Anyone who has had a Game Boy Advance knows the joy of having a quality portable console. Among all those released by Nintendo, this was perhaps the most striking. That's why we're going to list here the best GBA games to stoke your nostalgia and longing!

18. Megaman Zero

Megaman Zero is set a century after the end of Megaman X . Here you control Zero, who was awakened after years of sleep. The game continues in that 2D platform style, where the objective is to reach the end of the levels and face a big boss. Each Boss has a pattern, which needs to be discovered so that it can be defeated more easily. The game is challenging, intense and meant that players had to die several times before they managed to pass the levels. The cool thing about this game is that each level is in an area, and that area can be explored freely. It's almost an open-world concept, but it was removed in later games in the Zero series .

17. Ninja Five-O

Ninja Five-O is a mix of several games. You'll find elements of Megaman himself in it, as well as evident inspirations in Ninja Gaiden and Revenge of Shinobi . The idea is to destroy a criminal organization that is under the influence of magic masks. The whole game has 6 missions with 3 levels each. It follows the mold of a platform action title, with 2D graphics. It was not very successful in the West, but it is a super cult title in Japan. It is worth playing if you can get your hands on it!

16. Mario Kart Super Circuit

No Nintendo console, whether portable or desktop, exists without a Mario Kart . The Super Circuit brings elements from the N64 games and improves everything that the SNES titles presented. It caused a furor at the time for being the first in the series to come out on a laptop, having made an absurd success. Basically it brought everything that Mario racing games already had: special powers, crazy curves and all the classic characters from the Italian plumber's universe. See what we think of Mario Kart Tour

15. Mario vs. Donkey Kong

Whoever played the first Donkey Kong back in the arcade era will remember that their enemy was Mario. In this new edition of the confrontation between the gorilla and the plumber, we have a new reason for a fight: Donkey steals toys from Mario's factory, and now Mario needs to prevent this from happening by recovering his toys. The game is super fun, with refined mechanics. The controls are easy and fit perfectly with the Game Boy Advance.

14. Mario Golf: Advance Tour

Advance Tour is the continuation of Mario Golf from Game Boy Color. Some cool elements have been added compared to the previous version. The main thing was the possibility of leveling up, something a little RPG that gave the game a bigger life. The collection of items and the improvement of the avatar were highly praised by players. The graphics aren't that good, even for Game Boy Advance. But nothing to spoil the overall experience! Trying to hit the holes in the holes could yield hours of fun.

13. Final Fantasy Tactics

RPG fans need to play Final Fantasy Tactics at least once in their lifetime. It is one of the spin-off games in the series that most delighted players on Game Boy Advance. Mainly because the game had judges and laws. This prevented certain characters from using certain movements on certain days. In that sense, each day and each battle required different strategies from the players to defeat the enemies! In addition, all the other classic elements of the franchise, such as the deep narrative, were there.

12. Sonic Advance 3

Sonic Advance 3 is yet another successful edition of the world's fastest hedgehog. The game features the same gameplay system, focused on stages, with 2D visuals, on a platform. This title has 8 stages, with a Chief each. Perhaps the biggest feature of Sonic Advance 3 is the fact that you play with doubles. You can choose your pairs at the beginning of the stage, some of which are more recommended than others for each stage.

11. Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga

A very funny little game that puts brothers Mario and Luigi together. In this adventure the villain is not Bowser, oddly enough. For a time he even joins the two. Here you face Cackletta, who stole Princess Peach's voice. Your mission is to retrieve it and return it to the Princess. The game brings high doses of humor, even referring to the fact that nobody remembers Luigi's name. The game is an action-packed RPG

10. Kirby and The Amazing Mirror

Kirby and The Amazing Mirror follows the hero in a quest to unite the 8 pieces of his brother, Meta Knight. He was defeated by his Dark version , which also cut Kirby, but in 4 parts. Now the real Kirby and his 3 helper pieces must find the brother's pieces and defeat the Dark Meta Knight .

