Fortnite became an unquestionable success very quickly. This is due to many factors. The gameplay mechanics are simple, providing a combat system accessible to all types of players . Also, getting 100 players to fight each other in a space that is closing in little by little has proved a genius idea. No wonder other quality games were created from the same formula. So if you're looking for titles that look like Fortnite or that at least remind you of your success, you've come to the right place. In this article we will bring you 10 options of games as good as this one that will guarantee you long hours of fun, whether in Battle Royale or Survival mode .

1. Free Fire

Platforms: iOS and Android Free Fire is perhaps one of Fortnite's most interesting clones . Instead of up to 100 players at the same time, here you may have to face up to 49 players , totaling 50 players at once with one goal: to be the only survivor on the battlefield. Initially you fly over an island on a plane without any weapons or items. You can choose which place on the island to parachute, which makes it possible to map out a survival strategy. By the way, the first thing to do is to avoid enemies, at least until you find a weapon to defend yourself. There are several weapon options in Free Fire . You have melee weapons, ideal for melee combat such as machetes and swords. The recommended, however, is to bet on firearms. There are pistols, SR, SG, AR, SMG and grenades. With each new season of the game new pieces are added, so be careful. Free Fire also features the Fire Passes. They are divided into free or elite. The elite ones, unfortunately, are paid for, but end up providing more special and exclusive items to players. Each Pass has a specific theme, so items, especially skins , tend to fit that theme. Finally, Free Fire characters are also important. The two most common, Adam and Eve, have no special ability other than changing skin color. They are free, though. The other 15, totaling 17 avatars , have unique abilities that the player can use to their advantage in combat. The problem is that most need game money to buy it.


Platforms: iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC This game is directly inspired by a Japanese movie called Battle Royale , and by that name it's easy to see what PUBG is . The formula is basically the same as Fortnite , since in PUBG you also parachute on an island. There are up to 100 players facing each other for the sole survivor rank of the round. In this game you can choose to join a match alone, in pairs or in a group of up to four friends. As with Free Fire , you have to choose where you want to jump off the plane. You get to the ground without any items, so choosing the finish point is crucial if you don't want to start dying. Some zones on the map receive better equipment than others, being called risk zones. It takes a lot of quick thinking not to make the wrong decision here. It's worth scouring every corner, from ghost towns and abandoned buildings to open fields. This can yield you heavy weaponry and even vehicles. PUBG brings another important feature common to other games in the genre: the shrinking terrain of the map. Every five minutes the map starts to close. All players outside the safe area are promptly eliminated. Another thing to note is that from time to time a particular area of ??the map may be bombarded. The idea with these game mechanics is to force players to meet so that fair players are privileged over campers .

3. Realm Royale

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Free and multiplatform, Realm Royale is a game that is not as high as others in the genre, but is as much fun as. Here you are also launched from a plane towards an island without weapons, equipment and any items. The mission is to be the only survivor among 100 players. If you want, you can play in Squad mode , forming a team of up to four players . There are some differentials of Realm Royale over other Battle Royale of the genre that need to be highlighted. The first one is that there is a crafting system . That is, it is possible to destroy found items to make them better and more powerful. This is done at Forja, a specific map location that often ends up packed with players . Another unique point of the game is that players may KO from another player . When this happens, the loser is transformed into a chicken. If it survives for a certain time, it is transformed back into its original avatar . Importantly, in this game there are four character classes. Each has specific abilities and best off with specific weapons and equipment. In relation to other features, Realm Royale is very similar to Fortnite and other games of the genre. It also features Battle Pass , which rewards players with skins and other items.

4. Ring of Elysium

Platform: PC Ring of Elysium is perhaps one of the least known on our list. After all, its release is recent, since it became available only in 2018. It brings a dynamic at the same time similar and different from that provided by Fortnite . Here too there are elements of survival in a more or less open world where one has to eliminate other players and not be eliminated. The backdrop puts up to 60 players at once in a blizzard and stormy mountain environment. All players are trapped in this hostile environment, waiting for ransom. The problem is that on the plane that will save the survivors only fit four people. From this you must eliminate the other competitors. At the same time, we must survive the ever-approaching Ymir storm. You can and should find weapons available on the map. In addition, you have at your disposal a snowboard and climbing equipment. To date there have been only two seasons of Ring of Elysium . The first was the one we talked about above in a snow mountain. The second is set on a tropical island where the same 60 players must escape a cloud of smoke and ashes.

