Every gamer will agree that The PlayStation 2 was one of the best consoles ever created, no one has any doubt. Its success is noticeable by the number of sales, which has already exceeded 150 million dollars. In addition to being the best-selling gaming platform in history, it certainly houses many of the best games ever developed. For those who are nostalgic to the times of PS2 and even for those who still play on this console, we bring the best games created for them. In the list below you will see only the classics, from Guitar Hero II to GTA: San Andreas . It's to miss the longing and to get that hot nostalgia while reading.

1. God of War II

God of War II was the last adventure of Sparta's Ghost, the god of war Kratos, on PlayStation 2. Improving what worked in the first title and correcting minor mechanical errors, this title stood out for its strong narrative and simple, gameplay. efficient. After killing Ares and becoming the new Greek god of war, Kratos again finds himself in a clash with the gods. Having his immortality removed by Zeus, he is betrayed, murdered and sent to the depths of Hades. Titan Gaia, intending to have Kratos as her ally, instructs the Spartan to seek out the Sisters of Destiny, to go back in time, reverse her death, and take revenge on the Father of Olympus. Kratos's adventures in God of War II put him face to face with heroes, creatures, and legendary mythological artifacts. The hack n 'slash combat system greatly facilitates the player's progression in the narrative as it does not require much strategy in hours of fighting. There are varying types of enemies, with different levels of difficulty and challenge imposed on Kratos, which is motivating. As you progress through the game, you will acquire items, weapons, and even pieces of armor. Kratos can use Golden Fleece, for example, as well as Icarus wings. All of this allows you to reach the ultimate confrontations with the greatest ability to win. In addition, some of these features are critical to solving puzzles . With a deep narrative and a complex protagonist, God of War II is a very well built and successful game. It paved Kratos' arrival on PlayStation 3 and became one of the most respected titles by expert critics and PS2 gamers. It is undoubtedly a game that marked this console. You must play this game if:
  • Want to know one of Kratos's first stories
  • Enjoy hack n 'slash games

2. Black

Black is perhaps the best first-person shooter on PlayStation 2. Some even consider it one of the top 100 games of its kind ever created. First, even though it belongs to a 6th generation console, its graphics are better than many later generation titles. Visually speaking, it is a very detailed game, with a spectacular graphic and sound environment. The game system and its mechanics also positively amaze. Black brought a gameplay limitation that proved beneficial in terms of challenge: Players could only carry two weapons at a time. For the time it brought a sense of fidelity to real life, as well as demanding from players greater strategy in each mission they performed. Speaking of mission, there are eight main missions in Black . The first one is very short as it serves only as a game tutorial. The next seven are extensive, subdividing into smaller missions within each. You need to meet various goals to progress level. Some of them require item pickups and even destruction of buildings. Narratively, you take control of Sergeant Jack Kellar. He is being questioned and must tell his story so as not to be arrested for the rest of his life. When he decides to count, the player takes control of him and is sent to Russia four days before the interrogation. The whole game therefore explains how Kellar was arrested and what will happen to him now. No wonder Black is considered a PlayStation 2 masterpiece. With stunning graphics, thought-provoking and flawless gameplay, takes the player on challenging and intense missions. Unfortunately, despite many player appeals and the success of the game, a sequel has not yet been released. You must play this game if:
  • Try one of the best 6th generation console shooters
  • Enjoy challenging shooter games

3. Guitar Hero II

Guitar Hero II was an even greater success than its predecessor and contributed to popularizing music games. In addition, it is a very democratic game, as it does not require players to use the "guitar" to play it. Who is more comfortable with the joystick can use it without problems. With 60 playable songs, Guitar Hero II takes the player to 8 different stages. Each stage brings a different style of rock music . As you advance from stage to stage, the difficulty of the songs increases significantly. These songs range from the 1970s to the 2000s, bringing hits such as Message in a Bottle by The Police and Beast and the Harlot by Avenged Sevenfold. Regarding later franchise games and even others such as Rock Band , the songs not performed by the original artists. They are covers , which, despite being very well performed, do not have the same impact as the "real" songs. Still, feeling the notes of each guitar and even the bass of each song is a lot of fun. The game therefore brings a career mode. Here you choose a guitar player from a few options available. As you progress through the game, you can buy different clothes for musicians, as well as other guitar models. Each stage you play there is a setlist . As soon as you play x number of songs from this setlist at the middle or higher level, it releases another stage, and so on. The multiplayer modes are also interesting. You can play the same song cooperatively with a friend. One plays the solo guitar while another plays the base guitar or the bass. But the face-off or Pro face-off pits you against another player. Compared to current games in the genre, Guitar Hero II is quite limited. There are few songs, few instrument options to play, and even some technical and sound issues, especially, that bother. This does not, however, detract from the brightness of this game. It is a PlayStation 2 classic and should be respected as such. You must play this game if:
  • Want a fun local multiplayer experience
  • I'm a fan of music games

