Speed Drifters is a racing game with a good number of cars. All vehicles have different performances, with some attributes better than others and, in addition, some cars have unique characteristics. In this guide, you will find the best cars in the game, divided into the main classes: A, B and C. Note that not all cars are always available. Many Class C cars can be purchased by buying at the store or completing events, but Class A and B cars are limited to chests and temporary events. For this reason, it is important to know that cars in Speed Drifters are worth spending your money, coupons and diamonds on. You don't want to pay for something that doesn't work for you! We follow these criteria to choose the best cars:

  • Basic performance and attributes;
  • Exclusive feature;
  • Modification or modification levels.

Best class A cars

All Class A cars have one thing in common: they have unique characteristics. Among them are: less turning, quick recovery from a hit, increased nitro, etc. Another advantage of these cars is that they can receive many levels of modification, which increases the margin for improvement, in addition to having the base performance superior to the rest. So, if you have the option of getting one of these cars, don't miss out on the opportunity. These are the 4 class A cars that stand out.

Black Gold - Black Gold

  • Unique feature : less loss of speed when turning. With a 25% chance, every time you use a nitro or item or are hit by an object, you will have a small increase in power and maximum speed for 6 seconds.
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 24 18 18 30 12 102
This is a perfect car for acceleration lovers as there is no other car that has this attribute as high as Black Gold. In addition, high acceleration is accompanied by smooth spin (unique feature and greater collision force. You will be hard to hit!


  • Unique feature : After each skid, there is an 18% chance of increasing the maximum speed of the mini boost and nitro.
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 30 18 18 12 15 93
If you are a player who always seeks balance in everything, bet on this car. It has quite adequate performance in all aspects, although it stands out more in propulsion and collision, in addition to having enough mod levels for you to gain an impressive maximum speed. As icing on the cake, Everstar rewards drift lovers.

Glorious Light

  • Unique feature : after a nitro or item, you have a 30% chance to increase the maximum speed for 5 seconds.
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 9 15 9 15 15 63
This car looks like Black Gold with fewer Mod levels available, but it is also a good choice among Class A cars. Its gameplay is based on obtaining and using nitro, and its unique feature, combined with N-tank upgrades, collaborates a lot with your style.


  • Unique feature : after 10 seconds of skidding, you will have a 15% chance to increase the duration of nitro and mini boost.
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 24 18 18 30 12 102
If you are looking for the king of thrusters, this is your car. Unlike the previous car, this one focuses more on mini boosts due to the improvements available for the engine and turbine. Its unique feature forces it to skid, something you must do without fear of its collision power and good rotation.

Best B-Class Cars

Although they do not achieve the same performance and modification levels compared to class A cars, in some cases, the basic attributes of class B cars are even higher. In addition, they are more accessible and easier to obtain, although not as much as those of the lower classes. These are the 5 class B cars that stand out.

Dragon Shadow

  • Unique feature : each time you use a double boost, you will have a 25% increase in the duration of the mini boosts in the next 8 seconds.
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 15 18 12 9 12 66
We start with a car that rewards drivers who use lots of boosts and nitros. Its propulsion power, collision force and ease of rotation are supported by improvements that leave nothing to envy those of the class A. It is a very complete car that can reach high speeds.

Tyrant - Tyrant

  • Unique feature : greater turning capacity without skidding and less loss of speed during turning.
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 12 12 12 18 15 69
For those who don't like skidding, Tirano is a great car. Not only does it have a powerful spin, but it is accompanied by a good level of collision. Among all those in class B, this car belongs to the group that accepts most levels of modification, with many improvements to the mini boosts that you can take advantage of with the jumps of the map.

Iron Wolf - Iron Wolf

  • Unique feature : after hitting a wall or being hit in the back of the car, you will have a 40% chance of getting a speed improvement on your next nitro.
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 15 18 12 9 12 66
The Iron Wolf is one of Speed Drifters' most balanced cars. Whatever you look for in a car, you'll find it here. It doesn't stand out in any particular attribute, but it's perfect if you take advantage of the mechanics of the heels on the wall. As you can greatly improve your transmission, fuel and N-tank, you will be a nitro machine in every race.


Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 12 12 12 18 15 69
This car is one of those with the highest levels of modification available in the B class. It stands out for its slippage and, with the improvements applied, it is a reliable car in all situations. Of course, try to do enough drifts to win nitro and mini boosts because your top speed is not that high.

White Phantom - White Phantom

Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 15 18 12 9 12 66
It also does not stand out in any attribute, but it performs well in skids, collisions, tank-N and swing. This car depends a lot on the use of nitros and the modifications will make it a fast car.

Best C-Class Cars

No class C car can compete with any other top class car, but they are good acquisitions for the first few hours of play. They do not have many levels of modification and lack unique characteristics. Still, it is worthwhile to buy a C car and upgrade it, since they are very cheap to get. Check out the 3 class C cars that stand out.


Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 12 12 9 9 6 48
Happon is the king of spins among class C cars. If you unlock more levels of modification, especially those of engine and transmission, you will have in your hands a good fast car and very easy to turn. Lover's Kiss - Lover's Kiss
Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 15 6 12 9 12 54
This car has many levels of modification and a good combination of attributes, most notably skidding and tank-N. Enhanced to the maximum, this car will be fast and take advantage of nitros, but will be left behind in terms of mini boosts.

Assassin - Assassin

Motor Streaming Fuel Turbine Tank-N Total
Mod Levels 6 12 9 12 9 48
A car that the game offers for free, albeit temporarily. It is not the most powerful in the C class, but this car is ideal if you want to take advantage of the skids. If you choose this car, don't skid and use the mini-boosts, because those are your strengths! Check out the 8 best tips to get ahead in Speed Drifters! The online HTML CheatSheet website should be the first bookmark of every web developer. It is the best one-page resource to generate the desired markup.

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