9. Astro Boy: Omega Factor

Astro Boy: Omega Factor is so good that it is in the book 1001 games that you need to play before you die . It is a beat n 'up , which takes place in stages and stages full of enemies. Astro Boy uses kicks, punches and lightning to eliminate opponents. The character still flies using a rocket power. This is a title very dedicated to fans of the franchise. It makes constant reference to famous characters. Even each non-playable personaem Astro Boy encounters gives you extra points. These points improve the status of the avatar , allowing it to find secret stages throughout the game.

8. Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow

Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow is not as cool as Symphony of The Night , but it's still great! The third-person perspective in a 2D setting brings that nostalgic feeling from the first games of the franchise. We followed the Belmont clan's fight against Count Dracula. The story is futuristic, set in 2035, which does not eliminate the medieval and dark aspect of the game. Here we do not control Alucard, but Soma Cruz, a Japanese student who dominates the souls of enemies and uses them to his advantage. The tactical soul power was one of the most praised additions to the game .

7. Metroid: Zero Mission

Nintendo is not Nintendo without Metroid . Zero Mission again brings the player controlling Samus Aran, on the planet Zebes. Your mission is to hunt pirates in environments that are connected by elevators and doors. The game is side scrolling and 2D, maintaining the main aspect of the gameplay. This is the only game in the series until its release that allows players to control Samus without his robotic outfit. But when you are with her, you can learn various skills throughout the evolution of the game .

6. Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Once again Zelda is in danger and it is up to Link to save her. The Princess was petrified, forcing the hero to leave for new worlds in search of defeating the villain. Basically it's the same as always, but now Link has a hat, the Minish Cap, that makes it small and can cross places that were previously inaccessible. The game makes several references to games like Four Swords , including bringing the villain Vaati, who is also antagonistic in this edition.

5. Super Mario World

This is the same Super Mario World of the SNES. The Game Boy Advance version brought all the good things about this classic, allowing you to control Mario or Luigi. Yoshi is also present, and all phases and world to explore, like the world of stars, return. In fact, there are 9 worlds and 96 existing exits. The game is huge and has super challenging levels. If you didn't reset the game on the Super NES, maybe it's time to do it!

4. Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire

We have already started the list with an unquestionable classic. Both Ruby and Sapphire were hallmarks of the Pokémon franchise and two of the best GBA titles. Nintendo usually launches a new generation of little monsters with each new laptop, and Game Boy Advance was no different. The game added 135 new Pokémon, making a total of 386. The Hoenn region is huge and has many cool cities to explore. It is the first game not to bring Team Rocket, but two new groups: Team Magma and Team Aqua. The 10 best Pokémon games from all platforms!

3. Final Fantasy VI

Final Fantasy VI was so successful on SNES that it was transported to GBA. The game received good additions to the original edition, such as new four Spheres, new weapons and new environments to explore. Who never played, needs! Of all the titles in the franchise, it is without a doubt one of the most complex stories. FFVI is super political. It takes place in a period equivalent to the Second Industrial Revolution, showing a group of rebels seeking to destroy an imperialist dictatorship. It is a full plate for those who like this type of theme.

2. The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past

The Legend of Zelda: A Link to The Past is one of the most celebrated titles in the franchise. He has gone through SNES, GBA and is now on the Switch. The Game Boy Advance version is one of the best. The plot serves as a prequel to other games in the series, revealing aspects of the ancestors of Zelda and Link. The gameplay places the player between two parallel worlds, something that would become a trademark of Zelda . Combat mechanics have been improved, allowing Link to attack not only forward, but also sideways.

1. Pokémon Fire Red and Leaf Green

These games deserve first place for several reasons. First because they are remakes of the first Pokémon editions ever released, Red and Green . They greatly improved the visual aspect, without removing all the good that the story and gameplay of the first titles brought. Now you can choose the gender of the character, and you can visit a new region after the Pokémon League. The Savii Islands have Pokémon from Johto, plus a new mission. Know any cheats for Pokemon Fire Red 33 best Super Nintendo games!

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