When playing The Sims 4 , one of the main goals of almost all players is to reach a comfortable financial level. And, to make the experience more realistic, it is possible to do it without using any type of codes or tricks. Check out our guide and learn how to legitimately get rich!

Get a job and get promoted

This is the most traditional and easiest way to get money. Get a job, work hard and get promoted. For that, you just need to spend some time on your Sim's day at work and at home improving your skills. When you start a career, you will receive a low salary. But if you keep improving, that value will increase significantly, and this is extremely useful if you really want to get rich quick. Discover all The Sims 4 Careers and how to get to the top!

Start a business

If you don't want to get a traditional job, you can always create your own business in order to make money. With the Ao Trabalho expansion , you can open a store and customize it to your liking. From there, instead of leaving home to go to work for someone else, you manage your own business, including your employees. The 5 best expansions of The Sims 4 you have to play!


One of the quickest ways to increase your money is to get married, as the new person will automatically take all of his or her monetary possessions to your family. If you can seduce a rich Sim, even better! In addition to receiving the savings from your new spouse, you will be one more person to get a job and contribute to the family's income.

Bet on hobbies that make money

Painting, writing and inventing new objects are hobbies that may not earn you a lot of money at first, but if you evolve your skills, you will start earning a lot of simoleons. Choose between painting or writing to make the most profit possible by selling your paintings and books for astronomical values ??once your skills are advanced.

Sing or play by simoleons

If you practice playing your guitar, you can go to the park or to a place with a lot of movement to play by tips. Keep doing this and improving your ability to play music and the donations will get bigger and bigger. The same doing comedy shows. You can do this by buying just a microphone and performing on the streets. If you are successful, you will be invited to entertain at parties and clubs, earning even more money.

Fishing and Gardening

You can collect various types of items, from fish, through fishing, to vegetables, by planting them in the garden. These activities will make it unnecessary to spend money on these items and you can also sell extras to make a profit. Keep betting on these forms of self-sustainability so that items become increasingly rare and become more valuable, filling your fridge and your pockets. The 10 most fun challenges to do in The Sims 4 !


You can improve this ability to occasionally hack systems and earn extra money. But this activity can lead to the destruction of your computer and a good way to avoid this is to program using the local library. With the programming skill, it is also possible to do extra legal work on the computer to earn more money apart from illegal activities.


You can collect various objects such as rocks and insects and, if they are rare enough, you can make a lot of money selling them. However, as it is something that is not right, you should have this way of making money as an extra for when you are going through something collectible. Now that you're ready to be a tycoon in your neighborhood, check out 8 advanced tips for mastering The Sims 4. If you still need, know all the cheats, codes and tricks of The Sims 4 !

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