory will be very difficult. Many players complain that the game can get a little repetitive due to the lack of different modes and that playing with strangers can be frustrating, but the game remains strong, with a huge online community.

Battlefield 1

This brutal FPS takes place during the First World War, with very detailed weaponry, vehicles and maps inspired by the time of the war. With a really cool but short singleplayer campaign, spectacular graphics and variable weather, Battlefield 1 shines more in multiplayer, like its predecessors. Epic battles await you, with many different modes and some completely free DLCs.


No, it is not an error in the text nor do we go back to 1993. Doom has returned to its origins! There are no big arcs of history or complicated politics. In Doom, you shoot at enemies and dodge enemy attacks, all at incredible speed, without pause, without pity or pity. If indiscriminate shooting at demons and other monsters, at a breakneck pace and with dozens of different weapons is your style, look no further.

Titanfall 2

Control a powerful Titan, a mecha robot capable of detonating the most dangerous enemies in ultra-risky missions, in a brief but very solid singleplayer campaign. The multiplayer experience is also fantastic. Titantfall 2 is much better than the first title in the franchise, especially for the gamer who appreciates futuristic war and shooting machinery.

Resident Evil 7

Continuing from one of the biggest horror franchises ever, Resident Evil 7 is a terrifying experience. With a perfect sound construction and taking advantage of all the graphic resources of PS4, this game manages to transport the player to a black adventure, full of moments of suspense and terror almost perfect. It has no multiplayer mode, but no one misses it. To see more shooting games, see our top 10 Playstation 4 shooting games!

Role Playing Games

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

An iconic RPG, with a fascinating character and a great story, The Witcher 3 is an unmissable game for lovers of the fantasy genre. The game world is huge, full of tasks, varied missions and great game mechanics. Get ready to spend many hours with Geralt.

Persona 5

A long adventure awaits you in this Japanese-style RPG. A rich story, as all RPGs must have it, helped by spectacular turn-based fights, full of action and memorable characters. However, as the game is extensive, some gamers say they lose their pace as the story unfolds. Know all the answers to be the best student in Persona 5!

Dark Souls 3

An adventure full of elements of witchcraft, sword fighting and with many elements of terror and mystery. Dark Souls 3 closes the historic trilogy, typically difficult to complete, with a golden key. If you face demons from the depths and giant bosses using sword, shield and powerful spells is your style, this game is for you!

Horizon Zero Dawn

Explore a world full of bio-mechanical creatures and human bandits, in a very well done open world game, with great combat mechanics and an engaging plot. By controlling the protagonist Aloy, you can become a fierce hunter who uses futuristic bows and arrows while looking for relics from the ancient world. The side missions look slightly superficial, but they complete the main story well.

Nier: Automata

With a surprising atmosphere and a well-constructed narrative, Nier: Automata takes place in an already semi-ruined Earth, with intense battles between humans and aliens using robots and androids. Despite being an RPG, there is a little bit of everything, for all tastes: big battles, shooting, missions where being silent is the best and even extensive dialogues. The game excels for the originality of its scenarios and enemies, as well as the combat mechanics. Meet more RPG games on PS4!

Action games


Enter the streets of Los Santos causing chaos and enriching as never before in an iconic game and an instant classic from the GTA franchise. With a three-part narrative between three well-built characters, do a little bit of everything: from driving high-capacity cars, committing crimes, using heavy weaponry and even extreme actions like ... taking yoga classes. Take advantage of the online community to develop your character and try to buy expensive cars and properties while watching your bank account grow.

God of War

After the intense adventure against the Olympian Gods is over, the powerful anti-hero Kratos now lives in a new Nordic-inspired region. Along with his son, who needs to be initiated into his warrior training, Kratos must survive, whatever the cost. With one of the best narratives in the franchise, Kratos 'adventures in Midgard, with their fearsome monsters and Vikings are a sublime adventure with the perfect balance between the characters' narrative and epic combat. All without a single loading screen.

Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

A story full of action, intense shootings and brutal fights that run at incredible speed, without long pauses to take a deep breath. Uncharted 4 could enter the commonplace of action games, but the action blends well with the narrative, giving an idea of ??solid adventure. The multiplayer mode is poor compared to the rest of the game.

Shadow Of The Colossus

Originally created for PS2, this game has been remastered, taking advantage of the new capabilities of PS4. The world is very detailed, with the Colossi even more imposing and with much more drama. To win, use skill, weapons and a lot of intelligence. Some players, already veterans of the first version, found the game too soon, but everyone should play Shadow of The Colossus at least once.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

20 years have passed since the launch of the first Tomb Raider and, looking at this game, the story continues in good hands. This new reincarnation of the franchise mixes elements of the open world, shooting and tricky places to escape. The game is dynamic and varied, with beautiful graphics and one of the strongest characters in the stories of the games.

Fighting games

Injustice 2

A substantial improvement from the first big hit that was Injustice, this game manages to unite the DC characters in a coherent and exciting story. By adding RPG elements that allow you to improve and customize your character to the great fighting mechanics, the creators have achieved a balanced and solid game. It's worth it for solo players, but the online mode also deserves attention, with lots of regular events.

Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition

When Street Fighter V was released it lacked content and many fans complained about the difficulty of training. Two years later, the Arcade version revitalized the game, with different modes, training possibilities and improvements to the V-Trigger - the revolutionary system that changes your character's abilities within each combat. If you enjoy nostalgic trips to arcades, this version of Street Fighter is a great way to start.

Dragon Ball FighterZ

Quite true to Akira Toriyama's original designs, Dragon Ball FighterZ is for gamers of all skill levels. The essential mechanics of the fighters are easy to learn, but surprisingly dynamic so as not to become repetitive. With 24 different characters to control in fights of up to 3 vs 3, anime fans will not be disappointed. Arcade mode is a good way to start, but online mode is also worthwhile, as it is a fun game that pays a well-deserved tribute to the original material.

Tekken 7

The Tekken franchise remains in good shape with a game that is accessible to the novice player, but retains much of the fighting mechanics that made the game famous. More subtle in feints and using the realistic martial techniques typical of the game, Tekken provides good hours of intense fighting, both in solo mode and in online fights. The personalization of each fighter has been improved, and dozens of different details can be changed.

Guilty Gear Xrd: Rev 2

An expansion of the first Guilty Gear Revelator, this fighting game can be tricky for the gamer just starting out. There is no shortage of tutorials with all the details you need to know to win fights, but sometimes this is an absolutely tiring task (just to block there are 4 or 5 different techniques), which can scare those who prefer simpler games. Story mode is simply an anime, with little or no combat. Still, Guilty Gear Revelator remains a brilliant fighting game, especially for absolute anime fans. See other good fighting games for the PS4! Take advantage of Eneba promotions and buy PS4 Gift Cards at a discount! Discover the most nostalgic PS1 games!

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