The 10 best Dragon Ball Z games for Goku and company fans

The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the ones that produced the most video games. There are several titles that start on older consoles, such as Sega Saturn, reaching the platforms of the current generation. In this article we bring you the 10 best Dragon Ball Z titles for you who are super fans of the series!

1. Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3 - Super Nintendo

SNES nostalgists will surely remember Super Butouden 3 . The Botouden series was the most famous and most adored on the console. The third game was not that different from its predecessors, but it added the Tournament as the main gameplay mode . Leaving Story mode aside was the best decision made by the game's developers. As it was based entirely on the Boo saga, the 10 playable characters suited the Tournament very well. It was very reminiscent of the manga, which pleased those who were fans of the franchise. In addition, for the time, 1994, the graphics were very cool. Loading the Ki has also become much easier and faster than previous games in the series. It was the perfect recipe for launching super attacks more often.

2. Dragon Ball GT Final Bout - PlayStation

Many will remember that game pack that came with 3 Drabon Ball titles. One of them was the Dragon Ball GT Final Bout . Yes, we know that the GT saga has never been very successful among fans. The game, however, brought some revolutions and news that the franchise players had not yet experienced. For the first time you could play with Goku Super Sayajin 4. Besides him, Pan and Goku child were striking presences, as well as Trunks of the future and Super Vegetto. And the arcade boss , Baby Oozaru, was just amazing! Besides, having a game rendered entirely in 3D was something that won over many players. It is not for nothing that this was the last title of the franchise to be released for consoles. After him, in 1997, only in 2002, with Budokai , we had another game .

3. Dragon Ball Z: The Legend - PlayStation and Sega Saturn

Another classic that could never be left out of this list. The gameplay brought a very cool perspective to the franchise, with fighters in 2D, but in a three-dimensional world. You could fight both on the ground and in the air, although aerial fights were more common and more fun. Basically it was to press square, ball and all the buttons to punch, kick and release Ki rays. When Ki was done, his character opened his guard and left room to be attacked. The bad thing was not being able to give specials. They occurred automatically when one team defeated the other. Yes, the fight was for teams. It was the red team against the blue. Each team could have a maximum of 3 fighters, and you would alternate between yours. When its energy bar surpassed that of the enemy, the Meteor Attack was released, which was nothing more than the special attack. This was the first game to have all the Z sagas. There were 8 stages, ranging from the Sayajin Saga to Kid Boo.

4. Dragon Ball Advanced Adventure - Game Boy Advance

Whoever is more a fan of Goku's early adventures, was certainly very happy playing Advanced Adventure . This game was focused only on the Dragon Ball saga. You started by finding Bulma, ending in the battle with King Piccolo. Of course always controlling little Goku. Another thing that set this title apart from others was the fact that you walk and encounter enemies while you walk. It is the legitimate platform style. When there was a Boss , the battle was individual. It was still possible to use the flying cloud to progress through the levels.

5. Legacy of Goku: Buu's Fury - Game Boy Advance

Some players of Buu's Fury do not imagine that this is the third game in a series of the franchise The graphics have not undergone major changes, maintaining that classic look of the first two games . Super attacks no longer exist, but Ki Blasts , physical strikes and exploration continue. The game is divided into 12 chapters. Each addresses a moment in the Buu saga. You start training Goku in the Otherworld, go through Gohan as a Great Sayaman, participate in the Martial Arts Tournament and everything in this saga. You can even expect Buu's body like Goku and Vegeta.

6. Dragon Ball FighterZ - PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

This is for many critics one of the best Dragon Ball games ever made. Visually there is no denying it: it is beautiful, regardless of the platform. The game is based on other successful fighting titles, bringing a formula similar to that seen in Marvel vs. Capcom , for example. There are 3 primary attack buttons, while one is responsible for Ki attacks. Including super attacks. In terms of characters, each side has a trio. You can make a switch in the middle of the fight between them whenever you want. The fighters have different fighting styles, which makes fighting. The game brings a new narrative to the series, taking place at the end of the Z saga. Android 16 was revived, including a new Android, 21. See how to unlock special characters The power of each Dragon Ball FighterZ character How to do all Dramatic Finish

7. Dragon Ball Budokai Tenkaichi 3 - PlayStation 2 and Wii

Among all the fighting games ever made, Budokai Tenkaichi 3 is one of the most fighters. It's 161! For the first time you could transform yourself into a Giant Monkey, which at the time was fantastic. The different stages, with fights taking place at night, during the day, at dusk left the game very immersive. Some fighters had specific combos, in addition to new features, such as Z Burst Dash and Blast Combos. Combat became even more dynamic with Sonic Sway, which allowed you to dodge simple physical blows. In terms of combat, few games have surpassed this one. The only thing is that in Story Mode some battles have been suppressed. Gohan against Super Boo, one of the most epic battles in the saga, was not portrayed in the game.

8. Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch

Xenoverse 2 followed the idea of ??the previous title, mixing RPG and fighting game. He improved what was already good in the first game , adding new elements to the Story Mode. The graphics are very detailed, taking full advantage of the latest generation. And the main city of this game is 7 times bigger than that of Xenoverse . There are many fighting games from films and Dragon Ball Super , which certainly pleased the younger generations of fans of the franchise. Some features that worked very well in the first game return, such as being able to train and learn strokes with masters. In this game the races became more exclusive. Some missions and minigames are exclusive to each type of fighter, which makes it even more interesting to choose the race at the beginning of the game. Also, if you want, you can import your Xenoverse character .

9. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit - PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360

Burst Limit is not one of the most remembered, but it is still a great game. It follows elements that worked in the Budokai series , mainly in terms of combat. The controls of physical strikes are simple, allowing a quick creation of combos. Ki attacks can be controlled in order to have even more power. The game also has a cutscene system that seeks to make the gameplay more faithful to the anime. In fact, there are supporting characters, who appear precisely in these scenes. They can take attacks from enemies for you, preventing your main character from losing life. Burst Limit goes from the Sayajin saga to the Cell saga, with some extra stories, like Broly looking for Goku.

10. Super Dragon Ball Z - PlayStation 2

Super Dragon Ball Z deserves attention for its look. Even belonging to an older generation, it had graphics that very pleased fans of the manga. He was very faithful to Akira Toriyama's original design, especially in the colors. A new Mecha Frieza was created exclusively for this game. This title brought gameplay closer to games like Street Fighter II . Even more in its most important mode, Arcade , in which enemies were faced stage after stage. A Survival mode allowed players to try to survive a maximum number of enemies without losing the entire energy bar. In Super Dragon Ball Z you could create a fighter from scratch, making him evolve when participating in battles. You could still unlock characters by collecting Dragon Balls, summoning Shenron. See 7 tips for doing well in Dokkan Battle !

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