The PSP was the first notebook created by Sony. Although it has never been as successful as its console cousins, such as PlayStation 1 and 2, it has managed to conquer a good number of players worldwide. After all, it received games from major franchises, such as God of War and Final Fantasy. In this article we have separated the 10 best PSP games that you definitely need to play if you still have the laptop or if you plan to buy one! See below!

1. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII

This is probably the best PSP game. Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is a prequel to FFVII. He's wonderful for several reasons. First because it maintains the quality of the gameplay . As an action RPG, there is no title that beats Crisis Core on the PSP. All FFVII fighting mechanics have been perfected and look amazing! And, of course, the story. In this game we know the past of Cloud and Sephiroth, in a deep plot, with super interesting dialogues. It is an essential game for those who have played FFVII and even for those who have not yet played. Especially now that Final Fantasy VII Remake is coming.

2. God of War: Ghost of Sparta

God of War: Ghost of Sparta is almost a spin-off of the franchise, which, unfortunately, only PSP owners were able to play. It is located between the first and second GoW of the first trilogy. Kratos is already a God of War, and now we hear some interesting information about his past. We found out how he gets his mark, we met the Spartan's brother, Deimos, in addition to his mother. It is a very important game in the mythology of Kratos, since many mysteries of the first and even the second game are revealed. Mainly about the relationship between the Ghost of Sparta and Ares. The game mechanics follow the success of the first title, in hack n 'slash style , being, therefore, a super simple game to be reset. It is very worthwhile for those who like Greek mythology and for those who followed the adventures of the Spartan in the first game .

3. God of War: Chains of Olympus

Chains of Olympus takes place between God of War: Ascension and God of War. It is a very dramatic game and it is the first of the PSP franchise. In it, Kratos fights on behalf of the Olympian gods, still lamenting the fact that he killed his family. He must find the god Helium, the sun, who was kidnapped by the Titan Atlas. In terms of gameplay , it's the success we're used to. Hitting, using spells and exploring mythical scenarios is what you’ll do throughout the title. There are new mythological creatures, like a basilisk, and new gods appear before the deity killer. It is a simple game, but one that is obviously won by its narrative.

4. Metal Gear: Peace Walker

There is no such thing as a bad Metal Gear. And Peace Walker is a major highlight of the franchise for being one of the best stealth games on the PSP. The game is so good that it got a PS3 version and entered a remastered collection, the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This title allows for cooperative missions, including gameplay tactics that favor teamwork. The movement and combat mechanics have been adapted from several previous titles in the franchise. There is a shot over the shoulder, you can move in a crouch, but not while lying down. In terms of the plot, it takes place 10 years after the events of Metal Gear Solid 3, focusing again on Naked Snake, also known as Big Boss.

5. Silent Hill Origins

Silent Hill Origins is one of the games that every PSP owner needs to play. It is in third person, with those angle changes typical of the series. The controls are in 2D, to optimize performance. The combat system has been improved, and all weapons are finite. That is: they break after a few uses. Despite not being able to escape from enemies, the protagonist Travis can detach himself if he is grabbed. The presence of the Alternative World is another strong point of the game . Mainly because their actions in one world are reflected in the other. In general, the horror experience remains firm and strong, mainly due to the dark ambience and the soundtrack focused only on details.

6. GTA: Vice City Stories

Vice City Stories follows the same idea as Liberty City Stories, which is to tell an alternative story in a scenario already known to players. Instead of Lance Vance we now control Victor Vance, his brother. The plot takes place 2 years before GTA: Vice City, in a slightly different city, with several buildings under construction. Vic Vance is straight, even part of the Army. One of his supervisors, however, corrupt, forces him to run a drug trafficking business. Then you can imagine that things go wrong and that Vance goes on dozens of missions to survive all this. Of course, entitled to car chases, a lot of shooting and those beautiful walks in the city that only GTA can provide.

7. Monster Hunter Freedom Unite

Monster Hunter Freedom Unite is part of one of the coolest video game franchises. In this portable version, the player obviously plays a monster hunter. He was attacked by a Tigrex, having fallen from a mountain and lost part of his memory. So the game begins, with the player having to regain his skills and relearn some of them. From then on it is possible to choose between single or multiplayer mode . The single mode follows 4 different mission types. The more missions you carry out, the closer you are to facing the Boss of a certain level of power, being able to pass to the other. This game is quite challenging and is considered one of the most difficult in the franchise. It is very worthwhile, because, in addition to the fantastic gameplay , it brings very good graphics to the PSP.

8. Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

Of course, our Top 10 could not fail to mention Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. It serves as a prequel to the entire franchise, passing 10 years before the first KH. The game focuses on Terra, Aqua and Ventus, characters who continue on a mission to protect the animated worlds from evil creatures. In terms of gameplay it is one of the most different titles in the franchise. Each character has a specific helper, in addition to having their own techniques and spells. Something quite different from what we see in other games , in which Sora has mastered several different powers. Each character has its own "path" to be explored, which makes the narrative even quite wide. Mainly because each game world has its own minigame after all the objectives in the world have been fulfilled. This minigame is for giving extra items and skills.

9. Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines

Another exceptional franchise that is present on the PSP. Assassin's Creed: Bloodlines takes place between the first two games in the series. It brings the same dynamics as the main games, with an open world to be explored by the player. The narrative is not linear, with several side missions to be accomplished. Altaïr is back, now on the island of Cyprus. He left the Holy Land to continue his mission to assassinate the Knights Templar. However the main focus of the game is to explain the relationship between Altair, Desmond and Ezio, both descendants of the first assassin shown in the franchise. As for gameplay, expect the success of other games: stealth, parkour and several different ways to kill your enemies.

10. Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: Tag Force 3

The third title in the Tag Force series is the fourth with the most cards in the entire franchise. There are exactly 3501 playable cards, which is a lot. It is based on the fourth season of the anime, in the GX saga, but does not exactly follow the main story of the cartoon. In fact, in narrative terms it is quite confusing, which did not please fans. Still, it is very worthwhile for crowning the Tag Force series, started on the PSP. It is the first game in the franchise to allow players to choose a female character to control. The highlight, in the opinion of the players, is being able to use non-GX cards, such as Synchros. This document was composed with the free HTML beautifier which can be accessed here. Use it every time for document editing.

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