4. Silent Hill 2

Often Silent Hill 2 is seen as one of the greatest, if not the greatest horror game ever. The narrative is very well developed from effective and simple gameplay. The soundtrack and obscure setting provide the perfect elements for a title known for its psychological horror theme. The perspective of the game is in third person. Depending on the stage of the game you are in, however, the camera alternates its angles. It sometimes positions itself behind the character to increase the tension of exploration. There is no information on the screen, such as map, life, or ammunition. All of this needs to be seen in the inventory. Silent Hill 2 is an essentially exploratory game. While walking around the city, enemies may or may not appear. Most of the time it's just you and the game. Puzzles often appear, as well as enclosed locations, which require collecting a key or other items to open them. By the way, if you want you can complete almost any game without going into combat. If you wish, there are six weapons available. Half is made up of firearms, while the other is made up of objects such as a piece of wood. There are two special weapons, unlocked when the game is completed. The game's narrative puts you in control of James Sunderland, who goes to Silent Hill after receiving a letter from his late wife, Mary. She asks in the letter that he find her in a special place. Your mission, therefore, is to find this supposed place. The city is covered with thick fog, and monsters lurk everywhere to attack you. Interestingly, Silent Hill 2 features six different endings. Each is in accordance with the decisions made by the player during gameplay . For this and all of the above, it is a memorable game that is always worth revisiting for those who miss PlayStation 2. You must play this game if:
  • Want an experience of deep psychological terror
  • Are you a fan of survival games

5. Kingdom Hearts II

Kingdom Hearts II is a fusion between Disney characters and Final Fantasy franchise characters , as was the first title in this series. Here we accompany Sora once again, in the company of Donald Duck and Goofy, traveling between fantastic worlds of Mickey Mouse realm. In a well-dosed mix of hack n 'slash roleplaying , Kingdom Hearts II has epitomized by allowing players a very entertaining contact with iconic pop culture characters. You can travel to worlds like Mulan, Lion King, Beauty and the Beast and even Tron and Pirates of the Caribbean. In addition to these, there are others inspired by Disney productions. There are a lot of characters from Final Fantasy too , like Cloud and Sepiroth. Your mission is to face Organization XIII, as well as hearthless monsters and specific villains from each world. In possession of your Keyblade and items and magic, you will face a series of puzzles and enemies until the game ends, leading to the third chapter of the franchise. The success of Kindgom Hearts II was such that in Japan it gained a manga and even a romance. Still in Japanese territory was developed a special version of the game, with additional content. It's undoubtedly one of the funniest titles on PlayStation 2. There's a lot of game to explore, and it's indispensable for anyone who wants to play Kingdom Hearts III . You must play this game if:
  • Want the experience of one of the best video game crossovers
  • Fan of Disney Narratives

6. Final Fantasy X

The tenth major title in the Final Fantasy franchise was a milestone on PlayStation 2. It is the transition from pre-rendered backgrounds to a 3D setting. In addition, he brought voice acting for the first time to the games in the series. Finally, combat in Final Fantasy X is no longer based on real-time turns. Instead, it uses shifts that are not time-conditioned. Final Fantasy X is not considered an open world game, but gives the player greater freedom of exploration. All of the game's "worlds" and their maps are part of a single world and a single map. Because they are integrated, it is not necessary to travel long distances, as was done until then in franchise titles. This game features seven playable characters: Tidus, Yuna, Rikku, Auron, Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri Ronso. Each has its own set of skills, called the Sphere Grid . As you win battles and gain experience, you will receive spheres, which distribute them into a network of your characters' abilities. According to their abilities, they can specialize in different "classes". Initially you only control Tidus. He is a player in a sport known as Blitzball. He is attacked by a mysterious being, who sucks him and transport him in time and space. Waking up on a beach, he meets Wakka, guardian of Yuna, a summoner , who must sacrifice himself to defeat the entity called Sin. With a beautifully constructed narrative and an innovative battle system for the series at the time, Final Fantasy X is an excellent game. Brought to PS2 one of the most beloved games of the FF franchise . No wonder this title received a direct sequel, the X-2 . You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy Final Fantasy games
  • Want to try the first FF of the 6th generation of consoles