5. Cuisine Royale

Platform: PC Cuisine Royale 's main idea is to make the player laugh while playing. The theme is all inspired by the kitchen, so its equipment includes various utensils such as pans. But of course the traditional weapons are also present in the game, and have a wide variety of models for the player to use. The game itself is a big parody of the Battle Royale , but it has won many fans. Firstly, it brings elements common to the genre, such as the goal of surviving dozens of enemies. Since there are a maximum of 30 players per match, it is easier to find other players to enter a round, which is also a plus for Cuisine Royale . Other features make this a great Battle Royale for anyone who just got tired of Fortnite . The loot system is quite simple with numerous boxes available on the map. They are usually well balanced, which is fair to all players. You can also find foods scattered around the map that can be used in favor of the player.

6. Rules of Survival

Platforms: iOS, Android, and PC This game follows the magic formula of Fortnite and other Battle Royale games . There are two maps on which the action can take place. Up to 120 players can play on Ghillie Island, while in Fearless Fiord the maximum is 300 players . Compared to other games of this type, it is what most supports people in the same game. As with most Battle Royale , there are many ways to play. You can play alone, in pairs, in groups of four and also in groups of five, called Fireteam . The game has two special game modes, Gold and Diamond , where you can get gold and diamond throughout the game. There is a special game mode called Blitzkrieg , in which players already get armed. The common thing, however, is for players to emerge from a spot on the island without weapons or any equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to loot , either in boxes or in dead players . From time to time, the safe area of ??the island is reduced, which leads players to meet obligatorily. The last winner wins the match.

7. Battlelands Royale

Platforms: iOS and Android Battlelands Royale is more reminiscent of Cuisine as it supports fewer players per game. This facilitates entry into matches and makes matches faster as well. Since the game is for mobile phones only, having fewer players makes it lighter. Battles usually last a maximum of five minutes, so expect plenty of intensity. The characters are another special detail as they are very cute. They are small, reminiscent of tiny versions of Fortnite's heroes . Once you've chosen yours, just parachute off the ground, pick up your guns, and shoot everyone. This is because there is no waiting room. As with other games of its kind, there are several maps you can play on. Once landed, there are many options for places you can plunder, explore or even hide. The only thing you can't do is take too long to act as the storm is approaching, which will diminish the safe area of ??the map. Here you can also play alone, in pairs or in threes. There are battle passes that give you unique and exclusive items to customize your characters. In Battlelands Royale there are also victory dances , skins and other typical Battle Royale acquisitions . It is therefore a super fun game, light and deserves your attention.

8. Survival Heroes

Platform: Android Survival Heroes is a mix of MOBA with Battle Royale . Thus, it brings some extra elements to this type of game, which can be "breath of life" to the genre. In this game you can start anywhere on the map. Just choose. As soon as you appear, run for a gun and be aware of everything. Trees, shrubs, misty terrain: everything can contain surprises. A difference of this game compared to others is that it contains creatures controlled by artificial intelligence. That is: in addition to the enemies controlled by other players , you must also be aware of random monsters that may come your way. Be careful, they can kill you too. There are over 30 varieties of weapons available in Survival Heroes . They are firearms and melee weapons, which allow various ways to annihilate enemies. Another possibility here is to set traps for the enemies to die. It is a very interesting option, especially for those who want to play on mobile .

9. H1Z1

Platforms: PlayStation 4 and PC H1Z1 is a robust Battle Royale , which has undergone numerous changes throughout its production, including changing its name more than once. The final version brings the 100 players fighting against each other to survive. The players can play alone, in pairs or in groups of at most five players. The parachute drop occurs in a random area of ??the map. The mission to survive can be done in many ways, according to the style of each player. You can go on the offensive by taking one of the many weapons scattered around the map. Or, if you like, you can camper , waiting for the other players to come and eliminate you. If you want, you can find vehicles to run over opponents or just use them to escape. There is a good loot system in the game, allowing first aid kits, weapons and equipment to be obtained almost anytime. In addition, there is the possibility of forging equipment in H1Z1 . As with the other Battle Royale , there is a feature in the game, which is a cloud of toxic gas that eliminates players. It reduces the size of the map, which forces players to face each other until none survive.

10. Apex Legends

Platforms: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC One of the latest releases of the Battle Royale genre , Apex Legends has reached huge flights very quickly, although it has already lost some of its popularity. It takes place in the same universe as Titanfall , including 30 years after the events of this game. Like the other games on the list, players must face each other to survive. There are a maximum of 60 players per game, and they are always grouped in threes. Players must seek weaponry and equipment in general so that they can survive opponents and eliminate them in order to survive. A difference from other Battle Royale is that a dead player may be revived by a team member under certain circumstances. Apex Legends also has a very efficient communication system, which allows players to "exchange an idea" for voice chat. Those who cannot access this feature have the option to ping map features. In the game, each player must choose a unique "Legend" hero, which can even be customized in their appearance. They have unique abilities, which gives a certain dynamism to the fighting. It should be added that this game is free to play , although it has micro transactions and some packs that give access to special items.

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