Saint Seiya Tier List: Awakening - List of the best characters

Saint Seiya: Awakening has dozens of characters to choose from, each with their own characteristics and attributes. Of course, like any game with multiple characters, knights are not fully balanced, so some are better than others. Soon, we prepared the Tier List for you! As Saint Seiya: Awakening has several, it is normal for a character that is bad in one, good in the other or vice versa. Therefore, we brought here the lists of the best characters in three modes: Story, Boss Legion and Galactic Duel. Check out! Note : we prefer to leave the characters' names as they are in the game so that players who are not familiar with the series can identify them.

List of best knights for Story Mode

Rank S - The best in the way Shaka Arayashiki, Kiki and Marin
Rank A - Very good Aphrodite, Aiolos, June, Poseidon, Kanon, Deidalos, Luna, Dohko, Isaak, Pope, Saga, Death Mask, Seiya God Cloth, Aiolia, Shion, Nero Priest, Seiya, Mu, Ikki (Firebird), Camus, Nachi and Shun Nebula
Rank B - Average Saori, Shaka, Shun, Shura, Milo, Hyoga Gold Cygnus, Hyoga, Algol, Aldebaran and Katya
Rank C - Bad Shiryu Outraged, Cassios, Misty, Moses, Jabu, Jamian, Seyia Sagittarius, Shaina, Ikki, Black Swan, Mayura, Ichi, Asterion, Erda, Sorrento, Babel, Geki and Dante
Rank D - The worst in the mode Shiryu, Black Phoenix, Black Andromeda, Black Dragon, Black Pegasus, Guilty, Krishna, Xiaoling, Jango and Ptolomee
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List of best knights for Boss Legion

Rank S - The best in the way Seiya, Aphrodite, Dohko and Kiki
Rank A - Very good Aiolos, Marin, Deidalos, Luna, Shura, June, Milo, Seyia God Cloth and Nachi
Rank B - Average Shun Nebula, Mu, Shaka Arayashiki, Saori, Isaak, Poseidon and Shiryu Outraged
Rank C - Bad Aldebaran, Ikki (Firebird), Jabu, Saga, Camus, Hyoga, Shion, Seiya Sagittarius, Erda, Jamian, Katya, Aiolia, Deathmask, Asterion, Pope, Ichi, Misty, Cassios, Babel, Dante, Mayura, Shaina and Moses
Rank D - The worst in the mode Black Phoenix, Guilty, Shaka, Shiryu, Black Dragon, Black Pegasus, Algol, Kanon, Black Andromeda, Black Swan, Jango, Geki, Ikki, Ptolomee, Hyoga Gold Cygnus, Shu, Xiaoling, Nero Priest, Krishna and Sorrento
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List of best knights for Galactic Duel

Rank S - The best in the way Shaka Arayashiki, Poseidon, Seiya God Cloth, Shion, Dohko, Kanon, Kiki, Luna, Pope, Saori, Moses and Deathmask
Rank A - Very good June, Shun, Marin, Misty, Saga, Deidalos, Mu, Shura, Ikki (Firebird), Nero Priest, Milo, Camus, Shaina, Aiolia, Shiryu Outraged, Aphrodite, Hyoga, Aiolos and Black Swan
Rank B - Average Issak, Aldebaran, Nachi, Ichi, Shun Nebula, Hyoga Gold Cygnus, Cassios, Geki, Seiya Sagittarius, Babel and Seiya
Rank C - Bad Jamian, Asterion, Shiryu, Xiaoling, Krishna, Sorrento, Katya, Ikki, Erda, Mayura, Black Phoenix, Jabu and Algol
Rank D - The worst in the mode Black Dragon, Dante, Black Pegasus, Guilty, Jango, Ptolomee and Black Andromeda

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