Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy cheats for PS4

Now we are going to leave you with all the tips and help that we know of the new Crash Bandicoot Trilogy for PlayStation 4, a remaster of the first three titles that we live with the mythical PlayStation, it is time to relive those crazy screens full of enemies with our favorite fox , and therefore in trucoteca we show you the best way to complete everything without problems.

All bosses first crash:

In the following video we will see how to defeat all the bosses that we will find in the first Crash Bandicoot, in the video it is shown how to defeat them in the easiest way possible.
Papu Papu, Ripper Roo, Koala Kong, Pinstripe Potoroo, Dr. Nitrus Brio, Dr. Neo Cortex

Unlock Coco Bandicoot:

We all know Coco, and for the youngest or newest in the saga, we are talking about the sister of the great Crash Bandicoot, Coco is the little sister and now we can choose whether to play with the mythical Crash or with the sister, and for this we must meet some requirements if we want to see how it is handled, now we explain how to unlock Coco in each game so you can enjoy to the fullest.

Crash Bandicoot 1:
In the first game, in order to play with Coco, we must first play with Crash until defeating the great Papu Papu, once defeated, on the map we will see a new point that seems to lead nowhere, at that point We will have the possibility to play with Coco, and also once we have reached this point if we click on the map we will switch between Crash and Coco.

Crash Bandicoot 2:
As in the first we will have to advance to a certain area, in this case we have to play with Crash until we defeat the famous crazy kangaroo Ripper Roo, when we finish with it, we can go up to the second floor, and on that floor we will see a portal that we can activate to use Coco, and as before also pressing the in the level selection areas we will switch between Coco and Crash.

Crash Bandicoot 3:
Finally, in the third game it will be much easier if we want to play with Coco, since all we have to do is talk to her in the level selection zone and choose the character we want, and also It works if we press the in the level selection zone to switch between the two brothers.

Get Lives:

Now we will explain how we can get all the lives you need in the new game of the famous orange fox, and for this we will have to meet a series of requirements to get as many lives as we want, and since in each of the three games are achieved in a way, we will go on to teach you how to do it in each of its games so you can enjoy it to the fullest.

Crash 1:
In the first game, the first thing we will have to do is take the green gem, and to get it you have to pass the Lost City area without losing any life, and also breaking all the boxes, nobody said it was easy, but not impossible, in the bonus it does not matter if you die but if we have to break all the boxes, once we have the gem we have to go to Castle Machinery, once there we get on the green gem and so we will reach a hall where we can get all the lives, when we have them we leave, we finish the level and press the , load the autosave and so we return to Castle Machinery and so repeat it as many times as we need.

Crash 2:
To get it in the second game we will have to reach the Bee-Having level and we will have to get to just before the electric current, when we arrive we must press the + back to kill the bees that leave the honeycomb, with this we will arrive at 99 lives very soon.

Crash 3:
We will have to reach the Sphynxinator level when we are in it, we must take the road that goes to the left, and reach the door that opens and so we will get five more lives, we can repeat the process using the same self-save method that we did in Crash Bandicoot 1.

Colored Gems:

In the game we will have to find different colored gems spread across the scenarios, they are a total of 16 among the 3 games, and now we will explain how to get each of these gems so that you can get 100% of this fantastic Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy.

Crash Bandicoot 1:
In the first title we will have a total of 6 colored gems, found in the following locations.

The green gem will be found on level ten, in Lost City on the second island.

To get this gem we will have to reach level 24 in The Lab which is located on the third island.

Like the previous one on the third island, but now at level 21 in Lights Out.

This gem is hidden at level 17 in the Generator Room which is also on the third island.

The red gem will be found at level 20 on the third island, right in Slippery Climb.

Finally this gem is located on the third island at level 18 Toxic Waste.

Crash Bandicoot 2:
In the first title we will have a total of 5 colored gems, found in the following locations.

You will have to find the false wall to complete the secret route on the map of The Deal.

It is simpler than the previous one since we only have to complete the map of Plant Food before we run out of time.

We will have to reach the map of Beehaing, and approximately halfway along the route we will find some false nitro boxes, jumping on them will take us to a secret place to look for the gem.

We will have to complete another secret route using the secret portal of Air Crah or Snow Go.

We will have to avoid breaking any boxes on the Turtle Woods map to get this gem.

Crash Bandicoot 3:
In the first title we will have a total of 5 colored gems, found in the following locations.

This gem will be found on the map of The Flaming Passion when we reach the elevator for the Dead Route and look for it along the way.

We will have to travel to Hang Em Hight, in the secret area we will open another room where we will find 10 relics, and with them from the Warp Room we will get the gem.

The only thing we have to do is complete the Death Route in High Time.

On the map of Deep Trouble you should look for a box that has the exclamation mark at the end, by breaking it you will complete the secret path that you can now access if you go back over the previous steps so that a TNT box passes us.

Again you will have to complete the Death Route in Tomb Wader, and for that you must find the skull that marks the location, and you have to remember that you will not be able to perform this test if you have died.

Crash bandicoot 1:

In the first game we have a great task, to get to open the secret levels, and to be able to open the secret levels you will need to get certain keys, when you open the secret levels we can find hidden gems to get 100% of the game, but some are very hidden, That is why we help you find them so you can enjoy them to the fullest.

First key:
If you want to get the first key you will have to go to level 13, called Boulder Dash, and you will have to break all the boxes without leaving any, that way you will get access to the secret level called Whole Hog, which is necessary so that you can Find the white gem of Boulder Dash.

Second key:
Now it's time to go to level 21 with the name of Light Out, and we have to have previously collected the yellow gem that is at level 24 in The Lab, having it will open a new path that will take you to the key, and in turn will allow you to reach the secret level of Fumbling in the Dark and thus get the purple gem of Light Out.

Crash Bandicoot 3:

Quiet that we have more things to tell you about the new Crash Bandicoot, and now we are going with his third game, and in this installment our beloved characters could access new movements and skills, in each phase when facing their corresponding final boss we will unlock a new skill , and now we will explain how to get them all and what they are for.

Double Jump:
This ability as the name implies allows us to make a second jump before finishing the first one, which gives us some help to jump higher and access places that we could not reach before, to get this ability we will have to Beat the first area of the game.

This ability is especially useful to break the metal boxes, or eliminate some enemies, it is to jump, and when we are in the air press the button to fall, to get this iron you need to overcome the second area.

This ability is like the normal tornado we do, unless if we repeat several times pressing our whirlwind it will last much longer, which serves to plan in a jump, kill enemies, etc., this ability will be unlocked at the end of the third area.

Bazuka (throws apples):
Of the funniest skills that we will get throughout the game, since it is a gigantic help, we will have a bazuka that throws apples at the enemies, to get our powerful bazuka we have to press the , and have fun, to get it We must overcome the fourth area.

Fast Sports:
The last skill that we will unlock will be those of these sneakers with which our brothers will run much faster, they will be very useful when it comes to running against the clock, and to unlock them we will have to complete the fifth area.

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