7. Shadow of the Colossus

This title is seen as a work of art within the gaming world. It brought to PlayStation 2 a game system that was not very common for an action game. In Wander's skin, you explore a more or less open world in which you must defeat 16 colossi, which are giant creatures. This to resurrect a girl named Mono. And that's basically all you have to do. There are no other characters to interact with, no enemies to eliminate but the colossi. You will not see any cities, caves or dungeons that can be explored for gold or items. There is very little information initially on what needs to be done. Shadow of the Colossus is a game that requires strategy. The first two colossi can be eliminated more easily as they are in the open. Wander's mare Agro can also assist in open field battles. Most of the 16 colossi, however, are indoors. Wander is armed only with a sword and a bow and arrows. The player needs to find the weaknesses of each creature in order to eliminate them. This can be facilitated by the use of the sword, which illuminates these points. Again: It is a game that will require patience to find the creatures as well as to kill them. Overall, Shadow of the Colossus is a simple gameplay game . The mechanics are easy to master, and the game's objectives seem clear to understand. It is in the narrative and plot construction, however, that this title stands out. It is thus present as one of the most important games of PlayStation 2. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy open world games
  • Interested in challenging battle mechanics

8. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

GTA: San Andreas is considered one of the most important titles of the 6th generation of consoles. It's the best-selling PlayStation 2 game and one of the most acclaimed in the Grand Theft Auto franchise . Despite all the controversy generated over its violent gameplay , it has become a historical success among many cultural products. Here the player controls only the character Carl Johnson, known as CJ. He returns to Los Santos, one of the districts of the fictional state of San Andreas, to bury his mother after a five-year season in Liberty City. Early on, he regains the prestige of his family and his former gang, the Groove Street Families. CJ is betrayed, however, by two friends and fellow criminals. They are involved with a corrupt cop, Tenpenny. He kidnaps CJ, dropping him away from Los Santos after arresting his brother Sweet. All major missions lead CJ, therefore, to do jobs for Tenpenny, while figuring out how to get rid of the corrupt cop and get his brother's freedom. This game features gameplay that has become a symbol of the series. It is a mix of third person shooter with open world exploration. This exploration can be done on foot or using vehicles such as motorbikes, cars, airplanes, battle tanks, boats and even a jet pack . Since it is a nonlinear game, you can do any available quest you want, in the order you want. San Andreas is a game much remembered by PlayStation 2 precisely because of the multiple possibilities of gameplay . It also portrays the world of crime, drugs and corruption that surrounds the poorest ghettos and neighborhoods. It is therefore a narrative and gameplay milestone on PS2, including remastering on other platforms. You must play this game if:
  • Fan of the Grand Theft Auto series
  • You haven't played one of the most outstanding GTA games yet.

9. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

The experience provided by The Sands of Time is what makes it a very important title on PlayStation 2. The plot is interesting and intriguing. The atmosphere of the game, whether visual or sound, is fantastic. But it is in the combination of fighting stages and exploration stages that this Prince of Persia conquered the players. Most of the game will require the player to run through the scenery running, climbing and running through the walls. This is critical for avoiding pitfalls, overcoming holes in the scenario, and reaching platforms and structures in high places. Throughout your exploration you may notice that your life bar is easily filled when you drink water from sources. It can also be expanded when accessing specific locations within the palace where the game takes place. In terms of combat, all movements used in exploration are effective in overcoming enemies. Jumping from one parade to another or jumping over opponents to evade attacks are possible moves that should be used. All of your enemies are either human or animals that lived in the palace. In addition to the Bosses, there are 10 different types of opponents in the game. Each dead enemy gives you a portion of sand. This sand is critical to reloading your Time Dagger. The Time Dagger is the most important artifact of the game. With it you can go back up to 10 seconds in time. This avoids enemy blows, scenario destruction and even your own death. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time is a classic PlayStation 2 game. It was not only the basis for future franchise games, but it also undoubtedly inspired games like Assassin's Creed . It is an incredible title from the game mechanics standpoint and very innovative for the time. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy games like the Assassin's Creed franchise
  • Want to meet one of the most iconic video game franchises

