Assassin's Creed: Origins Cheats for PS4

Assassin's Creed Origins has meant the resurgence of the saga in the form of very good reviews by the specialized press. The high marks refer to the high dose of fun it provides to gamers, especially when using the tricks on this page .

Key to improve your weapons

Being able to improve weapons will allow you to defeat even the most powerful enemies , but to increase their level a series of materials are necessary. To get them you can choose three different ways: find them on stage, acquire them or apply the trick that will be described below.

Before entering it, it should be noted that the purchase of the elements required to introduce the improvements in your weapons is extremely expensive. Thus, it is not advisable to invest the precious gold, since later you will need it for other purposes.

Instead, improve your weapons by dismantling those you consider expendable . Most players choose to sell them, but it is more important to obtain from them a series of materials - especially if they are among those in short supply in the game. In the future or even at that precise moment you can use them to shape another weapon other than a considerably higher level.

How is it worth spending the money

Continuing with the economic field, during the course of the History mode there will be many merchants who will offer you their products. Weapons are a clear example, asking for real barbarities for them . On the other hand, it is also common to run into saddle sellers.

Dispense with both elements, since completing missions and overcoming certain secondary challenges sooner or later you will end up doing both weapons and mounts without having invested a single currency .

Instead, use those that you accumulate to other aspects that are much more difficult to obtain, such as weapons considered legendary - which have a markedly greater offensive potential compared to traditional ones. On the other hand, it is also worth spending gold on very striking costumes .

Trick to fight

Do you want to be very effective in facing your enemies? In that case, when you see them coming, load the heavy attack to the fullest . When impacting on one or more of the characters that want to kill you, launch light attacks for a few seconds.

The moment they become more aggressive, do not hesitate to step back . Once again leaving a distance between you and the enemies that beset you, you can reload the most powerful attack and begin for the umpteenth time this very effective trick to end large groups of opponents.

If you add to that strategy the fact of opening the cage in which a dangerous animal is found, you will almost have everything done. And it is that the creature will soon be angry with each enemy it finds in its path, being able to take advantage of the situation to liquidate them.

Reach resources in a heartbeat

In Assassin's Creed Origins for PS4 there will be many occasions when you will be forced to get a certain resource. Making use of the Senu eagle is essential to find them , since due to the extension of the mapping, doing it on foot would be a headache.

It would also be difficult to reach the resource in question if it is too far from you. In that case, mark it and take advantage of the option to travel quickly. In this way in a short time you will be next to the element in question to obtain it easily.

Quick experience

The experience is very precious in Assassin's Creed Origins. Today there are two ways of obtaining quite fast , summarizing the first to go to the fortresses to find all kinds of chests. Opening them quietly will require liquidating the captains, an action that will also provide you with additional points.

The second method is to overcome the main missions that give a lot of experience. Are you one, two or three levels below recommended? Do not worry, with a little skill you can complete them without too much trouble.

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