Loot? Ranked? Quitar? EP? You have certainly heard some words in Free Fire that do not know the meaning. These expressions may confuse the novice player or even the advanced player, but we decided to create a dictionary with the most popular words. Check out the glossary and learn the words that will help you improve communication and your performance in Free Fire.



Container attached to a parachute, dropped by a plane with valuable equipment and powerful weapons. It is relatively easy to detect as it emits a beam of light as soon as it lands. Can be triggered by the player using an Airdrop flashlight. It is often abbreviated to "drop".

White gun

For a translation mistake, the melee weapons for the creators of Free Fire are pistols. Don't ask us why, we also have no idea why they don't correct.


Bot / Boot

Player controlled by the game itself, very common in casual mode matches among the most basic patents. Not a great shooter and simply advances without care until eliminated. Sometimes, by mistake, it can be referred to as "boot" or even "but".


Derived from "Bug". Game error that may affect graphics and / or gameplay

Cover Bug

In a nutshell, this Bug or game mechanic allows you to get headshots by crouching and shooting quickly with virtually no defense possible. It is used with the standard sight. It is also seen as a major Free Fire bug by many players, but nonetheless there is.



It is the act of marking a place on the map, but it also designates voice communication. Despite being used a lot when the team is jumping off the plane, it can be used at any time of the match. "Trust the Call" is also a very common expression whenever a player chooses a location that not all the team agrees on. Basically, it means communicating.

Clip / Clip / Clip

Short videos where players show off their coolest shots or moves. Comes from the term "clip" for short "video clip".


Classic mode without rank


A player who prefers to be ambushed, waiting for the movements of others and leaving the games very boring when exaggerated.


The act of being camper



An abbreviated way to call the shotgun SPAS12. Not sure what a SPAS12 is?


Diamond abbreviation.



Freely translated, EP stands for Energy Points. By filling the EP bar (yellow) with mushrooms (or by eliminating with Miguel's ability) you can heal your HP bar (white) one point per second until it is full or your EP bar is empty.


Same as patent. There are several links in the rank of Free Fire: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Master. That's the question any player loves to be asking everywhere, nobody knows why.


Free fire

Battle Royale very popular. Have you heard?

Flanking / Franking

This is a military term meaning side attack. Imagine that an enemy player is campering in a house. After a frontal attack, you decide to move sideways to avoid being hit. This is what is called flanking.

fire pit

A survival item that needs to be equipped before each match allows the player or team to regenerate their energy. It can be placed anywhere, even inside a home. It is for one use only.



Group of players who play regularly together with a common goal. Thus, they get more points and climb the rankings more easily and can enter only guild competitions, among other details.

Eggnog / Gemadão

This is a term borrowed from other games where players spend gems to buy new skins or equipment, usually using real money. In Free Fire, it is easy to spot a eggnog as it always spends a lot of diamonds.



Abbreviation for "Headshot" or headshot. It's the fastest way to eliminate an enemy player and get the highest score. It is also the one that requires the most aim.


Your life bar. If it is empty, you die. It can heal with some EP, Bonfire or with bandages.


Software that gives the player an unfair advantage, usually resulting in a suspended account. Only very bad and rogue players use this kind of help. Whenever reading or hearing someone say "Rack" this is a mistake. The term is Hack.



Elimination of an enemy player. The more kills you get, the better your score.


It is a succession of rapid eliminations. However, this is a term borrowed from other games, as Free Fire, for now, does not differentiate its eliminations during the game.



It's another way to designate "Squad" or a team of four.


Equipment and weaponry scattered throughout the map at refueling points, Token or Airdrop. It can range from backpacks, weapons, extras, vests, helmets and even special items. Having a good loot is the best way to win the match.


The act of looting. Simply, it is quickly to pick up the equipment wherever it is, choosing only the most valuable and ignoring the rest. Even better when you take equipment from a player you have eliminated.


Abbreviation for M79 Grenade Launcher, Free Fire's most beloved and hated weapon. Appears a lot in the classic phrase "Take the Spear".



Free Fire Maximum Patent. The goal of every Free Fire player


When an opponent has no vest, helmet and low life



Beginner player but also used as an insult. To call another player Noob is to accuse him of having little skill and experience.


Elite Pass

The Fire Pass can be free or Elite. The Elite Pass rewards the player with different prizes, clothes and gold, but must be purchased with real money. It also has daily Elite Pass missions that cannot be accessed by the free pass.

Replenishment Point

Also called Treasure Map, it is simply a Survival item you can earn or buy. Must be activated while still on the plane. Once activated simply go to the location marked on the map and collect the equipment and supplies, usually level 3, that are there. Be careful not to be ambushed.


This acronym stands for Player Versus Environment which stands for Player versus Environment Simply, the player faces opponents or other dangers controlled by the artificial intelligence of the game itself. In Free Fire, the only PVE mode currently available is the Mortal Uprising mode.



From the English term "quit" which means giving up. A quiter quits Squad or Duo after being eliminated, causing his team to lose many points. Sometimes some players use the term "Kitador". It is the same meaning.


Rank or Ranked

Free Fire competitive mode. In this mode, the player gets more coins and more EXP. The matches are more difficult.


Quickly attack an enemy or objective, at maximum speed and as aggressively as possible



English term for shotgun.

Submachine guns

They are weapons capable of automatic fire but smaller, with the acronym SMG. In Free Fire the submachine guns are:
  • MP40
  • MP5
  • A P
  • P90



A caller is a cheater who goes into another player's live to find out where he is. It is obviously a cheat. It is also known as "Stream Sniper".



Direct confrontation between players in one against one or simply solo mode.


Zé Cart

A player who overstates the road kill and never leaves his car. It is not the best viewed by other players but it is not illegal.

Ze Casinha

Player who insists on keeping hidden, moving only at the last second

Ze Lootinho

Player who even with the full backpack insists on getting the whole loot.

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