Fortnite vending machines were introduced in Season 3, but have since changed. After patch v8.01, the machines allow you to pick up one item per game and then self-destruct. It is no longer necessary to exchange materials such as stone, wood or iron for weapons. It is a very effective way to pick up valuable weapons when there is not much time to loot or when the storm is very close. Check on our map the location of the vending machines.

Location of vending machines

As you can see, there is a large concentration of vending machines in Paraíso das Palmeiras and Torres Tortas, making these places more attractive to players and therefore more dangerous.

Tips for using vending machines

  • A vending machine only works once
  • Can change weapons or items quickly by hitting the machine with your pick
  • The color of the machine corresponds to the rarity of the weapon; obviously, a golden machine has epic items
  • Some machines change color from start to start, randomly
  • Be careful when using the machine as it is a perfect place to ambush
  • Vending machines make a noise when approaching
One of the missions of Season 8 is to use three vending machines in one match. Learn more about the season and its challenges! Find out where the highest points on the map are and complete another challenge!

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