10. Resident Evil 4

Resident Evil franchise's fourth major title was considered one of the most important PlayStation 2 games. Fully third-person, it shows a great evolution in gameplay over Resident Evil 3 . The camera mechanics have been modified, for example, mainly in relation to the shooting system. In Resident Evil 4 , you control Leon six years after the second game in the series. Its mission is to rescue the daughter of the President of the United States of America, who was kidnapped by a cult type. Once in Spain, in a village, you must face its residents, who have been infected with a kind of disease. As is customary in the franchise, you can utilize a range of firearms. The camera follows Leon from behind, but approaches when you aim at an enemy. An addition made in this game was the possibility of using laser sights. Shots now affect the body parts of the enemies hit. You can disarm someone with a shot in the arm, just as you can shoot down an enemy with a shot in the leg. Two other mechanics added to the game make it an exceptional title for the season. The scenario can be used to your advantage at any time of the game, but especially in battles, either to deflect an attack or to counter an enemy. Also included were "minigames" or real-time events. By pushing a sequence of buttons that appear on the screen you can perform various movements. There are those specific to escape, while others work as an attack. Resident Evil 4 is still today one of the most celebrated games in the series. It brought memorable innovations in its mechanics, in an interesting and intriguing narrative. While the enemies are not canonical brain-eating zombies, there is an even greater challenge in combat over previous titles. You must play this game if:
  • Like the Resident Evil series
  • Want a challenging action experience

11. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater is one of the most beautiful games on PlayStation 2. For the time, the graphics were perfect. The fact that two-thirds of the game is set in a forest further favored the franchise's biggest feature: stealth. The implementation of other mechanics in this sense makes this game one of the best stealth titles on PlayStation 2. In this sense, completing quests with patience, strategy and stealth moves is still the best in Snake Eater . In fact, players are rewarded for going through missions without killing enemies and without being seen. The environments are full of hostile opponents, which makes this kind of gameplay difficult . But that's where the fun of the game lies. You have at your disposal a range of firearms and melee weapons. However, the interesting thing is to take advantage of the game's new camouflage system. The cardboard box, classic of the franchise, is also present. Items to detect enemies can be purchased in scenarios. The camouflage system is the most fun in the game. You can purchase clothes and face paintings. This is efficient, especially in forest environments. Using the scenario to your advantage is important. Hiding among bushes or climbing trees is essential for progression in the game. There is even a system that allows you to see how invisible you are to enemies. Other interesting mechanics make this game one of the most important on PS2. Like the fact that Snake, the protagonist, loses performance when injured and needs to be medicated. You should also use forest foods to regain your energy. Also, the amount of weight you carry in your backpack can slow you down. For all that, Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater has brought a fantastic gaming experience to PlayStation 2 players. Zeroing it without killing any enemy is one of the greatest rewards a player can ever have. And certainly one of the hardest tasks to accomplish. You must play this game if:
  • Enjoy stealth style games
  • Want a gaming experience with a strong narrative

12. Okami

Finally, let's go to one of the greatest masterpieces of PlayStation 2. Okami was released almost together with PlayStation 3. Although well received by the critics, it had low sales. Still, it was very successful and is still remembered today for its watercolor design and strong narrative features. In this game, you control Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess, who takes the physical form of a white wolf. Your mission is to travel the earth and eliminate Orochi, a legendary eight-headed snake. You are accompanied by an artist who returns the colors and beauty of the world with watercolor techniques. The game is very simple with regard to gameplay. Clearly inspired by The Legend of Zelda , it makes the player attack enemies, solve puzzles and explore partially open areas. Missions are linear, but it is possible to perform secondary quests without necessarily going straight to the main ones. The technique known as Celestial Brush is one of the most fun functions in the game. You can draw at any time of the gameplay . Your drawings can be used to beat enemies or to progress in exploring the scenery. You can blind an opponent with paint, for example, or cut it in half by scratching the canvas with your brush. Okami has a very diverse combat system. In addition to using the Celestial Brush , you can use weapons and martial arts moves to defeat enemies. In dojos you can acquire new moves, for example, and vendors provide you with useful items for game progression. As an artistic experience, Okami is one of the best-developed PlayStation 2 games. It gives your players a good time with a complex and interesting mythological background. You must play this game if:
  • Interested in the concept of game art
  • Want to immerse in elements of Japanese culture and mythology

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