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Almost everyone knows this great saga, one of the most mythical in terms of fighting games, and here in Trucoteca we present the new Tekken 7, the new installment is more loaded with action than ever, with new characters and much more , and as always we want to help you be the best fighter.


As always Tekken delights us with some novelty in his new deliveries, and of course this is not going to be less, in the new installment we will have the special movements, called rage arts, and as in his previous title we will continue destroying the scenarios depending on the beating Let's give the rival.

As for the new plot we continue with the mysteries that the Mishima clan hides, if we have played the previous ones we know that said clan always surprises us with some unexpected event, and we believe that the new Tekken will not be for less.

Attack kinematics:

Now we are going to leave you with a video where we will see all the attacks of anger that each character can perform in Tekken 7, it is a video with all the kinematics that are made when making an attack of anger to the rival to damage him a lot of life or even end him.


As fans of fighting games will know, Akuma is one of the most acclaimed characters, and now for the first time we have the famous character in the new Tekken 7, and now we warn you that he is also one of the strongest characters in this delivery, if you have played the previous Street Fighter you will see that the combos are almost equal, so it will not be difficult for you to learn to handle it, also it has an additional energy bar that only this character has that is to make the Super, in the Street Fighter served to carry out a very powerful attack and in Tekken 7 it will not be less, since it will carry out the attack of the thousand deaths when we manage to fill this bar, it is undoubtedly the most powerful of all.

Unlock Violet:

Some fans of the saga know this peculiar character, a formidable fighter that we can also use in the new Tekken 7, for this we will only have to go to the squad's squad and place ourselves in Lee Chaolan, then we just have to choose his second dress, Once done instead of playing with Lee, Violet will appear to face your rival, that simple, and you can do it as many times as you want.

Devil Kazuya:

He is a well-known character, in some previous titles we have been able to play with him, and in the new Tekken 7 we can control him for a few seconds, since you cannot choose as a character as it happens with the rest of the players, in order to handle Devil Kazuya for a few seconds, we will have to choose Kazuya Mishima and activate his Rage Art, when we activate it we will see how it becomes the well-known Devil Kazuya, the bad thing that will only last a few seconds.

Treasure Battle:

This game mode will allow us to get more money in a simpler way, since the more fights we earn the more money we will get, also the bonus will increase as we chain more consecutive victories, that way we will earn money quickly to spend on Store and customize our favorite characters.

In case this is not enough in this game mode, we can also get boxes, when opening these boxes, they can give us money or objects to customize, the more objects we have already unlocked, the more possibilities we will have to get money in these boxes.

Rages modes:

In the new Tekken 7 we will have different rage modes, these are alternative states that our character will achieve depending on multiple effects, we will have a total of three different states that we will tell you next.

This state will only be activated when we have little life left, at that time our character will light up a little red, in previous titles this effect increased the damage while we were still alive, this time the damage will not increase but in return We can perform new combos and lethal techniques.

Rage Arts:
If we have played Street Fighter we could say that they are the same as the Super, they are simple to perform and as a rule they are usually a short combination of buttons along with an address to throw the blow, also if we succeed in hitting the opponent we will jump a mini-kinematics to harm the enemy, in addition the damage is inverse to the proportion of health that our character has left, it means that the less life we have more life we will take away, when using it the state of anger is lost.

Rage Drive:
It is another alternative, they can be one-shot or several consecutive, they serve to increase some combo and thus further damage the enemies and like the previous one when we use it our Rage energy will be consumed.

Power Crushers:

They are attacks that absorb the damage received at medium or high heights, the character who uses the Power Crusher will lose health in a normal way, but instead his animation in the attack does not stop despite the blows, so also Despite receiving the damage from the opponent, the opponent will receive our damage, it may seem somewhat messy, but we will tell you an example, imagine that the opponent is locking us in a corner, or does not stop making combos, if we use the Power Crusher we will stop him , that way we can return to combat.

Note: The worst of the Power Crusher are the low blows or that the opponent throws at us, since he will cancel it and then we will be at a disadvantage.


As it happened in the previous title, we can buy different objects in the store with the money that we obtained carrying out combats, and there are also some objects such as guns or white weapons that when equipped will give us an extra attack to use said weapon, so never It is necessary to add to our favorite character one of these weapons and learn to control their attack since that way we will be more lethal when facing any rival.


Now we show you the list of all the characters that we can see in the new Tekken 7, many of them already know them, but there are some new ones, which certainly are up to the point of facing the most spectacular battles of this mythical saga .

Alisa Bosconovitch
Asuka Kazama
Bryan Fury
Claudio Serafino
Devil Jin
Feng Wei
Feng Wei
Heihachi Mishima
Jin Kazama
Josie Rizal
Katarina Alves
Kazuya Mishima
Kazumi Mishima
Lars Alexandersson
Leo Kliesen
Lucky Chloe
Ling Xiaoyu
Marshall Law
Nina Williams
Paul Phoenix
Sergei Dragunov
Steve Fox

New characters:

Previously we leave you with the complete list that will bring tekken 7 of characters, and now that we have some new ones that we have never seen, we tell you a little about their history to give you an approximate idea of how these characters will be, so that you will choose Your favorite fighter.

Lucky Chloe:
If we are big fans of fighting games, it will remind us of Marie Rose, from the DOA series, this female character is in love with Japanese culture, anime and manga, what we will realize just by seeing her clothes, At the moment its origin is unknown but we know that it hides a huge secret, besides not being of Japanese birth.

Claudio Serafino: He
is the first fighter of Italian origin of the game, although perhaps he is one of the most peculiar, since he uses magic to face his enemies, many have begun to speculate on the relationship of the Mishima family since their powers have a certain resemblance to that of the Diabolic Gene, but it is not known for sure since it is a supposedly celestial being of Judeo-Christian mythology.

For those who like big and wild beasts, almost without personality, Gigas will undoubtedly be his favorite character, it is a kind of armored animal that gives an air to the incredible Hulk, brute force in all its splendor, to who does not like to see how a heartless beast bursts rivals with force.

Josie Rizal:
Another new one for the take-out, of Filipino origin, its way of fighting focuses on the aspects of the document together with Kick Boxing, it is quite agile and fast, although a bit delicate as it seems since it is very prone to cry in some occasions.

Katarina Alves:
Of Brazilian origin, her combat mode is centered on Savate, it is similar to the style we saw in Miguel del Tekken 6's fighter, and at the moment little is known of her, except, that she is prone to scream and very daring

Kazumi Mishima:
A new fighter arrives, and neither more nor less than Heihachi Mishima's wife, who luckily or unfortunately goes against her own husband, will be the only female gender fighter with the Diabolic Gene and we will face her in the arcade version in its two forms, the human and the demonic.

His name comes from the meaning of White Halcon of royalty, and is a Saudi fighter, has a very military appearance and belongs to the high spheres of his native country, and arrives at the new tournament in search of revenge to see how they killed a partner of yours

Akuma needs no introduction for those who have played Street Fighter, he joins the new Tekken 7, and if he was already one of the fiercest warriors in Street Fighter we don't want to know what he will be able to do in the Tekken tournament since He is a character without emotions, and really cold, an expert in the art of Ansatsuken, a deadly fighting style.


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