League of Legends is a game in constant evolution. And the most recent changes were a real revolution in the game. Among the biggest changes are the end of the level 30 limit and a completely renewed Blue Essence. Ready to know everything about the changes?

Goodbye level 30, hello infinite

Yes, it is true! Now players will be able to go much further than level 30, with no limits on this new leveling system.

The unexpected merger of IP + Blue Essence

The IP and the Blue Essence have been transformed into one and now there is a new Blue Essence (EA). This renewed EA completely replaces the IP system, functioning as a currency in the game, but also maintaining its previous function. Riot Games has confirmed that everything in the Champions store will continue to cost the same as it did with the previous system.

How to earn Blue Essence

You will no longer receive IP at the end of each game, but you will earn a chest every time you reach a new level . And on leveling up, you get Blue Essence fragments and Champion fragments. You can also obtain Blue Essence if you disenchant Champions There are also special loot when you reach certain levels (for example, level 50 or 75), such as emotes or hard to get gems. Learn how to earn Blue Essence in LoL and where to spend

Experienced players will want to go to the Blue Essence Shop

You've been playing League of Legends for years, have EA mountains to spend and don't know where? Riot has a surprise reserved for this type of players: the Blue Essence Shop. This store sells chromas, very rare skins, icons and more for those who have EA to spend. But beware, the store is open for a limited time: only until November 27th !

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